What if you can’t visualize?

I do alot of talking about visualization and really seeing what you want to achieve…

I have received many emails crying for help — and here’s why…

There are a lot of you that can’t seem to visualize…

You can’t ‘see it like a movie’ or ‘create a picture in your mind’…

So does that mean you won’t get what you want?

NO! Don’t worry!!

There is a way…

Free yourself from being able to ‘See it’…

Here’s what you can do instead…

  • Describe it in full detail as if you were describing it to someone else —
  • Use your words and imagination to fill in all the blanks…
  • Describe exactly what you want a day in your ideal life to be…

BUT — and here’s the key…

Describe it to me, in the present tense!

Make sure you use all your senses — tell me what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you touch and MOST IMPORTANTLY…

Tell me how you feel…


How does all of this make you feel?

I promise you that once you start describing all of this in full detail and really get into how it makes you feel, you are ‘Visualizing WITHOUT needing to See it in your mind’…

If you are having trouble ‘Seeing’ and ‘Visualizing’ then do this…

AND if you are having trouble knowing exactly how to describe your ideal life — start smaller — start at the next level (this is something I tell you exactly how to do in the Go Big Now! VIP Monthly Program) —

Leave a comment here and describe to me in full detail — remember to include how you FEEL!!

You are extraordinary!

Go Big!


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46 Responses to “What if you can’t visualize?”

  1. Hugh says:

    This will help a great deal! Never could see much lol

  2. raymond says:

    how does one find there passion in life at 45?im a auto detailer and recently,while i was detoxing my body,i’ve realized the chemicals i was working with(heavy alkiline products and acids,paints)were causing all my health issues,well between losing my job(the dealership folded under) about to lose my house and all the drama(or the chain reaction) that comes with negative thinking(nothing good every happens to me,or poor pitiful me,and then i fall into what i call my save zone,i fall back into my depression.CAN I REALLY BE HELPED?

  3. Mark Danner says:

    My ideal day would be to wake-up and have my time share and rental property sold. I would like to be able to be more organized and complete all necessary tasks on a daily basis. To know that my project is moving forward and have it be successful. Not have to worry what will happen to me if I lose everything and stop all negative feeling in my head. This I beleive would truly help.
    Thank You,

  4. Thomasena says:

    Thanks Kristen, that really helped a lot

  5. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Visualization is a great way we can strengthen our faith in the existing reality but it is not always easy to see the clarity and truth when we have no knowledge of the “invisible clarity” that are hidden in secret and intended to be illogical in our minds and heart. The more abstract we know more faith we need.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  6. Linda says:

    Thank you Kristen,
    I have come to the realization that menopause is real and help is a benefit. Scattered feelings and irrational thinking is not helpful to a good growth. I am seeing me as I should be happy, healthy, working and living in my comfortable desired state.

  7. barney says:

    To stand in front of 10,000 people to receive a ring that symbolizes earning $100,000 per year. This is the moment for which I have committed my energy, my time and my talents to achieve. It is exhilarating, exciting and a marvelous accomplishment. I am standing with my wife and daughter smiling, crying and immersed in this magical moment.

  8. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Menopause, there is a time of joy that we summarize all of our attitudes and actions, as well as the time for harvesting the fruits of our lives.
    The result we get from this survey of menopause is a blessing for our great potential: a divine influence directly and immediately renew our strength.

    Alex Gabriel Vu

  9. PANSY PIERCE says:


  10. Ben says:

    Great stuff! Thanks.

  11. bart says:

    My perfect day,

    beeing with my girl waking up next to her.Making breakfast for her and bringing it to her on the bed. later after both took a shower and got dresses taking her out into the city and giving her a day she will remember.
    Going shopping a we’re eating at a local restaurant

  12. bart says:

    There’s more to this.
    eating at local restaurant then we’re walking down the city seeing about which movies they are playing at the theaters getting some popcorn before entering the to be seated and enjoy the movie.To then go have a drink with her at a local pub where we are sitting quitly giving into the moment.We’re both getting up walking out of the pub going back home.coming back at the house going inside putting on the heat and changing the atmosphere thru music and candles and scents that increase of a perfect night we’re both watching the tv there’s a movie playing,and she comes closer and put her head on my shoulder whilst both arms are around me and holding me close with my arm around we’re both watching a movie.the rest is kinda private……….


