The ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’ (Part 2) – What do You Really Want?

Welcome back to the current issue of the Law of Attraction Key Newsletter!

What do you want? Seriously – what do you *really want?

I’m asking, because your answer is a key element to part 2 of the Law of Attraction and Success series we started last week…

Last week we talked about what success is for you and what resonates with you and gets you excited? We focused on manifesting from the inside/out and opening up to infinite possibilities

Now, in the 2nd and final part of this series, you are going to discover why what you *really want is so important – trust me, you want to read this one from top to bottom (and then read it again).

In the Quick Tip section of this issue – I help you discover your ‘core level of being’ – if you are feeling incongruent in any area of your life; this is a must for you…

So many of you have been commenting and it’s GREAT! I love being able to share in this experience with you and am so excited by the conversations that are getting started within the Law of Attraction Key community. I really appreciate you!

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“When you ask yourself who you
want to be – it is far more powerful
than asking yourself what you
want to have or achieve.”

— Kristen Howe


The ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’
(Part 2) – What do You Really Want?

By Crack Your Egg Enterprises

So by now you know that your mind is a pretty powerful thing…

To summarize, we can say that your mind is a very powerful ‘device’ that can be applied to create almost anything that you really want in life… if one condition is met. 

That one condition is that your mind needs to be focused on what you really want.

But then you’ll probably say: 

“Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard this a thousand times already… ‘Whatever you focus on expands’. ‘Focus on what you want and you get more of what you want’. Blah blah. I hear that all the time, tell me something I don’t know yet…” 

Well, there’s actually an important catch to this story that you really need to be aware of, but that usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves…

To explain it, let me ask you this:

How is it possible that even when they know about the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ (and all the other alleged ‘laws’, ‘sub-laws’, ‘principles’, ‘commandments’, ‘guidelines’, and what not…), most people still can’t seem to ‘get what you really want’? 

Well, I’m going to give you an answer. And this answer also happens to be the very foundation for ‘success’, whatever that word ‘success’ means to you…

So pay close attention, because the insight that you’re about to gain can radically transform your entire life!

Here’s the thing… 

Intellectually realizing that you should ‘focus on the good things’ and then repeating an affirmation all day long is not enough…

Now don’t get me wrong, because it’s not that you’re not doing enough… I mean, you’re probably doing more than enough (perhaps even too much)… but that’s not the point.

The thing is that your whole being usually isn’t in tune with your image of ‘success’, while it really should be if you want the typical ‘magical’ results of harnessing your power of ‘manifestation’. 

By that I don’t mean that you shouldn’t just be attuned to your definition of ‘success’ on a mere rational level alone… Instead, you need to be in tune to it on the deeper emotional and essential levels of your being as well. 

So how do you make that happen? 

Well, for one, in last week’s magazine issue (which was part 1 of this series), I explained how ‘success’ is what you define it to be. It’s not some externally imposed image of what you’re supposed to be or have that’s defined for you by society, someone else, or some institution.

Instead, ‘success’ is a measure for the extent to which you have managed to realize who you feel you are deep inside… or who you feel you should be based on your deepest, core values.

It’s about you defining who you are, and then living out that image with every fiber of your being. 

This means you should be in tune with that image not just on a rational, intellectual level… but all the way down to your core essence.


Because you may be able to fool your rational mind, but you won’t be able to fool the subtle levels at which your deepest feelings come into play. On such a fundamental level, it’s impossible to lie to yourself. You know deep inside what’s really true for you. 

To stick with the common ‘Law of Attraction’ terminology, it’s on these ‘subtle’ levels where the true “exchange of vibrations” takes place. In if you think one thing but feel another, the vibes you’ll broadcast will be scattered and incongruent. 

But if you want to harness your power of deliberate manifestation, then perhaps the most important thing you can do is to get congruent. And you do that first by acknowledging who you really are deep inside, and deciding that that’s the definition of yourself that you’re going to live by and actualize.

Once you do, you’ll find that really can ‘attract everything you really want with ease’. But you can do that only if you stop rationalizing everything you do and stop going with your ‘intellect’ all the time, but start listening to another part of yourself…

There’s actually a part of you that transcends your intellect. That part is actually who you really are. It’s your ‘infinite awareness’, your individual perspective in an ‘ocean of consciousness’.

