Delusions or Expectations?

If you are here reading this then there is a good chance that you are different than the people who are willing to live a “Normal” life…

Chances are good you want your life to be extraordinary AND you feel that the great and amazing things you imagine for yourself can actually happen.

You are on a different path…

And good for you!

BUT this is what I know…

You probably struggle to find other people who understand that path…

When you talk about your plans and ideas and goals most people will dismiss them as delusions of grandeur…


What most people call ‘Delusions of Grandeur’, I call —


Celebrate your expectations of greatness!

Celebrate your willingness to take a different road…

A road that is only travelled by a few.

It is a hard road to travel down at times…

It can feel very lonely…

But that’s what this blog is here for…

From now on, whenver someone in your world questions your expectations of greatness and calls them delusions of grandeur, come here…

Leave a comment on any post CLAIMING YOUR GREATNESS —

Say it loud!

Claim it here…

We are on the same path and when you have doubt…

We will celebrate your greatness!

Leave a comment now and share your expectations of greatness for your life!

You are brave and I applaud you…


Go Big!


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32 Responses to “Delusions or Expectations?”

  1. Chris says:

    My Dreams are REAL! They are helping others to See and Feel that they too are important and Awesome! I can smell the fresh air, and see the gardens/greenhouses/ horses and the airport all on the same piece of propery! a restful resort that brings peace and joy to those who come to enjoy the Sante Fe style buildings! Private homes to come and relax in. I am building this retreat now, I see myself and other coming/ slowing down for a short time, training themselves to enjoy all that has been promised!

  2. Mark Danner says:

    I started my businesses, wanting to help people who are struggling to make ends meet and chooseing to either buy food for their family or pay their utility bill. I want to make a difference and with friends like you the skies the limit. Either rich or poor, it is how you feel about yourself. I want to thank you.

    Mark Danner

  3. RUDY says:

    DEAR KRISTEN: If there is somebody who needs to learn to practice and to produce results with the LAW of Atraction is me . I am on the brink of becoming homeless, because I am going to looose my home to foreclosure. I send you my blessings . RUDY

  4. Anthony says:

    I am at a point right now where I hear a quiet voice within myself telling me that my blessings are on the way. Immense wealth is on its way to you. Greater than you can imagine.

    My outer circumstances are different. It seems like things are getting worse, rather than better. I am almost 4 months behind on my mortgage, behind on my bills, etc. But, for seem reason, I am calm. I am still focused. I can feel that this will pass and I will be delivered.

    Is this a test of faith?

  5. JOE says:

    Kristen, yuou really are to cool! It must be great to have such a great positive attitude and be around people like yourself.I do find myself constantly surounded with negitive people and find myself slipping in to a negative mental state a lot lately.I do try to turn this around ,but sometimes it is a bit like a samon swimming up stream.

  6. Linda says:

    I am focused on the good all around me, and seeing it unfolding is a great experience. The power one holds in their own mind is incredible, I don’t want this too change. I want to help others experience this feeling.
    I am slowing down my negative thoughts and now the picture is unfolding, I am seeing what I want instead of what I don’t want.
    And I see it rubs off on others. What a nice world it can be if it is a catch on by others who want their peace.

  7. Marilyn says:

    I have big dreams and need a team to help me accomplish them. I need someone to help manage details and a marketer. I think I can make a huge difference in the the addiction recovery life coaching area and Passion Coach.

  8. maria says:

    I am having trouble identifying what my life’s purpose is. I am quite passionate about three things and can’t imagine my life without doing all of them.

  9. Will says:

    I believe that unless I aim for the stars, that hitting the moon will, as they say in German, Ein Ritt über den Bodensee. In other-words, it’s like me being able to walk on water. OK, I counter that argument by saying, ever stepped in a puddle as a kid? Didn’t you do it with enthusiasm? Wasn’t that literally also walking ON water? If I can do that, I can do…….!