  13. Will says:

    Thanks. I was wondering how to get around this nightmare. Now I know how to paint a picture, because as an author for more than 30 years, it’s right up my alley! You really are an angel and an answer to prayers!

  14. Anne says:

    Thanks for this important tip! I thought Barney’s comment captured it perfectly! I was left wondering if this actually happened (was happenING)to him at this moment, or if this was his way of applying your tip….I am going to apply it immediately!

  15. Leila says:

    Well that about covers it, Kristen.

  16. Leila says:

    I can see the sunlight through the blinds – it reminds me that it’s a new day. I get out of bed and raise the blind quietly – so as not to wake my partner still sleeping (or at least his eyes are closed). I think I’ll slip back under the sheet and just check. I can hear something like a gentle breeze and my nose finds his sweet scent. I want to get closer, so I very slowly and silently slide against his body……

  17. bart says:

    i’ve been using a sleep programm and like it said it changes your everythought you ever had and improves everything needed to keep going.
    Because leaving this life behind that is going nowhere to walk away from the treadmill they keep you going no i’m suggesting to myself NLP programming a using this to leave the ratrace because it’s a life based upon lies.
    There’s no better life the beeing able to do what you dream of and knowing it’s in the palm of your hand and just take that leap of faith.
    It makes a visualization lot easier to do now all that i need to keep working on my focus.


  18. Claude says:

    I’ve found another method for people having trouble visualizing. They can pick up on the internet few images showing their ideal house, car, travel, situation,… Watch the images every day during at least 2 weeks to a month (probably longer for some people) and after this period of time, you’ll noticed that you’ll be able to visualizing yourself easily. Of course it requires discipline cause if you miss one day (watching your images), you’ll have to restart almost from the scratch. Hope this help!

  19. Thanks Kristen. That was some incredible information.

  20. Tamara says:

    I am going to describe “exactly” what I want my day in my ideal life to be like. It would begin with playing tennis first thing in the morning, followed with brunch with a close friend. We sit outside on a terrace overlooking the water, with lots of fresh flowers and green grass. The birds are churping and a jazz song is playing. The skies are cloudy and a scent of rain is in the air. I also smell different types of food cooking. I sip a Mimosa with brunch. The food tastes delicious. This is pleasing to my mind and spirit. I am calm, taking in all the loveliness of the morning. This is an ideal day, exquisite, flawless. After brunch, my friend and I go shopping at the finest apparel clothing stores. I can purchase whatever I wish. We laugh together enjoying people we meet. I feel emotionally stimulated and content. After my friend and I finish our shopping, we find a quaint cafe to have an afternoon latte. I then take my friend home in my new red convertible Lexus. Later that evening, several friends meet at my beautiful 6000 square foot brick house, designed with furniture and paintings from Italy and Spain, including professional touches in landscaping and lighting. The windows in the family room are large to show off the pool and entertainment area. We all are picked up in a black stretch limousine to take us to dinner and a Theatre show. My business is thriving and this is why I have the success I do. Our dinner and show are exceptional. There are waterfalls and statues in the pond that overlook our dining pateo with pine trees in the background, changing colors to the rhythm of the music. It is mesmerizing! We order what we want, including the finest wine. I end my dinner with a chocolate dish for dessert. We all stroll down a walkway to a lounge to enjoy the sounds of piano, before deciding to end our most perfect evening. I can’t wait to get back home to sit on the couch and visualize what tomorrow will bring, for I know it will be lovely. I had a peaceful night’s sleep.

  21. I wake up just before the sun and take my coffee out on the deck to watch the sun rise. I am at peace with the universe and feel awesome, knowing that I have all the money I need and that my books are selling. I breathe deeply the fresh, clean, mountain air and give thanks for all that I see and feel. I am happy and content with life. I see my son running through the pasture to get to school. I take my coffee back inside to work on a new manuscript, feeling fulfilled, confident and secure.

