Going from Collision to Vision

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I have come across a new and exciting way to help you understand yourself, your Life, and what matters most to you, and I have brought in Joanne Justis to explain it to you today…

You might remember Joanne from the interview I did with her for Manifest Everything Now – both her passion and energy are fantastic and I am excited to share her with you here today…

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue I give you 2 powerful questions to ask yourself that reveal your authentic power, make sure you use these right away!

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“Your patterns reveal the
authenticity of your soul.”

— Kristen Howe


Going from Collision to Vision

By Joanne Justis

If you are not satisfied with your life, or specific areas in your life or you are going through a major crisis, you have the power to create different outcomes. It’s about making the right choices and having the courage to make changes.

One of the most important things you can do to increase the quality of your life is to discover what your patterns reveal to you. It is easy to hate your patterns, or at the least judge them, and yet they are simply there to show you a truth about yourself, that when you see if for what it is, you can make a new and more empowering choice.

We can’t simply shove our heads in the sand and hope that our limiting patterns will magically disappear; rather we must be willing to see them for what they are – lessons. When we release the need to judge ourselves for our recurring patterns and instead embrace them for what we can discover about ourselves and also what we can discover about how to proceed in a healthier way ‘next time’ – that is when we set in motion a powerful journey. That is when we shift from a path of collision to vision.

When you obtain great information and confirmations you make better choices in life— and better choices provide a great and lifted quality in your life.

Where to Start?

Self-knowledge is the key to success and your freedom. Your journey starts with taking the first step—the desire to bring about change and let go of fear.  If you are at the crossroads of life or going through transitions because of:

  • Yourself, Family, Friends
  • Relationships (Personal or Business)
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health

You MUST be ready to bravely change how you look at the world. When we are scared or resisting change we need to become willing to release everything at stake that we have attached to the pattern.

That being said, there are many different ways to look within and discover where we can make new and healthier choices for yourself.

Do This Exercise: Look at your reoccurring patterns with the eyes of a child – free of judgment and ask yourself this powerful question, “What does this pattern reveal to me?”

This is a powerful exercise and I highly encourage you doing it today.

Now, there is something else that I want to share with you that can reveal much more than you may have thought…

Keep Reading to Discover the Power of Numbers in Your Life…


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The Best Kept Secret (Since 4004 BCE)

Chaldean Numerology can have a massive impact on your life by giving you a detailed plan, blueprint or “Owners” Manual, so to speak, for the design and experiences of your life.

Numerology, the science of numbers, is based on precise, proven mathematical formulas that calculate the value of your name and birthdate to tell a story about your life.

Numerology charts and readings are valuable tools that show you answers about yourself and your life at a deeper level, and help you gain insight into various aspects of your life. Numerology is like a mirror that reflects your life’s journey in the form of numbers.

Who would have ever guessed that numbers could play such an integral and private role in our lives, let alone provide valuable in-depth information from our name and birthdate—revealing our destiny, innermost desires, personality, purpose, life goal, and personal growth areas (strengths and weaknesses) and so much more!

So often, numbers reveal what you have always ‘felt’ was true about you and yet had no rational justification. This confirmation can be incredibly powerful AND empowering.

A spiritual master plan lies hidden and interwoven into “every” name and birthdate assigned at birth in the form of a blueprint. Numerology can identify and decipher “your” code, unique only to you.

When you intellectually understand what your blueprint reveals, you will learn what characteristics within you are aggressive or not, whether they work well together or not, and what really fuels your behavior patterns.

For most people, this type of information sounds like a foreign language but in reality will literally set the stage for you to take control of your life by making wiser choices once you understand yourself.  Knowledge is power and Chaldean Numerology create a powerful bridge that will take you beyond the information recieved and beyond the interpretation of the numbers in your blueprint to the activation of a process of self-awareness and self-healing, which includes self-acceptance and self-advocacy.

To help you see how, here two examples of true stories of how Chaldean Numerology was used to provide valuable insight into the decision-making process.

Single man researches two dating prospects for marriage

A CEO dating two eligible candidates for marriage wanted to eliminate one candidate; however, both women seemed similar in nature and he wanted to make sure he chose the right woman. Blueprints were generated for each woman and then compared to his. Both women had similar characteristics but one clearly had a more dominant personality than the other. Dominant was not a good thing in this case because the woman was stubborn and opinionated which in time would clash with her partner’s personality, especially after starting a family. This information provided him with a very logical way of making his decision based on thorough information presented to him on both women and doing a character analysis on each, then comparing their charts to his for compatibility. The decision was an easy one for him to make once he saw the analysis.

Woman tired of husband who could not make decisions

A client wanted to end her long-term marriage because she grew tired of making all of the couple’s decisions. In addition, she no longer felt her husband was exciting because he had not assumed the leadership role in their relationship. During the time they were married, she tried to force her husband into making decisions but she never could. To get a better understanding of this relationship, both blueprints were generated to see how each was “wired” and to see what each others strengths and weaknesses were.  What was discovered was she had strong leadership and powerful numbers and was ambitious. He on the other hand had no leadership qualities but he did have the lover numbers and was a good provider but clearly, he was not designed to take a leadership role. The choice was she could upgrade and divorce her husband but would run the risk of her new partner not being as good of a lover as her husband, in addition to him possibly becoming too controlling, causing conflict between the two. After accepting the fact that her husband will never be a leader or aggressive, she decided that having a great lover was better than risking the other outcome.

Begin today with the exercise I gave you above – pay attention to your patterns, suspend judgment and look with the willingness to see authentically and you will reclaim your personal power!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I love the powerful and simple exercise Joanne gave you in her article, and I am going to add to it. Again, with the open heart of a child, ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. “Where do I feel my greatest strengths live?”
  2. “Where are my greatest sensitivities?”

Listen to your heart’s answers, feel your authenticity come through and choose to see both your strengths AND sensitivities with love (instead of judgment). When you do this, you become free to make empowered and positive decisions.






“Wow! Is all I can say Kristen!
My 21 year old is going for an interview tomorrow morning at 11:00am and I have been praying for the words to give him confidence. He is partly dyslexic and has no confidence in his abilities, although he is brilliant with his hand, and solving mechanical problems, book work is not his thing and at school you know how cruel kids can be! I have just read your article to him out loud, and guess what he walked away with a GREAT BIG GRIN on his face, and said as he went, “Hay mom, I am positive that it would be a good interview AND I AM GOING to get the job tomorrow! Thanks Mom!” – to see that totally stress free happy face smiling at me was such a gift.

Thank you, and God Bless you in all you do and those you help!!”


– Zimbabwe

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