The Magic of Detachment

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Detachment is such a touchy subject…

People know they need to detach and yet, they are terrified that means they won’t care anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth and I have asked the amazing Stephanie Mulac to help you see and FEEL the difference today so you can begin to tap into the magic of detachment!

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue – I show you how you can quickly feel how powerful you truly are, even if you have lost sight of your power.

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“Letting go is the biggest act
of faith there is – let go and
trust – you are safe
and protected!”

— Kristen Howe


The Magic of Detachment

By Stephanie Mulac

For many, this concept is difficult to comprehend because “detachment” is often associated with terms like “uncaring”, “cold”, “indifferent” and other negative connotations. In the metaphysical sense, however, the truth is quite the contrary.

To be detached in any given situation doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the end result.

It simply means that our overall happiness is no longer dependent upon how it all ends. It means that the rest of our day can’t be ruined by a single event – and how cool is that?

Higher consciousness is rooted in the Now – or present moment – and detachment is one of the tools that we can use to get us there. When chaotic events – or drama – are swirling around us, detachment can bring us peace and calmness when all else fails. Metaphysically, detachment is our way of observing the chaos and not reacting to it.

Detachment keeps us rooted in the Now. Whether the event is happening to us or to someone we care to, detachment keeps us centered and sane in an insane world. There’s no law that says we have to invest an emotion in every single event that occurs that happens to disagree with our belief system.

Keep on reading to discover how your brain is trained to react…


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The truth is that our brains have been trained to react – over years and years and years – to anything to which our belief system disagrees. We react, or show resistance, in the external world according to a belief system completely created by past experience.

Because it is rooted in the past, this belief system has no purpose whatsoever in the present moment – no matter what is happening – and, therefore, either do the reactions! This is all good news! External cause/reaction has a strong metaphysical snowball effect that occurs in mere seconds. 

Negative reactions cause negative emotions which emit negative vibrations into a Universe that responds by sending us more of the same.

Whew! Now, consider the numerous opportunities we are given each day to react to negative situations. If we act upon each opportunity with negative emotion, we only confirm our command to the Universe to send us more of it – day after day after day.

How can we stop the cycle? Detach…detach…detach…. Now, the good thing about having all this chaos in our lives is that we have plenty of opportunity to practice detachment and retrain our brain! To practice detachment, start with trivial events and work your way up.

The next time you feel even the slightest irritation (the start of a reaction), use it as a signal that reminds you to be present. Step back from it and imagine yourself transparent to the cause of the irritation. Let it pass through you. Imagine this without feeling a reaction. This is detachment.

This is the magic!

To liberate our consciousness, we simply must be rooted in the Now – and detachment is a divine method for doing just that!



Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
We don’t actually attach to things or events, what we attach to is the meaning we give those things or events. For example, some things we attach to because we think they will make us more of something positive and other things we attach to because we fear they make us more of something negative.

Remember, there is nothing outside of yourself (good or bad) that can define who you are.Use this power question to help you detach and remind yourself of your truth:

“Who am I REALLY?” – just asking yourself this question reminds you that who you are is within you and, by the way, who you are is magnificent!

“Dear Kristen,

It’s only my fourth day since I’m joining your program & I just want to let you know that your program is excellent & I guess you are the only coach who can describe in detail & step by step how to be grateful & to feel grateful.

It’s so amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I pray you always have a happy & abundant life,


30 Responses to “The Magic of Detachment”

  1. Lebohang Thetele says:

    this articles are so fascinating, they make me to breakthrough any obstacle in my life

  2. Frank says:

    Thank you so much just what I needed.

  3. Harshad Shah says:

    I appreciate your article.

    It is very important for each person to detach from himself (Body level as well as Mind Level) to know hidden power. Detachment OR distance to observe self mind is important.

    Basic focus of each mind is out side (Means on others) It must be changed from out side to own self.

    Thanks you very much for your article again.

    Harshad Shah

  4. Lilly says:

    Explained so well! Thank you- I really needed to understand this and it helps that you fully explained how to actually feel detached.

  5. Marge says:

    Yes, well-said! Principle works with all kinds of relationships.

  6. Bharti says:

    Kristen, your articles always have an amazing impact on me, I know complete change in thinking needs practice but even a momentary shift leaves an impression and sometimes one can draw on reserves for support when most needed. Thank you.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Bharti!