  22. Tracy Bowen says:

    I woke up this morning feeling immensely happy, overjoyed, estatic, filled with cheer because I just won hundreds of millions of dollars last night in the powerball lottery. I took a happy shower, got dressed with a huge smile on my face and I contacted the Sudden Money Institute, spoke with a representative who helped me find an honest, knowledgeable, trustworthy and intelligent financial consultant, Nicco Ferrera (I like that name)who is going to help me claim the money but keep my identity anonymous. I will be leaving next week on my way to Miami, Fl to speak with Mr. Ferrera and his team of professionals who will be advising and assisting me with making sound financial decisions to continue wealth building and begin a benevolent fund and create a self-esteem foundation for young boys and girls residing in low-income neighborhoods.

  23. Alain says:


    don’t lose hope just yet!

    i find it very important to keep feeding your mind with uplifting and inspiring material that you find on the net or in your library for instance.

    keep reading, listening to audiocds, watching videos about success, finding your passion, etcetera…

    you can be helped! you can start by helping yourself.

    you have so much potential within you, its unbelievable

    believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and follow your passion(which you will discover soon enough if you keep looking!)

    experiment a little to find your passion, try new things. you’ll see what you like and what you don’t like that way and you’ll eventually figure out what you’re really passionate about.

    that’s how i found my passions

    my two main passions at this time are : personal development and the environment!

    wish you all the luck in the world and it’s never too late to discover your passion and follow your dreams!

  24. tim says:

    I’d have my traffic fine paid for,have an income that would allow me to insure my two old vehichles. (Maybe buy a car newer than 1988 or 1989) I’d pay my bills off, get new glasses; buy winter clothes/shoes. It would be nice to build a ‘nest’ again after 12 years of no permanecy. Have a nice two bedroom apartment (not worried about next months rent or the utilities) And not dread the coming winter. I’d get that physical check-up I should have had 5 years ago. I’d have medical insurance so I could get a doctor’s appointment. I’d enjoy the beauty of every day and take my grandkids out for ice-cream. Lastly, I’d give away a few dollars to the next hitch-hiker I see.

  25. Christina says:

    This is me describing my ideal life in multi-sensory detail.
    My current life would not change greatly as things are pretty OK but in my ideal life I would not have to worry about money and paying the bills so I would wake up feeling excited about the day ahead as on the whole I love my work. However, I don’t feel very appreciated at work so part of my ideal life would include knowing that I am a valued member of staff and paid fairly for my contribution to the department, but my job would be the same although I would be in a more prestigious institution, preferbaly in central London – where I would be living.
    On coming home I would know that my evening would involve a home-cooked delicious meal and sharing time with a wonderful man who would be supportive of me, and whom I could support. I would find him attractive, and he would be bright, interesting, talented and creative and someone who I would be fully comptable with socially and sexually.
    We would have a 3 bedroomed apartment in central London with a modern fully equipped kitchen, a large beautiful bath and shower room, a study and large living area with plenty of rooms for bookshelves. The bathroom and kitchen would be mostly white, and the rest of the house would be in subtle muted earthy tones. We would reguarly go to cultural, artistic and musical events, and we would travel too enjoying the warmth of the sun, the smell of foreign flora and the sea, the sound of rivers and waterfalls, and enjoy the buzz of foreign cities.
    There would be very few family problems (even in an ideal world tensions must exist) and all of our dependants would be healthy and happy.
    We both would be healthy, successful in our work, and contented, and enjoy spending time together and the time we would spend apart would be enjoyable, infrequent and would reinforce our love for each other and our life together.
    All of the above makes me feel fantastic – with a nice ball of warmth in my core and I’d like to feel this far more often

  26. paris says:

    I am a very succesful profesional woman and I feel it is time to have a mate in my life. I like to have one/one romantic relationship with s.body who is in the same wave lenght with me. I feel very happy, thankful and grateful by having this relationship in my life. I like to live my life fully. As I have lots of inner and outer experiences in my life, It would be very joyful for me to be able to creat a long lasting romantic relationship in my life.

