Clearing for Clarity

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I have a special treat for you in the Law of Attraction Key Magazine this week. I’m excited because I know this is going to resonate with you.

Are you feeling stuck, not sure what your next step is? Are there fears sabotaging you? You are not alone and the audio I am featuring in this week’s Law of Attraction Key Magazine is going to help you with all of this…

So, are you ready to release the FEARS that hold you back on so many levels? Are you ready to step into a place of clarity?

I’ve brought DaKara Kies in to share a very special audio with you to help you release the fears, blocks and energy that are keeping you stuck, so you can clearly see your next step! In this 56 minutes audio, she will also share an energetic blessing to inspire you into action!

Also, in the Quick Tip, I share a quick way for you to discover clarity in a full and vibrant way that will then serve as your clarity guide from that point on.

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“When you get clear, you make
way for infinite possibility!”

— Kristen Howe


Clearing for Clarity

By DaKara Kies

Listen to the Interview Now – Just Click the Play Arrow Below:

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are holding you back
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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Sometimes we struggle with clarity because we haven’t taken the time to discover what clarity feels like to us. So, let’s discover that right now…Ask yourself, “What does clarity FEEL like to me?”

If you are still struggling with this, use your history and remember a time (it could be a moment) when you felt completely clear. What did it feel like? Describe it in detail, really put yourself back in that moment and feel it again. And here’s the secret – when you do this, you have just successfully taken a journey into clarity because you felt it NOW. And now that you have remembered clarity, as yourself the question again, “What does clarity FEEL like to me?”

Identifying what clarity feels like to you gives you a touchstone so you are no longer seeking some undefinable thing and you will recognize it when you feel it.

I also suggest creating an Intention Statement around clarity to help guide you any time you feel unclear or lost.







“Hello Kristen, 

I hope you get this e mail, I have practiced many a programme of manifesting and change and struggled to ever get anywhere with results, today when I got your programme […] I knew something was different in what you said it was a deep inner knowing that what you did would work, I have learnt to trust that with powerful measure! 

I have signed up to your programme already I feel the change on only day 2, what a gift you have and thank you!, I feel your words and energy, they have opened up the door that has been rusty and closed for a very long time the bolt well and truly fastened I know it has come of a knowing a truth in what you say that I know will/is working, I have been shaken out of my hole, the excitement I face I know is real and the hope for the first time in a long time that this really is happening/can happen.Thank you for what you have done, I hope this message reaches you because dreams are real and I feel you know that they are and do come true ‘in you’ and therefore in ‘me’!.
Smiling big, Thank you

Love and Gratitude

Pippa xxx “

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