YOU are the project, not your projects

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What happens when you caught up in your goals and forget about you?

We get off kilter and un-focused – we lose our sense of power. And no matter how far from center you have wandered, you can reclaim yourself and your power, and I have brought Britta Dubbels in today to help you start now…

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue I give you 2 power questions you can use to make sure you are honoring the person you want (and choose) to be – this is easy to use, and instantly shifts you from the clutches of reacting!

Remember, I am here for you – and when you leave comments and questions after these articles, it helps me get to know you and what you need and how I can best help, so I highly encourage you to take action – leave a comment or a question and come back for my reply – I look forward to talking with you here!

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“Who do you CHOOSE to be?
Be that person fully and completely NOW and everything else will fall into place.”

Kristen Howe

YOU are the project, not your projects

By Britta Dubbles

You are the reason for your incarnation not your accomplishments; they are second. How well you maintain yourself in your own balance, stay in your center, focus on conscious co-creation, and maintain inner peace whilst experiencing challenges and the level of honor and respect you give toward yourself and all other Beings is what really matters for you in this lifetime.

In essence, how well you are expressing your innate love-self is what defines your success.

Most of us are goal-driven, focusing on what we would like to accomplish: where we want to get in life, what school we want our kids to go to, how much money we wish to save before we retire, the completion of the program we are working on, how to get through the divorce, how to get a better job…

These are all appropriate deliberations and arguably essential to modern life.

But we so easily forget or simply don’t even know that the focus wants to be you!  You want to focus on yourself as you are moving through your steps toward your accomplishments.

How you respond rather than react to any challenge or person is what really matters.

This perspective is the most important focus of your life, really.  Yes, you wish to create your life a certain way but in the end it isn’t about what you accomplish, it is about how you accomplish it.

You – the project, are here to choose wisely and your choices are meant to reflect a reverence for all life and its creations.  The goal for your incarnation is not only to choose with the highest and greatest good for all in mind but also to respond to life and its challenges with patience and acceptance.

If you do not take the challenge to be the best “You” that you can be in this lifetime, you will re-incarnate into greater pressing life situations to make yourself the “project” once again.

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Look out for personal challenges because when you feel challenged/triggered you have the greatest opportunity to practice expressing yourself through the love and light choice, which will be to the highest and greatest good for all involved.

You know when you feel tempted or driven to choose in a dishonoring way, don’t you.  You know when you feel urges to choose in non-supportive ways, don’t you.  You know yourself well, of course you do, you live with yourself every day.

So you must parent yourself and shift yourself to higher ground.  You– the wise and smart you, the bigger you, the generous you, the honest you, the kind you — must lead the way into better choices that in time will become your “norm”.  Allow for the bigger you to keep an eye on the “programmed” you and lovingly and unconditionally nudge you gently when necessary.

Do not minimize yourself by allowing old and unsupportive ways to represent YOU!

Take it step by step, choice by choice into greater alignment with your true identity self – unconditional love and light being. This is the only reason for you coming here!

Your presence here on earth is meant to reflect your true identity self, love and light.  Whenever you observe yourself not being the reflection of this energy exactly, you know that you have more work to do on the main project, “YOU”.

Have fun with the project “YOU” and enjoy the ride.

Blessings to all!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
It can be easy to fall into the trap of ‘reacting’ especially when it seems someone is lashing out at, or targeting you, yet, when you react, you forget to be the YOU that you have chosen to be.Remember, what someone else thinks of you has nothing to do with you; it has to do with them. So it is always most powerful to simply honor who you choose to be – that is the path to true happiness. How do you do this? Here is a simple tip to help you…

In every interaction and situation (good and bad) ALWAYS ask yourself this powerful question…

“Am I acting and speaking as the person I choose to be?”

Another way to ask it is this – (and I use this before I write a difficult email or have a challenging conversation)…

“How can I honor the person I choose to be in this situation?”

When you honor yourself and the person you choose to be miraculous things happen!

“Thank you!!Such an excellent and complete system contained
in this article/blog and the -three tips’ are All–one needs
to favorably implement success with the loa utilisation.

the pointers to matching ones vibrational state to match
what would be the case when one,s wish/desire was present
is so vitally important for me to accept and this was written
so concisely and clearly.

Kristen.. you are a beautiful wonderful angel. many..many thanks!!!”

– Earl W.

