Trust in Your Greatness

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I believe in you and I know there is greatness in you. And I’m sure you feel it too – you feel that there is something special within you that must be expressed…

And yet, maybe you are struggling – maybe you feel like you have to know exactly what you are here to do before you take action…

Does any of that strike a chord with you?

I have Josh Hinds here with us today to shed some light on the whole limiting belief of “I have to get it perfect before I start”.  Josh is a great guy and he is a proven mentor, inspiring speaker, and entrepreneur and I love the passion and simplicity he delivers in what he wrote for you today, and if you feel that you are waiting to begin living the life of your dreams for ANY reason, this article is for you.

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue – I give you a quick and easy way to get moving toward your dreams even when you feel paralyzed by the need for perfection.

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“If you wait to start until it
is perfect, you are in for a
life of waiting – start now
and never look back.”

— Kristen Howe


Trust in Your Greatness

By Josh Hinds

I hope that you will take the following statement to heart, and carry it with you always…

“Trust that life has an amazing way of filling in the details for the person who has the courage to get started in the direction of their dreams.”

When I really grasped the above statement, to the point that I began to try and truly live my life in this way, I began to see a big difference. Really BIG.

In the work I do, speaking and teaching on motivation & human potential — I’ve seen time and time again, folks held hostage, stuck in inaction because they couldn’t move past the idea that they one, had to be guaranteed success before getting started, and two, had to have every single little detail all nailed down in their own mind before beginning in the first place.

Being a planner is fine, it’s smart in fact. That said, making the mistake of waiting to have every single detail figured out just right before beginning is often a recipe for unrealized hopes and dreams.

The reason that’s true is because the pursuit of one’s endeavors is a moving target. In fact in many cases one finds that it requires of us the ability to move and adjust as new challenges appear. It is part of the very process which goes into shaping us and teaching us the needed skills which allow us to become the type of person who is worthy of the goals we so strongly desire.

Keep on reading to find out the biggest mistake people make when it comes to living their dreams…


Josh Hinds is the author of
‘Why Perfect Timing is a Myth:
Tips for Staying Inspired and
Motivated Day in and Day out!’
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So while it’s good to plan, and follow your plan – don’t make the mistake of never getting started in the first place. When you find yourself in a place which requires some adjusting, embrace it, and accept that it’s part of the process. Course correct and get back to taking whatever actions you have identified that will get you to where you want to be. Be nimble when your success journey requires you to do so.

Keep in mind the old truth which says, “Life is a journey.” It’s true, and like any worthwhile journey there will be moments where you need to veer from the path you thought was required of you. You may very well have uncomfortable moments from time to time. You will most likely experience feelings of doubt at some point. Fear not. Stay the course.

Whenever necessary, reach out and learn from those people and resources that can help you acquire whatever particular skill-set you need in order to move past whatever challenge may pop up, and continue moving right along where you left off.

Make persistence your ally and you will look back with pride as you recount the many achievements you’ve experienced in life. Remember the simple truth… You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Each and every day embrace and honor the greatness inside you by moving forward on the path you have chosen. You’re an artist, and your life is the canvas upon which you can paint whatever you wish.


It’s your life, LIVE BIG!



Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I have a great power question for you to use when you feel yourself being held back by the desire to make something perfect. Here you go…

“Even though this isn’t perfect yet, what is 1 thing I can do to start?”

Remember, once you answer, take action immediately if you can – and if you can’t, schedule it – don’t leave your dreams to chance.

When you continually ask yourself this question and take action on the answer, you will gain steady momentum toward your dreams.








I just HAD to write to thank you for this [gratitude statement]. I have received this two or three times and ignored it. Today, I thought, “I’m getting this multiple times for a reason.” So…I said “Today I am grateful for ACCESS”.

Almost immediately I received an email from someone I have been trying to do a furniture exchange with, who lives three hours away. I have no way of meeting her halfway without renting a very expensive truck, and she wrote me to say she could come directly to my house with the furniture as she has a car and trailer. I was blown away. She is going above and beyond, and I will compensate her for the gasoline, but this was awesome!

I am going to use it for everything.”

– Deborah

10 Responses to “Trust in Your Greatness”

  1. Mazuba says:

    Thank you for keeping me keep going on. Am a writer and want to publish my two books i have written on the same law and want so much to work as a PR or Commucations Officer. My heart is so much deep into this passionate career. I know my desire is just a short way away. Thank you for true word.

  2. GERRY HEINZ says:

    Thank you coach and Josh Hinds
    For this is a very powerful article, believing in yourself from the inside is your own magic power for you have to trust it BIG TIME . Your actions coming from the inside will make the best of you blossom to the true and authentic you. Thank you Kristen and Josh !!!

  3. Dusky Sapient says:

    this is an awsome article . very inspiring.
    “don’t leave your dreams to chance.” – is what influenced me the most , you have to sweat out if want to get it . TRUE .
    leaving dreams to chances dosent give the gaurentee of fulfilment .

  4. Marie says:

    Yes I have wasted so much time trying to be the right person before doing something. Thought that when I become who I want to be then things will automatically just fall into my lap. I will try doing it with my imperfection and all.

  5. Bradley says:

    Thank you Kristen and Josh for bringing this powerful message to us all. I know personally that I can get so caught up in the planning of how things should go that I over-plan and when I do get to putting the plan in action the things that don’t go to plan cause problems. It truly is sometimes best to just know the ideal outcome and just keep acting in an intuitive manner until you get there.
    May you have happiness and success fill your life!

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