The Importance Of Confidence When It Comes to Manifestation

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How much does confidence factor into your manifesting? Well, confidence is all about beliefs and beliefs determine what you manifest in your life…

So the answer is that confidence is supremely important to your manifesting.

This week, I have Kads Adams here to share 5 specific ways you can increase your confidence and your manifesting. I love these tips because they are quick and easy and they work, so be sure to go through them today!

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue – I give you a Power Question Cycle to raise your beliefs and confidence to match your desires!

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“True Confidence is belief in your
power AND the power of the Universe –
and true confidence delivers
brilliant manifestations!”

— Kristen Howe


The Importance Of Confidence
When It Comes to Manifestation

By Kads Adams

One key to manifestation is to develop high, unstoppable levels of CONFIDENCE! Confidence attracts opportunities and opens the door to new things. It always helps to be confident and the more we have of genuine, inner confidence, the better.

In this article, we want to give you some useful tips to boost your confidence to higher levels so that you can take INSPIRED ACTION that catapults you to the manifestation of your dreams.

Lesson 1: Be true to yourself and learn to be genuine

You are most confident when you are your true self, instead of your fake self. Your true self is the core part of you where your power to manifest lies.

To connect to your true self means accepting yourself for who you are, including all of your flaws and limitations. Acceptance is the key to your inner power and strikes at the foundation level of your being.

Traits like ego or pride are obstacles to being authentic. Humbleness and humility are great powers which strengthen your Hara point, which is your core energy center.

So, learn to be authentic and strip back the layers that may be masking your true identity. Then, you will find yourself in a position of unshakeable confidence and strength!

Lesson 2: Develop a clear mind

A clear mind is essential for confidence because clarity of mind gives you control of your mind. When you control the mind, you can easily direct your creative manifestation energies to the things you want with full conviction and faith.

Clarity here means three things; namely:

1. knowing exactly where you have been in your life to make you who are right now;

2. understanding what you are truly capable of, including your strengths and weaknesses and;

3. knowing what you genuinely want to accomplish with your life

If you can understand where you’ve been in your life to make you who you are, you develop the power to move on from anything in the past which may be holding you back. Many people are unable to move on from the past because they lack mental clarity. If this is you, learn to develop clarity now and free yourself!

If you understand what you’re truly capable of and what you want to accomplish with your life, you are being true to yourself. Only from here can you develop true faith and conviction to truly manifest your highest ideals.

A clear mind essentially gives you traction and control of your life and is a must for manifestation. To help develop true clarity, learn to wake up early in the morning, every single morning. This flushes the subconscious mind and makes it efficient, giving you a clear, focused mind that can think straight.

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Lesson 3: Get out the house as much as possible

Staying in the house makes you immobile and less action-orientated. The human body and mind however was designed to be mobile and action driven. So, getting out the house and into society is crucial for building your confidence muscles.

Learn to get out of the house first thing in the morning, every day, including the weekends. What will happen is that you’ll get way more satisfaction and fulfilment from every passing day, programming your subconscious mind to seek out satisfaction even more.

To help with this, have a plan of action of what you are going to do every day, written in advance. Write out your plan the night before and stick to it when the day comes. The clearer your plan and mind is, the more likely you are to follow through with action.

Lesson 4: Eat good foods that fill you with positive vibrations

The foods you eat are a major influence on your confidence because food is the energy source for your body. If you improve what you eat, you will feel happier and be full of light on the inside, making joyous manifestation a constant reality for you.

Natural foods like fruit and vegetables are great for making you feel light and energetic on the inside. They will raise your vibration immediately and help to give you more positive thoughts. What you need to do is look at your diet and see how much fresh fruit and vegetables you are actually getting.

On the other hand, you need to avoid heavy foods like red meat, processed meals and junk foods as these will lower your confidence. Whatever you put in your body as fuel is always exactly what you will get out in thoughts, actions and emotions.

So, look at your diet and see what you can change. Improving your diet is an easy way to improve all aspects of your life, boosting confidence and manifestations hugely.

Lesson 5: Get a regular workout

A regular workout for your body is great for improving your confidence! It fills you with positive energies and happiness, helping you to take INSPIRED ACTION that leads to manifestation.

You should do a minimum of 3 sessions of vigorous exercise per week. Your body will be pumping blood better, helping the energy flow in your body and releasing confidence-boosting endorphins through your system.

As the energy improves, your chakra centers become stronger, raising your overall rate of vibration even higher.

So, in conclusion, apply these steps to enhance your confidence and reap the manifestation rewards! 


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you are struggling with your confidence, try using this powerful question cycle…

What do I need to believe about myself to manifest the life I desire?

What proof can I look for right now to reinforce these beliefs?

And then give your 100% focus to discovering proof that you are already who you need to be to manifest your desires. Look for proof that what you need to believe is already true and you will set powerful manifesting into motion.




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  1. Rawne says:

    Thank You!
    Wishing You All the Best Things in Life for the New Year!

  2. Silvia says:

    Thank You! I’ve found some clues to work on which I feel will make me more powerful!

  3. GERRY HEINZ says:

    Thanks so true it all starts from your true authentic self where your power is inside. Waiting to shine your loving side for happiness. Being proud is like making pride your best freind being the support you can relate to the authentic true you. Believing is powerful making everything very possible. Let your vision start from deep inside you where it comes from your true self and where the magic lies. Salute and thanks for the post !!!

  4. earl says:

    you are god blessed,very selfless you indeed epotimize goodness,by always looking out for everyone else,may you continue to be special to god and all of us

  5. Claudette from the Philippines says:

    Thank you very much, Kristen. You have given me a very powerful and practical guide to help me make an assessment of what worked, what did not work and what difference I have made in my journey of knowing who I am and what I am here for in this lifetime. The tips given by Kads Adams are so clear and doable that I find it easy to monitor and follow up

  6. Claudette from the Philippines says:

    Great guide in my path to personal mastery and enlightenment. Thank you and more power to you!.

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