      Yes, and the importance if the momentary shift is huge – as it brings your awareness to what is possible, and with that awareness, the FULL shift begins!

      Thanks for being here!

  7. Hussein says:

    Thank you ever so much Kristen. This article sheds light on to the meaning of things. We invariably make our choices in life according to appearances. Appearances are our own mental construct or are they?
    Did you say we get more of what we focus on? …..Amazing!!

  8. Bryson says:

    Once again your article has manifested into my life at the perfect time. The reason is not because detachment was something I needed to learn — I mastered this skill very early in life due to my previous life circumstances but because I didn’t understand exactly WHY I did this. When external situations were presented to me that went against my conscious belief system of how I intended things to turn out, I was the one who kept my composure and provided a “shoulder-to-lean-on” for those around me who were also effected by whatever happened (or didn’t happen). Inside my heart I knew that one “inconvenience” was just a moment of time soon to go by and graciously get balanced with an equal amount of “non-inconvenience”. It warms my soul that detachment is not only a good thing but a required way of being to obtain a peace of mind, which is priceless. For a long time, I just thought I was being cold & distant but I know now that I have been quite virtuous in my efforts to create a better life for myself and I should congratulate my persistence and my divine soul. Thank You.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Bryson!

      Yes! I think the clarification that detachment isn’t the same as not caring allows you to be warm and loving and detached at the same time…

      Thank you so much for your comments – it is really wonderful having you here!

      You are extraordinary!


  9. Shankar says:

    I liked your quick tip. We give a meaning to “detachment” itself and that’s why we find it difficult to detach. But, as we keep practicing, it becomes a part of our life.
    In the Bhgavad Gita, Lord Krishna says “be detached and surrender”.
    Thanks for the article.
    Shankar, India

  10. curtis kuhn says:

    Kristen….I love you…. thank you so much!!!

  11. Larry says:

    Kristen: You are such a kind energetic spirit. Thank you for sharing some of the wonderful ideas for living a better life with all of us. Love, Peace and Happiness everyday in every way. Larry

  12. Nor says:

    Kristen, as a previous person mentioned, THE RIGHT INFO at the right time. I always thought those who are able to be detached as cold and heartless. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  13. vani says:

    Hi there!!! i think this article helped me find my answer. thank you, n thank you God!!!

  14. Chris says:

    Good, great, awsome as usual thanks kristen, and by the way Your extrodinary !!!

  15. Anil Kumar says:

    Kristen I commend you for this topic.

    When attachment and its consequences are understood, the meaning and purpose of detachment will follow. Attachment is one of the five deadly passions, the other four being lust, anger, greed and vanity. These are the real enemy within.

    It is a moment of great transformational revelation (epiphany!!!) when one understands the meaning of ‘detachment’, the twin sister of demonic ‘attachment’. This revelation becomes the gateway to dismantling the chief cause of fear and anxiety – attachment to people, faith, work, attainments, titles and such transitory ornamental adornments. We are victims of our own ignorance of the true purpose of life.

    We are conditioned to identify ourselves with descriptions, our relationships and accumulations, and live trying to protect these because that is apparently where our security lies. Thus we give up the right to unfold and understand life at the deepest level, and become prisoners of our own warped thinking. Our real growth is stymied when we make pursuit and protection of wealth, or any material success, a purpose in life rather than just a goal.

    This means we allow ourselves to be sucked into these aims and fail to realise the difference between ‘living with’ and ‘living within’ a situation. Let it not be misunderstood – we deserve all things that we become worthy of possessing, but we must not allow them to possess us. There is nothing wrong with owning a gold-plated Mercedes Benz, but when there is compulsion to get up in the middle of the night to check if it is still in the drive way, then it becomes attachment. Equally if this precious possession is destroyed in an accident, the event has to be seen as an opportunity to acquire an even better car, not a sad event. Then this becomes detachment!

    To live in a state of detachment is to exist in a state of abandonment or wholeness – to believe that you own the entire Universe, or you are the Universe, and therefore there is no need to really possess or be attached to anything – knowing that all of your genuine needs are in the storehouse of the Universe. This state of knowing leads to detachment.
    Detachment is an expression of faith in the Universe. Thank you.
    Anil Kumar

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