The #1 Secret To Intuitive Money Manifestation That Nobody is Telling You

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Have you been trying to manifest with haphazard results?

The solution may be as simple as the eight channels of alignment – why?

Because, without alignment, all your manifesting attention will be in vain; have no fear, I have brought in the fantastic, Lynn McKenzie to walk you through the eight channels of alignment and help you turn your manifesting around…

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Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue I give you a quick and powerful exercise to tap you into TRUE gratitude and generate manifesting momentum…

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“When you rush to take action always consider your alignment first. Without alignment, action is simply action – with alignment action is manifestation!”

Kristen Howe

The #1 Secret To Intuitive Money Manifestation
That Nobody is Telling You

By Lynn McKenzie

Would you like to have a proven system for Manifesting Money Intuitively? One that takes absolutely every level of your consciousness into account? A Money Manifestation system that works for you, over and over again, each and every time?

If so, keep reading because I’ve cracked open the codes to unlocking your channels to manifesting the prosperity you desire. First, let me share a little about myself so you become acquainted with me, my past experiences, and why I’m qualified to share this information with you, and then I’ll jump straight into the juicy content.

Back in the 90’s I left corporate America to follow my heart’s desire and become a Healer and Intuitive, and the interesting part, as I look back on it now, is that at some level I realized (even believed) that I’d likely earn much less income in my new career. That was my first mistake, but one that’s relatively conceivable because at the time there were absolutely no role models making great money as Healers or Intuitives. I didn’t have a template to follow and frankly don’t think one even existed back then.

I left my high paying career in real estate because I got tired of living a life that didn’t fit me anymore, and even though I made good money in that job, my soul was starving for deeper meaning. My path to prosperity took me on a winding adventure through hill and dale, and while my current finances are in fabulous order, there have been times in my past where my bank balance had dropped as low as $300 with no sign of any cash inflow on the horizon. So if you’re struggling, I want you to know that I’ve been there too.

What I’m about to share with you is the #1 secret that allowed me to break 6-figures in my healing and intuitive business, as an Animal Intuitive, during one of the worst recessions the US has ever seen. If I can create a result like THAT with this information, the sky is the limit for you. I’ve gone on to use this valuable information to create two new businesses and to double and even triple my income; so I know it works!

The secret is there are eight channels that must all be in alignment with our goal for successful money manifesting. This is why positive thinking and affirmations alone will never work. Once you become familiar with and master alignment in each of the channels, you’ll experience the magical sweet spot of infinite prosperity.

Keep Reading to Discover the Eight Channels of Alignment for Manifesting Money…

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The Eight Channels Of Alignment For Manifesting Money

Use these channels as the foundational frame work for all of your money manifesting.

The Channel of Spirit or The Divine

The channel of Spirit or The Divine connects us with our sense of purpose, passion and mission. It’s our “big why. Why is what you want to create   important to you, because it’s never only just about the money?

The Channel of Mindset

The channel of Mindset is our outlook and the belief systems we filter each of our experiences and opportunities through. Our beliefs are simply ideas we made real somewhere along the line and we can create new ones at any time. Currently, how much money do you think you can create?

The Channel of Personal Identity

Our Personal Identity is who we think of ourselves as, and how we see ourselves in the world. Does your identity empower you? It determines how much money we have or can make, our worth, our value, and the value of what we have to offer. Could your use some up-levelling?

The Channel of Divine Decisions

Your Divine Decisions are based on a combination of your divine inspiration and what you believe is possible. What filter or information are you using to make yours? Our decisions are the seeds of successful money manifestation.

The Channel of Vision and Clarity

Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” Since we are the ultimate creators, our Vision and Clarity determine our end results. As the conscious creator of your reality, are you absolutely clear as to EXACTLY how much money you want to create?

The Channel of Intuitive Action

 The most important piece and biggest missing key to manifestation is Action. Actions must always be inspired by the precise outcome you wish to create and the intuitive hits you receive around it. Based on the money you want to manifest, what will be your next action step?

The Channel of Environment and Support

Your Environment and Support system is always either adding to or taking away from your success. Does your environment support the amount of money you want to manifest? Do you have positive support systems in place, including a mentor, to help you achieve your goals?


Gratitude raises your energetic vibration to a level where receiving is almost a given.

