You could give up or you could get _______ …

I know you have things that you want to have happen in your life…

You are focusing on them, visualizing, getting specific and taking inspired action —

You’re doing everything we’ve talked about here…


Often you still find yourself waiting for someone else or sidetracked by unforeseeable circumstances or pressed for someone else’s deadline…

So what now?

I constantly talk about how we are 100% responsible for our lives and the story that plays out in our lives and yet…

How can that be true when you are subjected to other people and situations and expectations?

I’ll tell you how…

  • You can ALWAYS be creative…
  • You can ALWAYS take another path…
  • You ALWAYS have a choice…

This is one of those posts that will make some people really angry — and if you aren’t ready to accept this as true, I’m sorry…but I’m not going to change my tune…

Here’s the deal —

When you are waiting or feel like whatever you want to happen relies on someone else, you feel a loss of power…

When you look at the situation and acknowledge that the one path you are looking at is delayed and then ask yourself what different action you can take to find a different path or opportunity etc. THEN you activate your power — you activate your creative juices — you activate Inspired Action…

So here’s my question for you today…

And keep in mind this applies to EVERY AREA of your life…

  • Money
  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Fun
  • Health


Ask yourself this…

What is something in your life that is ‘held up’ or seems to be reliant on someone else and how can you get creative and look for another possiible path to bring you the same (or better result)?

Leave me a comment with your answer…

Also, let me know if you are ready to be creative and stop waiting for other people to make things happen in your life…

Go Big!


23 Responses to “You could give up or you could get _______ …”

  1. Floyd H says:


    I have tried many things on and off the internet to make money and it seems most things are scams just take your hard earn money. I would love to work with someone who could really help make money and get out of debt. If you can do this i would love to work with you. tks fh

  2. danny pavia, Jr. says:


  3. hank says:

    I am a commercial loan broker in nyc.

    Companies come to use for funding and they submit all of their documents to us in hopes that we can find a lender for their deal.

    ONce we find a lender they have to pay a $2500 retainer for us to reveal who the lender is so we can proceed with the loan.

    Last year i did very well but this January I have seem to have come across alot of delay in terms of the clients moving forward with us.

    I have been using the law of attraction for sometime now and up until now its been working great.

    It seems that people will say yes on a phone conversation but then take to weeks to send in the retainer and fee agreement.

    Todays post helped but what can I do that I attract alot more people who just move forward without delaying?

    I’m using intention and I am visualising the end result a want.

    Its not that nobody is going forward its just that they are taking so long.

    HOw can I speed up the process?

  4. Leila says:

    Yes I’m ready to get creative with this.

  5. Sheryl says:

    Hi Kristen….thanks for that tidbit…I was just complaining to a friend how I am tied up again today as far as delivering a bed for a customer. I started to get very frustrated about the situation as I am ready to go and they have cancelled…now I will be upsetting my customer…Solution – don’t rely on your friends for important obligations – book the delivery truck – much more professional anyways. Sitll have to deal with it today though, but have promised myself no more of these situations in the future. But your are right as it so takes away that control when you are on your mission lol…thanks again, Sheryl

  6. Rene says:

    IN my business i am not waiting like i have been, I have now taken back my power and am finding my own leads. doing my own trade shows and making my own display. my web site is
    and Kangen Water saves Lives. Previously I was waiting for someone to just show up and buy a machine. However that never happend, So Now I am out there, more and more.

  7. Marianne says:

    Great advice Kristen!! Very important reminder.

  8. joe says:

    yes but , what if your not a very creative guy! :))

  9. Rosemary says:

    Okay, Kristen. Since the GoBig call on Thursday, one of my short sales shook loose, so we should be able to close by the end of next week or the first of the following week. On Friday, I did get a little creative in paying the bills due that day with no money. No, I didn’t rob a bank, but there were more resources available to me than I thought (barely), so by not concentrating on what I did not have and concentrating on what I did have, I got by.

    On Saturday, a prospect to whom I had been inspired to send a handwritten card earlier in the week as that was the only way to contact him, responded, and I am listing his house.

    So, there is wisdom in what you say, and I am following it. I’m not out of the woods, but at least I’m seeing the little breadcrumbs of the pathway.

  10. Kristen,

    where were you a month ago! 🙂 I was totally feeling frustrated about a situation that I felt was out of my control, it had me stuck for several weeks.

    I felt that I could not progress because of this… it took me awhile but I definitely did it, I looked for another way to get it done.