  27. Lorraine says:

    My ideal day starts just as the sun is coming up over the horizon of the ocean and I hear the sound of the surf as the waves roll in and wash up against the shoreline mere feet from my covered porch. I slip out the french doors to sit and meditate as the warmth of the morning sun warms my face and body. It is peaceful and serene just the surf and the gulls as my background music. I finish my meditation and walk out onto the sand and pick up a beautiful conch shell that has been deposited by the sea. I put it to my ear and the rush of the ocean fills my head. I return the shell to the sea with gratitude for it’s appearance and I go inside to shower and dress for the day. I am totally at peace as I know I have enough financial resources to abundantly take care of all my needs. I walk to the kitchen and prepare a protein shake and again go outside to enjoy it in the warm sunshine. My husband joins me and we make plans for the arrival of our children and grandchildren who are travelling to visit from Canada. We are both excited to have the entire family together again from their various locations and to celebrate the birth of our newest grandchild. It is wonderful and we are smiling and laughing as we notice our dog having an altercation with a crab on the beach. Life is good.

  28. Chase says:

    A perfect day for me would be to get the call we’ve been waiting for that my daughter has indeed been cast as the lead actress in this feature film and to be on set watching my daughter acting alongside some A-list actors/actresses.

  29. Andrew says:

    Someone once told me that if you can name and define something accurately, then you have control and ultimate power over it. But what of the things we cannot define properly because of their transcendence above us? Take demons, for instance: what do we about dodgy things like that which are more of a metaphysical nature, but will nonetheless deprive you of sleep, peace of mind, and dog you with an endless stream of bad luck? How does one visualize overcoming an indefinite entity?

  30. Sheilann says:

    Since receiving your emails, I have learned to stay more focus on the positive things that I want to Attract in my life. Like you said, thank the Universe liKe I’ve already received my desire of having Wealth & Happiness and being able to help others, this I Truly believe will happen the more I think & feel about it. That is My main dream, Peace of mind & helping others.

  31. Josh says:

    Lot told his wife to look forwards to the city and life “we are heading for” – as they fled from the two evil cities that God was destroying with fire and brimstone (volcanic).

    But Lot’s wife could not resist looking back, and in that moment her thoughts still being connected to the life she was leaving behind, she got turned into a pillar of salt.

    We don’t know whether the story is true, or just a metaphor to teach us that if we want a new life WE MUST LET GO OF THE OLD LIFE FIRST.

    So working out WHY you want things to change, and what are the benefits of changing, you build up an incredible desire to move towards what you want, and you shut off all energy to the world you are leaving behind.

    Jesus said, “get in behind me so I can’t see you anymore”.

    Give all your energy to ONLY, and EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Stop giving energy to all the bad stuff in your life.

    If you check out the Ten Commandments – they are not a mantra, but a guide to living an amazing life on planet earth. You have FREEWILL, FREECHOICE.

    If you forgive those that trespass against you, all the emotional baggage disappears from your life. It is ‘forgive and FORGETTING’

    It is okay to love your neigbour’s wife if you have PERMISSION FIRST – otherwise, God warns us that your neigbour may get very angry and seek revenge, maybe cutting off your testicles.

    The golden rule is to dream about what you would rather have in your life, until the dream becomes SO EXCITING, that many days go by and you realise you haven’t thought about your old life all this time – it just slipped off the radar, because you told your mind, “thankyou for my life, but now I wish to try something better”.

    People want their dreams to come true, but they won’t make progress until they make a concrete decision, “what exactly is it I want?”

    If you feel a warm glow, like “aha”, then you can move forward one step at a time towards your goal, having faith the next step will appear, just as ca lights can only show you 50 metres down the road a time.

    STEP BODLY IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR GOALS, keep asking yourself whether you are stil on course.

    A ship sets course from Sydney to Melbourne, it does not stop half way and turn back. Humans should not turn around either. If your goal is worthwhile, then PERSIST UNTIL SUCCESS STARES YOU IN THE EYEBALLS.

  32. Brenna says:

    My ideal day is here:

    I wake up after having a great night’s rest, feeling refreshed and eager to start my day. I bound out of bed, stretch, walk across my lovely carpeting in my beautiful bedroom, seeing the sun stream in through the windows that overlook the sun-dappled yard, pine forest and lake beyond. I refresh myself in my bathroom which feels like a tranquil bamboo forest.

    I scratch my cat’s head, look out the window, and there in the back yard are my son and the love of my life, playing together and laughing. They wave up at me. I grab my mat and head downstairs – I want to do my yoga and meditation outside today on the hill overlooking the lake. It’s a beautiful day.