That part can see the ‘big picture’, and speaks to you through your intuition! And learning how to hear it and act upon it is crucial if you want to ‘harness’ your power and ability to ‘deliberately manifest your intent’. 

Sadly, few people are doing this, because…: 

  • Either they don’t know how…
  • And/or they’re too busy focusing merely on things that they think would get them other people’s confirmation of their alleged ‘success’, while they don’t genuinely care about those things that much on the deepest, fundamental levels of their being. 

However, like I’ve been saying all along, when it comes to ‘success’ and this so-called ‘Law of Attraction’, it’s not about other people’s measures of what that is. Instead, ‘success’ is what you define it to be… according to your values, your image of who you are, and to what you intuitively deem to be so. 

Let me illustrate this through some examples… 

  • For instance, quite simply, if you’re five-feet two and thin as a rake, then it’s safe to say that your destiny is not to be world heavyweight boxing champion.While you may rationally think that being world heavyweight boxing champion would be extremely cool and would give you a lot of social status, that’s just something you intuitively know.
  • You may still consciously intend to be, and stick pictures of Rocky Balboa drinking his raw eggs and Evander Holyfield beating up Mike Tyson on your fridge and bathroom mirror, and you can lift weights all you like.But you’d be swimming up against the stream. You’d be pursuing something that’s not you.
  • And thus, the almost ‘magical’ feeling of the path toward your objective being laid out for you effortlessly… where you just need to follow the clues and easily flow towards it… that will never occur.Instead, it’ll be a constant struggle, and all you’ll do is torture yourself.
  • And even in the highly unlikely case that you would get there, chances are you wouldn’t feel fulfilled and happy anyway.

    “Now what?”
    You’ll have gone through a lot of trouble and self-torture for a long period of time, only to find out in the end that you’ve been trying to ‘manifest’ something that you didn’treally want in the first place.

Keep on reading to find out why people struggle to get consistent results with the Law of Attraction…


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This, I think, is one of the main reasons why most people can’t manage to get any significant results from their attempts to harness the power of this so-called ‘Law of Attraction’. It’s just a truth that you can’t get around: 

You can’t fool the core of who you are. 

You may pursue things you don’t really want, but you won’t ‘attract’ and ‘manifest’ these things “effortlessly”. When you try to ‘attract’ and ‘manifest’ stuff you don’t really want deep inside… or when there’s a different agenda behind your desire to do so than playfully wanting something without any emotional attachment to it… then the path will be bumpy.

The keywords here are ‘you’ and ‘really’. What do YOU really want?

Life doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a matter of choice:

You can simply acknowledge who you are. You can define yourself according to your own values and live that image. You can stop being who or what others think you’re supposed to be, and you can start being yourself. 

That’s what you really want in the end, and is the only thing that can bring you durable fulfillment.

If that involves a fancy car as mentioned in the first part of this series (in last week’s magazine issue), then great! Dedicate your life to it. Make it happen. Live your dream.

Just be really honest about your underlying motivations. For example, if you really just want the fancy car to get other people to look up to you, while deep inside you think cars are stupid then stop wasting your time on trying to attract a fancy car for the mere sake of it supposedly attesting of your ‘alleged’ success.

Besides, what does a fundamental drive like that tell about your self-worth? Why do you need others to look up to you in the first place?

The key is to be honest with yourself.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If anyone has a problem with you, then indeed: they have a problem. You are you, and you’re free to be you. No external confirmation or permission necessary. 

Once you acknowledge this, you’ll find that you’ll suddenly be able to ‘go with the flow’ much more, instead of feeling like you’re swimming up against the stream.

After all, you’ll have a much easier time focusing on what you really want. You practically focus on that automatically and effortlessly, because you’re being you all the time.

Indeed, all levels of your being will start to attune to each other, inner conflicts and emotional distress will disappear, you’ll get congruent head-to-toe and inside-out, and all pieces of the puzzle of life will seem to fall into place.

Your ‘infinite awareness’ will guide you, if you decide to listen to your intuition and act on your genuine inspirations.

You’ll find that being you and being happy with yourself for who you really are, make up the starting point from which all else follows.