24 Responses to “YOU are the project, not your projects”

  1. Eleanor G says:

    Great words come at well needed times whether we realize it or not and you hit the nail on the head with this one today. I truly appreciate what your website offers as well as my openness to recieve the message.


  2. ABDULLAHI says:

    I will surely put what i learn in to practice, and thank you very much for such an inspiring write up any amazing thing that happens to me will surely be shared. Thank you once more.

  3. Charles says:

    This is a very nice article, Kristen. I must state that it is natural for people to react in an unpleasant way when faced with a challenge but the most important thing is that we must always try to collect ourselves back and get back on track. After all the bible cited two cases of a Father who asked his son to carry out a duty (a challenge) but the son rejected it. At a second thought he did what his father asked him to do. The father likewise asked his second son to do the same thing, which he agreed to do but did not eventually do it. The first son was said to have done the father’s will even though he rejected it initially.

    I had this play out on me this morning, and it looks as if this article is targeted at me – what a telephaty. This morning I was tempted to regret and forget a project I had put in place in order to help out a relation. I had had a particular material in mind for finishing up an uncle’s house so that he and his family can have a nice place to live in. But my father, who is more experienced in the job and material quality was aiming at a more superior and, of course, more expensive material than the one I had in mind. When he mentioned that to me this morning I was terribly annoyed and regretted opting to help out. I even bangged the phone on my Dad. However, at a second thought, I realised that my Dad was thinking of material that will look more beautiful in the house and last longer than the one I had in mind. It was then called my him and asked him to go for the one he had in mind.
    As soon as I asked him to go for the one he had in mind I felt an inner happiness in me – a divine happiness it seemed to be.

    Charles Anowai.

  4. Anne Nelnyk says:

    You are the project, not your projects. I love that!

    I am faced with an urgent and overwhelming project right now and its very easy to get hyper focused on it and lose myself. Thanks for the reminder and the power questions to bring me back!

  5. Vanessa says:

    Your article came at the perfect time, I’ve been asking myself the questions Why am I here? and How can I move into a place of peace?

    I realise that I have to make peace from within…and in the present,other wise it will remain elusive to me.

    Much thanks to you, your shared wisdom has given me a priceless gift!

  6. cantia says:

    i cannot seem to get things done i start a project well and half way through i stop sometimes picking up sometimes forgetting about it completing, how can u help me choose rightly and to keep at it

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Cantia!

      Normally we bounce from project to project when we get overwhelmed so it feels easier to pick up something else.
      Try not to overwhelm yourself with all of the big details…

      Whenever you feel stuck ask yourself this question…

      “What’s the next step?” and by step I mean 1 thing NOT a series of things…


  7. cantia says:

    the quick tips on “you are the project, not your projects” helps me to be me and stay on track on the person i want to be ans especially it helps me to say no to the people and things that are not the programmed me

  8. DI COOP says:

    Kristen, I smile as I see the question in your quote: “Who do you choose to be?” In fact, it was this question at the end of a seminar I was attending that determined the title of my book, “I Choose to be Free, I Choose to be Me … so can you”. Since publishing, I’ve been challenged by the marketing, despite great reviews. I love your reminder, YOU ARE THE PROJECT and will be refocusing on ME and facing my challenges, rather than being overwhelmed by new technologies. As you say, one step at a time.

    We teach what we need to learn, don’t we! I love your work – you are a favourite mentor to me.

    Thanks Kristen.
    Di Coop

  9. cynthia says:

    This has been a well received message. It is so easy to beat yourself up because of the way we have been programmed. This is not complicated when we acknowledge the person we truly are. Thank you for putting these two questions out there. This is aforewarning that is priceless. Taking the time assess our thought process goes a long way.

  10. Shankar says:

    A wonderful tip. This reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

  11. Tamo Mafai says:

    You have really hit the nail on the head,thanks for opening my mind!

  12. Sherrilu says:

    Thank you for these insightful words. As a young person I struggled tremendously with low self esteem. I am now in my late 50’s and have been on a journey since about my mid 30’s to figure out what my purpose is. I am so thankful for the age of computer technology because with wonderful people like you putting life into perspective has helped me tremendously. I am so much more at peace with myself and figuring out my purpose isn’t a daunting task anymore. I am still a work in progress but am hoping that when I do reincarnate it will be a more peaceful journey. Again, thank you and I look forward to reading your next newsletter.

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