    After a great, leisurely yoga routine and a centering meditation, I return to the house, shower, then come downstairs to have coffee and breakfast while talking with my boys. We have a great conversation. My son says he’s off to play with his best friend, but we make plans for some time together later in the day. My love and I have a great conversation, share a few intimate moments, then he’s off to work – he’s brilliant and creative and inspiring and I love him more everytime I see him.

    I take my coffee and the cat and we walk outside to the music building. I spend several hours practicing, writing, recording ideas, then get together with the band to go over stuff, work on what I’ve been producing, and get ready for tomorrow’s show in New York at one of the most exclusive and amazing concert venues in the world. The music sounds amazing, we all gel so well, and we write some fantastic, classic songs together.

    Harry Connick, Jr. stops by so we can rehearse for our gig at the Oscars in a few weeks – we’re up for Best Original Song.

    After rehearsal, I take a few phone interviews. Then I take a break to hang out with my mom and sister who have come over for coffee – we do that a few times a week – just hanging, laughing, playing board games.

    T comes home and we chat and he tells us about his day with his buddies. We talk about dinner and plan a great menu, then we all go to the farmers’ market together to get everything. We’ve decided to make a big summer feast with produce from our large garden.

    We have a great time shopping together, laughing, hugging, talking, really bonding. Then when we get home, T hangs around for a bit while mom, my sister and I get dinner started.

    I’m with my loved ones in my gourmet kitchen, drinking a glass of wine, making a lovely dinner and just enjoying being in the moment. My love comes home and grins when he surveys the scene – it’s not often that I do the cooking. He gives me a kiss, gets a glass of wine, and hangs out in the kitchen while we finish up dinner.

    We have a great meal together – enjoying each other’s company – and decide to go sit on the deck to relax under the darkening sky. We listen to some good jazz and I quietly snuggle with my son while the stars come out.

    Tomorrow will be a big day – the concert, the after-party where so many of my dear friends and family will be – but, for now, I’m enjoying the closeness with those I love.

    Mom and my sister go home to their families. T goes to bed. My love and I stay up and listen to the night a bit longer. We go up to bed together, then fall asleep with the fan in the window and the crickets chirping.

  33. Hi Kristen,
    Guess I’m one of the lucky ones – I have NO trouble visualizing exactly what I want. It is the manifesting that seems to fall short. Hoping some day to have the money to invest in your program…

  34. Jose says:

    I am in my new house, near the sea and a beautiful river. I see my daughter happy with her husband and my two grandaughter. We all are healthy and happy. My bank account is one millio dollars and money keepflowing. I work in what i enjoy.

  35. Steve says:

    Hi Kristen, I don’t usually comment so I will attempt to be brief. I don’t have any trouble visualizing things. In fact, I have a VERY active imagination and I find , at times, it works against me; distracting me from actually deciding what it is I truly want! I know that this is just a game that my mind plays to keep me in the status quo. Is it simply the fear of commitment to a direction and what can I do to overcome that and actually move towards what it is that I want?

  36. Kevin says:

    Visualizing not a problem.Remembering how to feel good, hopeful, believing or whatever feeling words I could use seem to be the problem.When circumstances have left me down for a long time it seems almost impossible to wrap good feelings around the visualizing (which by the way I concsiously “believe” can manifest)There never seems to be a “tip” for this when I read about the other suggestions.Any body know how I can flip this ? Any “tricks” (yes tricks because I believe there is a way to deceive myself in reverse)Comments please, Thanks !

  37. Sabara says:

    I actually “love” money and I do visualize a life full of abundance. But till nothing is showing up in my real life.

  38. Rosa says:

    Hie Kristen!
    I am with my soul mate, and we are watching the sunset on the beach. We are laughing and hugging and kissing… We are now in our apartment, he is helping me prepare supper and we are talking about our marriage plans, he is tasting the soup, and he moves towards me and hugs me so tenderly and whispers ‘I’m so lucky to have you’
    we are now on driving, we are going to sight see beautiful places, we are in Australia by the way… He is showing me around places of interest… we discuss about me and the kidz coming to join him.. he is telling me that he wants to be close to me….. he holds my hand and says ‘ Please, come’
    We are now discussing about property investments in Zimbabwe and how we can create other passive incomes and our plans for the family holidays for 2012….
    we are laughing holding hands and being intimate…….