    And it was there…. I just needed to focus on the end and ask for my inspired actions to be revealed to me.

    I have a couple more steps to complete to have this task done, but I am on the way now.

    thanks for the inspirational thoughts!~

  11. Mark Danner says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I am at that point right now only itis not some else it’s the weather, oh well. You are totally right and we should be more creative when it comes to road blocks. I can’t open my business till I have my parking in so in stead I had an estate sale to generate so income to pay my bills. I am not sure how much longer though, but I keep trying. Iam about ready to through in the towel.
    Thank you for all you are.
    love MArk

  12. Becky says:

    My income has been drastically reduced by competitors rumors and slander over the past year. I have been very discouraged, but have decided to try a new path to creating a satifactory income by utilzing my hobby and passion. Haven’t made the income I was making before YET, but well on my way and having much more fun!!!!

  13. Jan says:

    I am ready to choose a different path …my job is totally dependent upon other people’s actions. I am a health insurance agent and I am constantly waiting on people to take action in one way or another. HELP

  14. PANSY PIERCE says:

    My business depends on people. However, too many of them wants results from their comfort
    zone and using creativity I will find others who have a more immediate need to fill.

    I am ready for the next step.

  15. Linda says:

    We are now in the sixth sense stage, and it comes back to the self. It is a step in your own faith and truth when you can look at the situation and see a way out or at least do what feels good too you. OMG being in this conscious state is a harder road. I am listening too others who have walked it.
    Thank you Kristen.

  16. Dawn Amber says:

    I’m trying to get a photography business off the ground, and it seems like I’m bombarded on every side — my regular job hours, then color issues with my printer and my internet connections were down all day, and money issues. And, although my husband seems to support anything extra I want to do, he doesn’t seem to want to give me any help even when it’s really simple — like naming the photographs. Yes, I definitely feel a loss of power when I think I have my “plan” and it doesn’t materialize. Since I’m always pressed for time, I need the time I have to work on my photographs to be productive. I usually come up with a new answer, but only after hours of frustrating failure. I like to give myself plenty of time to get a project completed, but usually end up at the wire anyway because of issues I don’t seem to have any control over. In the meantime, I’m listening to a lot of motivational speakers on the way to/from my regular work, which is my only contact with “successful” people. I am determined to be successful.

  17. John Goodhew says:

    Yes I want to get Creative. There just seems to be a link missing in my mind? I mneed more Clients. So where are they? Negatives seem to block my mind.

  18. mbakwa says:

    I really do want to be creative. I work with the public service where I and am expected to be paid monthly. So I rely on the state. How else can I be creative.

  19. jack says:

    i think i depend on peaoples on money shortage i was about to ask you this question kristen but you asked 1st thank you for your advice you are awonderfull teacher kristen i really admire you for all your initiative to help me and others thank you

  20. manuel says:

    The only thing that i know for sure is, that if i dont decide or make a decision other people will decide for me.Thank you much for your teachings, bye. Manuel

  21. bart van hoeck says:

    I’m always wandering how much change will it need to see something happen to the fullest?
    As my daily life is nothing to what i want it to be having to listen to people whom don’t see it that driving on the losers side of the road.
    And still everyday there little ignorand mind keeps pissing me off because of there ignorance & there conpulive need to discriminate when knowing i’m not interested in what they believe in and that they will find out they will have to be there own salvation in there lives.
    For me to get out and leave the rat race to those whom believe that it’s i can do.
    beeing creative i have ideas but still i’m looking in every direction on how to make enough money but still many still use online payments with cards i’m not in possession of.
    Now with Valentine coming and everyone going i’ve got some one and you don’t it makes me know i’m no more in country that will give me anything but it only takes away so like years before no Valentine so on relations it will have to change but first some places need to be visited and some need to be left to those whom like beeing a slave to the rat race.
    SO here it comes what should one choose the daily insults & discrimination of the losers side of stick with the winners????
    Then my choice is made very swift & easy they will have to look for another toy to use for there fustrations and there compulsive need to lie & manipulate others.

  22. Maher says:

    Hi dear kristen .
    I am always doing my best to be creative and to find possible various ways to help me obtain better job .Though, what sometimes makes me rely on someone else is because personal influence Or favorism is practiced nationwide as powerful means besides your qualification.I personally prefer not to rely on anyone but God & myself ….Thank you & appreciate your sincere assistance …

  23. Pui says:

    Very Good and excellent…

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