  10. dawlat says:

    My dream to go and live in USA the life in jordan so much hard in the same time i do live my life happy moment by moment enjoying each moment of the day

  11. Tristan says:


    My name is Tristan and I’m destined for greatness. I was born “different” and could never really fit in with the traditional thinkers bound by limitations.

    We all have an inner ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ inside us that wants to soar to greatness, reach new heights and speeds, and break new ground.

    As I write this I’m days away from breaking through into the life of my dreams. I’ve been hard at work designing my ideal life, dreamboarding, visualizing and taking inspired actions steps.

    The last few days I’ve attracted the last few hurdles I’ve needed to pass over which came in the way of some last ditch efforts by my own family to keep me penned up, or to prevent more failure or what have you. Basically people who’ve never explored new ground can’t possibly guide and direct you and so they try to protect you. It’s natural, I suppose, for family to be protective. Nevertheless, I shook them off, asked kindly and then not so kindly to let me be free to accomplish my goals and now I’ve got a mixture of excitement, mystery, and just a slight taint of uncertainty in my veins…but FAITH and love conquers all. And so, I must prevail.

    God bless for writing this blog.
    I’ll be back to blogging soon. Would love to keep in contact. I had to “become” what I want to attract into my life; and this IS who I now am. Gosh it was an uphill battle but I feel like it’s smooth sailing from here 🙂


  12. Greyford says:

    I have already set good pace for my plans and its working out very well!
    Thanks for these unbeleivable facts of life!
    Very soon i will have a very good testimony.

  13. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Make the reality to fantasy and the fantasy will become reality.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  14. Justin Teo says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I want to bring out the Best in me and achieve financial freedom. So that I don’t have to worry about making end$ meet, and can focus fully on attaining my GOAL.
    I think this is a Grand enough goal for me…
    at least for now.

    I’m hanging on to my dreams.
    I want to succeed!:)
    Very Serious >:(

  15. Tseli says:

    Compliments of the new year Kristen. I would really like to see all my kids succeed in life. I want to be able to advise them accordingly so that they don’t get lost along the way.

  16. Lucinda says:

    I’m a single mother; have been so since by son turned 3 months. I left the father due to the fact that i ‘grew up’ and started to see more in life and actually do something about it. Its difficult being alone wiht a baby at times (he is now 8 months). It was difficult for me to make the dicision to leave his father, but i did because i had a vision/feeling of what i wanted for my son and myself (in our society its not common for the mother of the baby to leave the father).
    I then met another man,..fell inlove,…and left him too (to make a long story short). Why? Because, he had a girlfriend and i/we deserved more than to be someone’s option. And besides, I have alot of other things/desires to focus on: So the man of my dream will come at the right time; and by the time he gets here, my hearts desires and reality will be inline. At the moment, i am still ‘work in progress’. Im glad that there are people like yourselves who understand ‘inspired action’ and that one sometimes feels alone in the venture. Thanks for support guys!! Much love and appreciation – Lucinda

  17. Leila says:

    The secret for me here is to be able to recognize the voice of negativity whether from myself or others. The more I can recognize it in myself the more I recognize it in others. So I work on myself first. I now need to keep on at myself to work on long term goals. I have in the past too easily given up on some things. This way I am sure my passion will materialize.

  18. Vickie says:

    In my mind I see myself living in a beautiful house with a loving husband and a pretty truck. In reality I live in one room, don’t have a truck and don’t have a job and at the end of January 2010 I will be on the street if I don’t have a job. I live in Denver, Colorado. But I still see myself in the house. I would like to write, however my mind is so consumed with getting a job that when I sit down to write I just look at a blank page. Could the Law of Attraction still work for me?

  19. clement says:

    I have great expectations for the future.Circumstances started changing when i started using the law of attraction.The ‘fear of an uncertain future’ is banished forever.My expectations are beginning to manifest.

  20. Jeannette says:

    I too am on this path but just standing there looking down it trying to see how to begin. I have the vision but the hesitation is still there. To the Chris that posted on 1/5…I would love to be your ranch hand! Your vision sounds amazing!