And here’s the big paradox: 

  • From that state of being, you can playfully desire things and ‘attract’ them with ease… even material ‘wealth’ such as fancy cars. You just don’t obsess over them anymore. Basically, you won’t care whether you actually have them or not. You’d be happy anyway.
  • ‘Playfully’ in this context implies that you won’t need that material wealth anymore for external validation of the fact that you’re okay already simply by being you… a unique representation of all that exists.Instead, you’re already ‘in the flow’ of being and expressing your unique self. Everything else is just ‘cool bonus experience’ that shifts the experience of your fundamental state and natural game of ‘feeling awesome’ to ‘feeling even more awesome’. 

That’s the basis of attracting stuff ‘with ease’. And it’s a similar thing with money:

  • Most people consciously think they want a lot of money. But they don’t:
  • What they really want is to be and express who they really are deep inside and do the things they want to do as part of that without feeling any limitations.Once you acknowledge that, money is no longer an end in itself, but only a means (and one means among many others) to be able to do those things.
  • And I’ve heard it countless times… Once people start to focus on the things they truly want to be and do deep inside, money is suddenly not an issue anymore. It’ll just be there when necessary, as a means. Or what they want or need comes to them in some other way. No need to constantly pursue money anymore as the main focus and end goal in life.

So once you start being who you really are (who you define yourself to be according to your deepest, core values), you’ll simply know that you’re okay as a unique human being. 

And by living and expressing that uniqueness (whatever that is), aside from feeling fulfilled individually, you’ll also be making your unique contribution to the world in general. Plus you’ll automatically be focusing on what you really want as part of your default state of being… hardly any effort necessary, let alone endless repetition of affirmations…

This is where the real ‘magic’ starts to happen. You’ll get all kinds of inspirations that may seem weird at first… But once you follow those inspirations and act upon them, you’re “creating your own reality” by actualizing what you had thought into existence from your genuine core.

That’s how you become the supreme creative force in your own life. And that’s the real ‘secret’.

So let’s quickly summarize all this in common ‘Law of Attraction’-jargon:

  • Yes, you can have everything you really want. But what you really want depends on who you really are… or who you genuinely define yourself to be based on an honest acknowledgment of your core values. And that has absolutely nothing to do with what society or other people think you’re supposed to be or have.

    So here’s what’s next…

  • Acknowledging who you really are sets a genuine intent, i.e. the intent to actualize your vision of yourself. Upon setting this intent, you’ll subconsciously broadcast a corresponding ‘vibration’.
  • If you’re true to your core self, you’ll be congruent, and the vibes you broadcast will be aligned and strong.
  • If you’re not truly honest with yourself, there will be an inner conflict. You’ll be incongruent, and the vibes you broadcast will be weak and/or scattered.

So the question is:

  • Whose life are you living anyway?
  • Is your definition of yourself genuine or dishonest? In other words: are the ‘vibes’ you broadcast aligned, or scattered and incongruent?
  • To get some clues to a genuine definition of yourself, ask yourself questions like: What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? What’s your genuine dream? What’s your passion?

Define yourself in terms of your answers to those questions… Or perhaps, let’s start at the very beginning by asking this:

“Who are you really?”

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you are deciding what you want – it is essential that you look at who you want to be at your core level of being…

What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to treat others? How do you want to treat yourself? What do you want to stand for? Ask yourself these questions first to discover your core level of being – then every decision can be weighed with this question, “Is this congruent with my core level of being?”

“Hi Kristen,

Thanks so much for sharing the question answer technique. Again FEELING is lighter and easier than forcing ourselves to want to achieve. This sentence in your article is very apt and awesome – “Most people are more like ‘human doings’ than ‘human beings’.” If we start living in the FEELING of goodness, things do change. Looking forward to your next article in this series.”

– Amrita

24 Responses to “The ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’ (Part 2) – What do You Really Want?”

  1. olaitan oluwole says:


  2. Hyperlect says:

    I believe this is what the whole world needs to understand, and i pray someday all continents will realise that we are all 1, but who we are is what makes us unique

  3. Mac says:

    This is really wonderful. This to me, is the “core”, the essence of manifesting. Normally, I would feel the feeling I’m feeling now but would never, even try, to respond. Today I feel happy and free to do so . Your message has unblocked all the stumbling blocks.
    Thank you very much
    South Africa

  4. Arne Molvik says:

    Hi Kristen!
    This discussion on Law of Attraction and Success is the most thorough and in-depth discussion I’ve seen so far. This Part 2 came just at the right time for me, and I will let this new insight sink in and guide my next step, delivering my uniqueness to the world. Thank you! Love from Arne in Oslo, Norway.

