Manifesting Your Desires: Focus On The Basics

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It is amazing how good we all are at over-complicating things. We do it with everything – without even realizing it – and we have become especially good at it with Manifesting and Universal Laws. And there is no need for it.

Really, when we over-complicate things we slow down our manifesting. Think about it this way, imagine if you felt like you had to DO all of this stuff so that gravity would work for you, and so every day you lay in bed preparing for gravity to work. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Gravity works, because gravity works.

And it is the same for manifesting and universal laws. NOW, there are some basics of manifesting that are essential – and because we have over-complicated things for so long, they do need attention, and that is exactly why I have brought my fantastic friend Rishan in – he is a master at getting back to basics and when you read what he has to say today you will see what I mean. So, let’s stop with over-complicating, and get back to basics – shall we?!

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue – I help you really get clear on the whole ‘visualization thing’ even if you feel like you can’t SEE when you visualize. (Don’t worry, I got you covered).

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“You don’t get up in the morning and
HOPE gravity will work. Think about it, what
if Universal Laws are more simple and
certain than you think?”

— Kristen Howe


Manifesting Your Desires: Focus On The Basics

By Rishan B.

Today I’m going to provide you with the two most crucial principles that you need to master in order to consciously manifest your desires. Then I’ll suggest a super simple process which you can use in order to apply those principles and get the results you desire.

Focusing on just these two principles will allow you to begin manifesting what you desire immediately. Ignoring them will virtually guarantee that anything you attempt to manifest will not come true.

There are two essential elements to manifesting any desire: 

  • Desire and;
  • Belief.

Principle #1: Desire 

As Napoleon Hill stated in Think and Grow Rich, in order to manifest any desire you require a “burning” desire to make it happen. What he meant by this is the essential idea that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create this desire. That doesn’t mean anything harmful to yourself or anyone else. What you do will fit into your beliefs and values. So the real question is…how do we develop this burning desire?

Before we answer that, let’s get into the second principle.

Principles #2: Belief 

Unfortunately, no matter how much we may desire a specific outcome, if we don’t belief it will happen, it simply will not happen. Also, the belief needs to be both conscious and subconscious.

Another word for belief is expectation. Conscious and subconscious expectation is required to bring a vision into reality. It’s the subconscious part that sometimes gets us. That takes a little more work and is often harder to evaluate. But don’t worry; the process I’m going to lay out below this will sort that all out. 

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The Magic Process 

This process works to manifest your desires in two crucial ways: 

  • It develops desire and;
  • Develops belief! 

What you will be doing is forming a vivid visualization of your goal as already achieved. By vivid, I mean full sensory detail – that means what you see, hear and feel, both internally and externally.

Once you’ve got a written description of this image, you’ll need to commit a set amount of time to visualize this scene every day. The more often you perform the visualization, the faster your desire will come to you.

That’s the plain truth!

Once per day is good, twice per day is very good and three times per day is like rocket fuel!

In order to create your vivid visualization answers the following questions: 

  1. What will I see when I have manifested this desire? Both out there in the real world, and pictures within my mind.
  2. What will I hear when I have manifested this desire? Both out there in the real world, and sounds or voices within my mind.
  3. What will I feel when I have manifested this desire? Both out there in the real world and feelings I feel within my body. 

Write down the answers to the above questions in your own handwriting. Read it out to yourself a couple of times and tweak where necessary. The idea with writing down such vivid detail is to be able to create that feeling of already having your desire. You want to be able to create that feeling at will.

Then, schedule a time that you will sit down and imagine this scene every day. It’s crucial that you set aside at least one session per day. It helps if it’s the same time every day since that ingrains the habit and makes it easier to follow through.

If you find yourself slipping from this commitment, I suggest setting up a negative stimulus if you don’t follow through. 

For example, I tell my baby sister that I’ll be doing this new visualization every morning for the next 30 days. If I forget to do it on any morning, I’ll pay her $50. All she has to do is watch for my daily email where I tell her it’s completed. It she doesn’t get the email, she gets the money. As you can imagine, she never forgets to check up on me…and I’ve had to pay up for slacking off a couple times. 


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
If you struggle with ‘seeing your visualizations’ the first step is to free yourself from the pressure of being able to ‘See it’ and then…

  • Describe it in full detail as if you were describing it to someone else —
  • Use your words and imagination to fill in all the blanks…
  • Describe exactly what a day in your ideal life is and feels like…

AND here’s the key…

Describe it, in the present tense!




“The great thing about your teaching is that i don’t have to go around all day repeating things over and over and over!

I am learning quicker and easier than i did with other methods and teachers. You are really helping me and i am so grateful to you – you are number 1 on my ‘three things to be grateful for’! It’s day 3 [of your Attract Money Fast Program] and I’m eager to view your next teaching. I am 65 this year -see you can teach an old Dog ‘New Tricks’, ha ha. Years and years of searching and many affirmation Mantras and headaches finally manifested YOU! THANK YOU KRISTEN. 

Angela M.”

14 Responses to “Manifesting Your Desires: Focus On The Basics”

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you Kristen. I will set aside a time to do this for the next 30 days.

  2. jeff mulenga says:

    am looking forward to manifest and attract my desire amen.

  3. Dawn C says:

    Im working towards my dream, I’m going to work on manifesting my desires. Thanks for the boost.

  4. jerry says:

    The problem I have with visualization is with the “details” I can visualize owning a house; but then I get stuck because I don’t know where that house will be; in Arizona where I now live, back home in Wisconsin? will it have 2 bedrooms or 3? I want a place I can have my own massage business in & even my own weight room, but do I visualize a place big enough for all that & still have room for my daughter & her daughter or just a house? How detailed do the details need to be?

    • Kristen says:

      Great question Jerry! And here’s the deal – what matters MORE than anything is the feeling you are generating – and how much you are raising your vibration – as you raise your vibration, what you manifest will match you energetically (so as your vibration raises, what you manifest will also raise) that is why so often you hear about people generating more than they ‘pictured’ in the first place. I wrote an article for people who have trouble with the visual part of visualizing and I think it may actually help you fill out your process too – you can read it here:

  5. Chloe says:

    This makes me feel that I can do it! Thank you Kristen!! Chloe

  6. Justine says:

    I will work on this! I know can do this… feeling determined

  7. GERRY HEINZ says:

    Thank’s Kristen and RishanB.
    For the great tools on manifesting desires, : seeing, believing, will make our desires feel alive and very possible the vibrating inner feelings of them being part of your NOW life is the power we need to fuel it’s reality. We are the reason that everything is POSSIBLE BELIEVE !!!

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