  39. Harj says:

    My Normal Day

    I wake up in an enormous bedroom where even the king sized bed is dwarfed by the sheer size of the room. The sunlight streams through the enormous windows and there is so much light in the room it almost feels like we are outside. Opening the door to the balcony, the immaculate gardens spring into view with the sunshine glinting off the swimming pool. After spending a few minutes doing some yoga exercises I dive into the pool for a refreshing swim. I jump out of the pool totally refreshed and go to the poolside bathroom to have my ablutions. There is a totally luxurious en suite bathroom but my wife is using that one. It has jacuzzi bath, an enormous shower that absolutely deluges you with water. It has an infra red sauna with inbuilt entertainment system which includes television, dvd player, music system and radio.

    A delicious nutritious breakfast is served to us by our cook in our beautiful state of the art kitchen. The kitchen is absolutely stunning with any labour saving device you can think of, the patio doors open out onto the swimming pool terrace.

    The house has under floor heating and air conditioning vents in the ceilings and these are powered by thermal underground heating. The electricity is generated on site without producing any pollution. Out of the kitchen into a large hallway filled with light from the rooftop dome and a spectacular staircase to the first floor. A beautiful grand piano resides in the hallway. The rooms that branch off from the hallway include a library cum office, a private cinema, a snooker room, a beautiful living room with the most luxurious furniture and fine paintings, a large dining room with twenty seats.

    I go into the library and I get on with my work. I check on the work that I outsourced to my team and seeing that it has been done to my satisfaction I send out the new tasks to be completed. I then check how much my affiliate sites earned while I slept and as usual my earnings are far in excess of my expenditure. Next I check on my investments and after opening some trades closing others and reducing risk on still more trades my working day is done. This usually takes between one to two hours, Monday to Friday with the weekends free.

    Now comes the hard part. First I have to decide which car will transport me today.
    Will it be the Bentley soft top, will it be the Ferrari, perhaps the Audi R8, or that bright yellow Lamborghini? I finally opt for the Bentley. As I drive the car with the top down the warm fragrant air gently caresses my face and this incredible car feels like it is just floating along the road. A feeling of exhilaration overwhelms me when I bury the accelerator deep into the luxurious carpet and the car lunges forward with such power and grace.

    Arriving in the city I meet my wife who informs that she has arranged another charity fundraiser which will help some people in need. These are always great fun and help a lot of people. I help her with some arrangements and then its time for shopping. Shopping without looking at the price is a real pleasure. Buying holidays is my favourite type of shopping and today I buy a luxurious holiday for my whole family to travel first class and stay in the best rooms in the best hotels which costs me tens of thousands of pounds. This is my fifth holiday this year and it is only June so far. We decide to have a night out and enjoy the best of what the city has to offer. The best clubs, the best restaurants, the best entertainment is ours to enjoy without worrying about the cost.

    We get home late having taken our fill of the best that life has to offer. Before going to bed I can’t resist looking how much I have earned while enjoying life today. It makes me feel contented, excited to see twice as much income come in as I spent today.

    As my head hits the pillow I feel incredibly satisfied, contented and grateful for the life I have.

  40. thomas griffin says:

    How do you generate the strong feeling needed to manifest thru visualation? I have trouble with this

  41. bobby says:

    my life is wonderful. no more shame. i wake up in the morning and know that i am lucky to be where i am and thankfly in this moment.

  42. brendan says:

    My ideal day would be a text from Julie telling me she misses me

  43. Marko Martelli says:

    If you want to be able to visualize, but you can’t literally “see” your goals… you just have a weak mental-eye-muscle and you can train it to get it strong to create clear visual representations in your head.
    The problem is that it might take you long time — as it is with real muscles — to develop your visualization skills. But if this is really important to you, your patience will pay off.
    I’m now practicing every day for exactly 91 days and it got much better (from seeing only blackness to being able to replicate crisp and colorful images in my head)

    To everyone, please don’t let anyone tell you that you just can’t visualize. This is a skill you can learn with dedication and patience.


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