All money manifestation begins and ends with Gratitude!

Each channel above supports and is also influenced by the channel immediately above it, and all of them work synergistically together to create amazing manifestations. If you ever feel stuck in one area, be sure to look to the channel immediately above and below it for help, inspiration and direction. The Eight Channels of Alignment for Manifesting is a reference that you can return to over and over again to walk yourself through the process to success.

I know you wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t know deep within that this is your time; your time to achieve your dreams and desires, your time to step into your full potential, reconnect with your birthright, and manifest the income and prosperity of your dreams.

You someday is TODAY!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Sometimes we ‘DO’ gratitude (because we have heard how powerful and important it is for manifesting) yet we forget to ‘FEEL’ gratitude. If you find yourself ‘DOING’ instead of ‘FEELING’ gratitude, try this…Grab a piece of paper and set a timer for 30 seconds and at the top of the page (yes you want to do this by hand) write: Things I haven’t been grateful for before…

Then start the timer and write, stream of conscious, everything that comes through you that is something you haven’t been grateful for before. Don’t think, just write and you will tap into the natural feeling of gratitude and increase your manifesting alignment!

Another great post, Kristen.  I always look forward to your video emails and your new posts with helpful advice for me to improve and lead a better life.  I never thought about things this way before and it all ties in to the awakening I had with your ‘The Power of Now’ program I just purchased and have been listening to and implementing in my life.  I realized that it is all in my control and I need to readjust my focus and raise my expectations for success in every moment and with everything that I do no matter the prior experience with the act or the people I am interacting with.  It was a huge awakening for me and I appreciate all that you are doing to improve not only my life but other people’s as well.  Thank you.”  -Bradley

12 Responses to “The #1 Secret To Intuitive Money Manifestation That Nobody is Telling You”

  1. Jared says:

    When we realize that not and isn’t literally do not and cannot exist , it open the way for the reality of our hopes, dreams and visions to come forth. They are already there but crowded out of our experience by the illusory experiences of the isn’t. The universe is totally absolutely 100% positive. It is the is. No negativity. When and only when vain imaginations are cast aside do the dreams become manifest .All success, growth and abundance are a function of being in the universe.

  2. Naki says:

    I have sent a request for R15000 000.00 to the universe since begining of last year, i have read a lot of self help books and articles, i am also a believer in GOD, i pray, i fast, and i believe my faith is larger than the master seed at this point.

    i know exectly how i’m going to channel the money.
    i do my daily visualisations and affirmations

    is there anything that i am not doing right, since i have not yet seen the results yet?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Naki!

      The manifestation process requires you to plant the seed, give it water and sunlight and trust that it is growing. When you keep looking to see if the plant has started to grow yet, you constantly dig up the seed and that delays, or stops the growth completely.

      If you haven’t already gone through my free ebook – the 5 Steps to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You – I highly suggest that you do – you can put in your email address (up on the right corner of this page) and I will email it to you right away!

      Thanks for being here!

  3. Guillermo says:

    Good day Kristen,
    thanks a lot, I knew something was missing, sometimes I get some no, I heard of alignment but not about 8 factors to consider, that’s why we missed good opportunities of buy good stuff because of the lack of money…
    a new direction “is” the solution…

  4. Mzia Lezhava says:

    Wonderful Kristen,

    Gratitude … it is so full-blown and cool feeling for my mind…it for me arises not only energy, but it presents me the huge self pleasure, pleasure, which shines my soul with warm feelings…which makes each part of my body tender, but active, hopeful and more motivated, as the vibration of all those gratitude returns sunny rays to me…and, I want to have only the positive respond…

    Thank YOU Dear !!!
    Mzia Lezhava

  5. matt ford says:

    Thank you do much Dr alex lloyd and Kristen Howe for some great spiritual wisdom and good positive energy and and powerful ways for us to comnect to tje universe AND UNDERSTAND IT MORE BEEN ENLIGHTENED HAS OPENED UP A WHOLE NEW BOOK FOR ME.thank you so much

    new business starter from new zealand

  6. Marion says:

    Thank you, Kristen! You reinforce all that I know and feel on the sub-conscious level. As I see small manifestations daily, I know that it is just a matter of timing for the larger manifestation to unfold. Feeling GRATITUDE keeps me in a beautiful calm place.


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