  21. Maureen says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for that Kristen, Yes It sure is lonely!
    However, I am slowly atarting to meet more like minded people. I stuck to my guns and I know it will be worth it in the long run.
    Thanks again, and a very Happy New Year to you.
    Love Maureen

  22. bart van hoeck says:

    Hi Kristen,

    To live an extra ordinair life is my goal and people whom assume to live an normal live are delusional.To see it from a workers attitude to have everything in life or achieved your dreams make one realise there is more then getting up in the morning eat breakfast take bus or car to work or train station,and then at night come home eat again then watch tv and go to sleep to have to repeat the same over and over again till Saterday hit’s and you can only go WOOOHOOO!! like Sam Crowely is saying everyday can be like saterday.
    But i believe people along the way forgot to learn to live and most people are waking up to there fullest potential.
    So those still not getting it are beeing kept in this grand illusion that they are happy.
    Or that they will be getting a big reward after working there asses of for a company whom know they will feel like i don’t have anything to do so kristen if one doesn’t keep making moves TODAY one may not ever do anything then just tell themselves that they are going make some serious changes.
    Then when they retire they look back and say what is WRONG with me!
    all these changes and not one taken.
    But the only problem which is still a very small thing is how to write it down and be very specific about it when everything is so clear.And i still meet people whom will tell me your this your that you should quite it or it’s to hard to do this or stop thinking you can become anyone or this or that……the same BS everytime.

    Anyway let just go BIIIIIG!
    And forget the ney sayers.


  23. Ryan says:

    It’s nice to hear this.

    I was recently told that I was ‘delusional’ by someone whose ambitions aren’t as big as mine.

    Everyone defines their own definition of ‘reality.’ Some expect miracles, others expect to get by.

    Life isn’t a trial run for me. I expect to have everything I set my mind to.

  24. Velda says:

    I see myself doing great things to help others. The other night I was watching a news show where they talked about this certain author who the masses was excited over. They showed her talking with Oprah. At that point I said “I am going to be sitting in that seat before Oprah leaves the air.”

    I’m Going Big!

  25. vajira says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I know I can celebrate my expectation of gretness. I am pleased that I have great expectations which are becoming true in the near future . All the best , Vajira

  26. Jacqui says:

    What a brilliant idea. Thank you so much for providing this page. Just the other day my partner accused me of being deluded. I feel much better knowing I can come to this page in future.

  27. jack says:

    many people say that i couldnt reach my goals couse they think it is an blievable but i always see the ways open but i didnt take any actions because they said it is unblieveable what can i do

  28. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    You do not need to be a great man to start with the new day. To begin, start with a look because the eyes are the door to your soul and heart.

    Alex Gabriel Vu

  29. Greyford says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I am telling you, your coaching is fantastic! I have rediscovered myself and i am already full swing with my Telent!
    Thanx, don’t abandon me.

  30. DjMasta says:

    Hi, as you may already noted I’m fresh here.
    I will be happy to get some help at the start.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! 😉

  31. Rosemary says:

    It is my husband who thinks I am delusional at times, but he supports me whenever and however he can. I fight his negativity, because things get a little dicey, and he sometimes cannot see what I see. My business is good, or, at least, I had one escrow close yesterday, so there is money. I am still awaiting my tax refund, which should be here today. What I must remind myself constantly is that time is an illusion and not a task master. The only time is NOW, the present.

    I am seeking kindred spirits, and they are being attracted to me.

    Thanks, Kristen. Go Big and I look forward to the next call.


  32. OscarWinningActress says:

    I am an Oscar Winning Actress with a huge heart. I own homes in Hollywood Hills, Miami, and the suburbs of New Jersey. I am constantly paying it forward with my Not for Profit organization that helps inner city kids discover their passion as well. I am attracting a team of people who will not only believe in my visions, but also fight for me to achieve them. People who have a level of success themselves and the platform to lift me at each level.. I am attracting Wealth, and Prosperity. Money follows me, I dont have to chase it. Everything is aligning for my higher purpose.

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