  5. Katherine G. says:

    It felt good to read it, because it is what I always believed.
    This is something that should be taught in school (starting in
    Grammer School).


    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      I’m so happy this resonated with you – and I agree – imagine how different our lives would be if this was all reinforced in school!

      I appreciate you!

  6. Don says:

    I saw this in your Law of Attraction Part II:
    “…repeating an affirmation all day long is not enough…”
    Dr Anthony includes affirmations as a part of the conscious mind approach which does not produce sustainable change. In one of his communiques he mentions Bruce Lipton and his work.
    But Lipton says that affirmations do help in reprogramming the subconscious mind. I think that the repetition might produce a hypnotic and relaxing effect that allow its contents to enter past the gatekeeper.

    What is your take on affirmations–do they do reprogramming of the subconscious mind or not?


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Don!

      Great question and here’s my take – affirmations can be very powerful ONLY if they are done in a positive emotional state. Meaning if you are repeating them, but you can feel emotional resistance, then they will not create sustainable change – but when you get your emotional state to be in agreement with (or in the same vibrational frequency as) what you are affirming, THEN powerful things can happen.

      This is my personal take on it – hope that helps!

      Thanks for being here 🙂


  7. francis says:

    thank you so much for this priceless wisdom!

  8. Anna says:

    wow awesome newsletter 🙂

  9. Jane A says:

    Just….. Thank you! xxx

  10. Merilyn says:

    This spoke to me at the moment. My husband died 5 years ago suddenly at the age of 55. I had to get over the shock and then I had to find out who I was outside of the couple I had been for 25 years. I have tried one thing after the other and whilst married I was a very successful businesswoman earning a lot of money – I was the major breadwinner and paid for my daughter’s education. However in the last 5 years I have tried one thing after another with little success – businesses failed and things just didn’t seem to work. A few weeks ago I bumped into a friend and former fellow student on a course that I couldn’t continue 15 years ago. Through some deft questions she led me to realise that I had been really sad at giving it up and that I could continue if I wanted to. I realised that I did and I am on that course now and that it is ‘home’ and that through it I will become who I really want to become. Things really feel as though they have shifted for me.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Merilyn – this is an amazing shift for you and I am so excited for you to rediscover and reclaim who YOU are. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled and the time is NOW! 🙂

  11. Austine says:

    hi Kristen,
    This is a great message. Thank you very much and I look forward towards your next article.

  12. Patty says:

    Hi Kristen! I love the encouragement I feel from you and Dr. Anthony. The word encourage is very appropriate, because courage is exactly what it takes to allow ourselves to be ourselves on a daily basis. Courage = Confidence. Webster doesn’t like it when I say that you enconfidence us. ; )

    Here is something I wrote recently that I would like to share with Merilyn. We all wear many hats in our lifetimes. And there comes a time when we simply have to take the old role(s) we played and put them on a self for another day. Your day has come! Enjoy!

    Parting with Ourselves

    Our lives change.
    What was a large part of who were is now a fraction of who we are.
    What we had time for then, is now something we just can’t fit in.
    It is hard to part with our old selves, and put old ideals up on shelves.
    But life does not spiral in, it spirals out, ever expanding out and out.
    Memories intact from long ago are stored in baggage, now in tow.
    The hardest part of moving on, is saying good-bye to former roles we’ve dawned.
    Like a pair jeans, they fade and fade, with all life choice’s that we’ve made.
    We try to add the old roles to our bags, until our bulging luggage is too heavy to drag.
    Finally, we grant ourselves permission to let go of all that weight.
    We then find new vigor in our gate.
    Suddenly, life’s challenges feel feather light.
    We know that letting go was right.

    P. S. Gough © 9/26/2013

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Patty!

      WOW – thank you for sharing this 🙂 I appreciate you and your positive energy and I am honored that you have made me part of your journey!

      You are extraordinary!

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