Conversation Echo Syndrome

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Is there anything in your life that feels like you have been talking about what you intend to do for a long time and yet, you feel frustrated or defeated because your intention hasn’t actually resulted in any changes?

You may be suffering from, what I call the ‘Conversation Echo Syndrome’ – and the good news is that it is easier to get free than you may think and I’ll talk you through how to free yourself in my article today.

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue – I reveal one of the biggest reasons we get stuck in inaction and how you can free yourself quickly!

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“The intention to grow is essential
and then you have to take
the first step!”

— Kristen Howe


Conversation Echo Syndrome

By Kristen Howe

Have you ever been in a group of people and thought to yourself, “Wow, they are having the same exact conversation they had the last time we were all together?”

And then the next time you see that group, sure enough, they are having the same conversation? This is similar to telling the same story about your life – although in this case, it is telling the same story about what you ‘intend to do with your life’. Intention is powerful, and then you have to take the first step, and there are so many people stuck in that space between intention and motion – they are talking about it, but they aren’t moving, and you CAN shift all of that – so let me show you how.

This is what I call the ‘Conversation Echo Syndrome’ and to give you the perfect example of this, let me share a story I just heard from a client of mine…

She is on the decorating committee for her condo and they are currently trying to redesign the lobby of her building. Now, they have had 3 meetings and she and I happened to have a coaching session right after her third meeting. And by the time we got on the phone for our session, she was so frustrated…

I asked her what was going on and she said, “Well, I got on the decorating committee to help elicit positive and fast change – our building has been stuck trying to redecorate the lobby for 18 months and several people asked me to help, so I jumped in.”

She continued on…

“After our first meeting, I was excited; we had great progress and decided on the approach we would take for designing the lobby. I was in charge of getting furniture options with quotes and measurements, one of the men on the committee was going to see if we could get the current couches covered and how much that would cost, one of the other guys was going to get some samples and a quote for the window coverings and the other woman on the committee was going to narrow down wall paper and paint options and get a quote for each option. We had the second meeting set up for a week later, and everyone confirmed that they would be able to handle what they were in charge of in that week, so we were off and running. During that week I did a bunch of leg work, figured out 3 possible furniture designs and got samples and quotes. When it came time for the second meeting, I showed everyone what I had put together and then listened as they all had the same exact conversation as the week before about what they were going to do. And yet, none of them had done any of it – and it wasn’t because they were too busy or something came up – it was strange, as I listened, I realized that they thought they were saying different things than before and yet, by the end of the meeting they were all committing to the same exact things from the week before. Another week went by and then it was time for the meeting we had tonight – and I’m not kidding, nothing new was done – and they all launched into the same conversation AGAIN – it was like there was an echo from the meeting before. I’m frustrated and shocked – they recruited me because they were sick and tired of how everyone else was delaying the lobby design and yet none of them is moving forward, don’t they want what they say they want?”

We spoke for a while about ‘Conversation Echoes’ and through our session she realized that they did want what they said they wanted, yet they were so stuck in their same conversation and telling everyone ‘What they were going to do’ – that they never did anything.

They were confusing having meetings with actually moving forward. And this happens everywhere and to SO many people…

Often we get into these ‘conversation echoes’ and we don’t realize it – we fool ourselves into thinking that we are moving something forward and yet all we are really doing is having the same conversation over and over again about the change and growth we intend to be a part of.

Listen: the intention to grow is absolutely essential – and every single one of the people in my client’s design committee had the intention to grow – they all wanted it, and that’s great…

However, without taking the first step, the intention to grow will remain an intention and will never actually result in movement.

Has this ever happened to you? I know it has happened to me – where I have suddenly realized that I was having the same conversation I have had several times before and yet I haven’t actually done anything other than talk about it. It’s human to have this come up, so if you recognize that you may have some ‘Conversation Echoes’ going on – don’t judge yourself, let’s simply start shifting now…

Keep on reading to discover how to shift from intention to movement…


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How to get out of your ‘Conversation Echoes’ and into powerful, positive movement…

  1. Identify: First you need to honestly identify where you are in a conversation echo – where have you been ‘talking about it’ yet not actually doing anything to move forward?
  2. Confirm Your Intention: Is this still something you truly desire?
  3. Discover Your Motivation: Why? What are all of the reasons you desire this shift?
  4. Reveal Your Resistance: Why is it easier to talk about it instead of taking action?
  5. What if? What if you continue to ‘not take action’ – what will you lose? What will you gain?
  6. Re-Confirm Your Intention: Now that you have looked at your resistance and discovered what you will lose and gain if you continue to talk about it and not take action, is this STILL what you truly desire? If so, restate your intention!
  7. What’s the 1st Step? What is the smallest step you can take as your first step? It should feel effortless to do this step. Once you decide on the first, SMALL step…DO IT!

Sometimes you may discover that you were stuck in a ‘Conversation Echo’ because it was fun to talk about but you didn’t really care if it happened or not. And other times you will discover that you were simply experiencing some resistance that was keeping you in your conversation echo. These 7 steps will help you either way and free you from your ‘conversation echoes’ permanently!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Often we get stuck in “Conversation Echoes” because we fear change. Even though we know we desire the change we are talking about, we still resist the change. It is important you connect yourself deeply to the upgrade this change will bring to your life.

Take time to remind yourself of all of the benefits this change will bring about on ALL levels. Remember to include benefits you will see and feel in the physical world as well as energetically, spiritually, in your relationships, in the positive impact you have on the world etc.

And then, choose small steps to build your momentum and your ‘Conversation Echoes’ will be a thing of the past!


“Hi Kristen,

I just finished going through your “7 Days to Daily Manifesting” program for the second time, and I just wanted to thank you for creating it.

I admire you in many ways, and felt compelled to email you and tell you.

I especially appreciated your personal story you shared on the last audio.

Sending you a big hug and thank you.


Mary A.”

8 Responses to “Conversation Echo Syndrome”

  1. todd says:

    Thank you for the reminder and pep talk…..
    Your support and insight is always appreciated.

  2. Dominic Ncube says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for such highly enlightening articles. I am now implementing all of the ideas as I read them, will keep you informed of the the results.


  3. Bradley says:

    I love receiving your weekly newsletters, Kristen. They truly are a wonderful resource of light and love. This one really hit home with a project I keep putting off around the house. I am breaking it down into smaller pieces so that it is not so daunting and I am taking action today! Keep up the great work and have a happy and prosperous day!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Bradley!

      That’s awesome – I love that you are using this right away! I am excited for you!

      Also, thanks for your amazing comments here – they mean so much to me!

      You are extraordinary!

  4. VICTOR says:


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