What is that strange thing the Olympic Athletes were doing?

The Olympics are over…

But the lessons we can learn from them are not!

If you watched any of the downhill skiing or ski jumping or snow boarding, you probably saw a few of the athletes doing some pretty strange things…

Some of them looked like they were swimming or doing some strange slow motion dance…

No matter what it was, 1 thing is for certain…

It looked weird!

What were they doing?

They were visualizing the course or jump ahead of them…

Really powerful stuff when you consider that many of the athletes they showed doing this strange, visualization dance won medals.

We can use that same power in our lives…

But so often we think we will look stupid or that it will take too much time…


Sure seems like it was worth the time and looking a little odd on camera in front of millions of people to Lidsey Vonn before she won the gold…

What do you think?

You can do this with anything…

  • A job interview
  • Giving a speech or presentation
  • Having a specific meeting or phone call
  • Putting in a great workout
  • Having a highly productive day
  • Starting the day in a great mood


Let me give you an example from my life…

I was in the Broadway Tour Company of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and in rehearsals there were some notes in the part I had to play that were almost impossible for me to hit.

They weren’t physically impossible, but I would know they were coming and try to force them and then — well — I would blow it…

When I rehearsed this number, I had small breakthroughs throughout, but nothing significant enough to make me think that when there was an audience I was going to do it right…

This is what happened:

Every night before I fell asleep I would run through the whole show in my head.  I would really “be there” in the performance…

I would feel how it felt to hit those notes effortlessly —

I’m not kidding, I did this every night! I would perform a 90 minute show in my head – I would close my eyes and lie in my bed in the dark and live it…

Now this is how things go when it comes to rehearsal…

You rehearse numbers and then you spend a whole lot of time learning new numbers, so you don’t go back to the first numbers until the run through…

Which means I had several weeks of NOT rehearsing the trouble notes.

It came time for the big run through and we were closing in on having an audience and the creative team and producers were there —

Let’s just say…it was show time…

I got to the parts of the songs that gave me trouble and BAM…the notes were there…EXACTLY how I’d rehearsed it in my head every night!

  • Was that worth my time?
  • Was it worth my energy?
  • Was it worth people looking at me strangely when I told them what I had done?

You tell me…

Leave me a comment and let me know how you can start to use this tool IMMEDIATELY to benefit your life!

Go Big!


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13 Responses to “What is that strange thing the Olympic Athletes were doing?”

  1. Tina says:

    Very interesting Kristen…just wondering, what do you do when you can’t seem to visualize? Just talk it through? I just can’t seem to visualize anything these days…I can think them but not actually “see” it, I don’t dream either. Any help here?

  2. Leila says:

    It’s great to see athletes visualising in public. How great would it be to know that your results came from x amount of pre-performance visualisation.

  3. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Do not be afraid, and do not let your heart be discouraged, but have peace in your heart and your mind and you will immediately receive the great support from above: untiring strength, divine inspiration and true joy.

  4. Frank Jenner says:


    Great! What a wonderful way to share the power of visualization.

    Thank you!


  5. Alan says:

    Hi, I coach kids to pole vault and I always encourage them to visualise and feel as they do it. It helps if you can get emotional (excited,happy) whilst doing this to.

  6. Naresh says:

    Nice comment of the power of visualization an how sportsmen can use it to win! Normal individuals can also use it for their day to day activities.

  7. Bob says:

    Kristen – this reminds me of when I was building decks. When I had a new job coming up, I would get so excited about it! I would lie in bed at night, visualizing each and every board I was going to put into place. I could actually see the deck being assembled, one joint at a time.
    This was so powerful, that I was actually able to see where a problem would occur, in my minds eye, and I could change my plans to avoid that problem.
    My late wife, bless her soul, used to kid me about getting sawdust in the bed, because I would toss and turn for hours while I was visualizing the construction.
    Thank you for reminding me of that power that I have – I am going to dust it off and figure out how to apply it to my current position as a Tax Accountant.

    • Kristen says:

      Hey Bob!

      Let me know what you discover when you ‘dust it off’ — you are so right in realizing you can use this for anything!

      Go Big!

  8. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Open your eyes and your heart not your mind. What profits us to visualize winning the whole world. Could not you with your faith small as a mustard seed have been able to move the mountains. Come, see and touch my words: “The great future is not greater than its present and its past is much more greater than its Golden Age. The man of future is the master of his faith.”

    Alex Gabriel V.

  9. Will says:

    Hi, Kristen.

    I want to say thanks for a tip that you put in your blog about visualisation challenges. For years, I’ve had a hi-Def VR kind of imagination and been blessed with a holo-deck like memory for how things would turn out. Stress on the job challenges and a lot of other static on teh same channels, so to speak, eventually fuzzed that perfect broadcast I had, into a black snow-filled screen and I was so very disheartened until I read your post.

    You said, if you can’t see it, say it or write it and you indicated that the brain would act on it either way. Oh boy what a relief! I’ve been a writer over 30 years now, and that literally liberated me, so I’ll admit that I began by writing out those 10 000 words that the pictures should have been and would you believe, not only did those things come to pass, it also helped clear the snow from teh display and now my Holodeck is back and better than ever!!!

    Not only that, three of my childhood dreams, which I thought had been forgotten and buried and had as they say, a snowball’s chance in hell of happening, have come true.

    I gave up the dream of being a journalist over twenty years ago, and this week, my local paper invited me to become a regular columnist. I’ve taken the inspired step and said yes (though the pictures which I will use to ilustrate the column’s words are awaiting their Oscar like debut on my holodeck as I write this blog.

    Then, Last year, I was handed a divorce settlement by a woman with whom I had spent sixteen years with going through almost every hell imaginable. Somewhere in there, we both learned separate paths and I spent a very lonely 2009 believing I’d never make the grade. On Valentine’s Day 2010, she called me up, told me I was her valentine, and asked me if I would consider getting back together with her again for the long term. Out of the blue and completely out of left field. Taking inspired action, having had a year to think about where things were de-railed so to speak, I said yes, I’d be a partner and friend for life!

    Third: I used to be teased by friends who would tell me I was like Anthony Robbins whenever I gave motivational speeches to my colleagues. Well, two weeks ago, I was invited to become part of a local Toast Masters group and that will eventually lead to the other dream I had which was being a coach and delivering those motivating speeches to others like Anthony Robbins does.

    I’ll top that off with one more: Last year I helped one of my friends arrange and edit her poetry so that she could sell it on-line and via bookstores. She parted ways with me and I was left feeling a little worn out after a year’s worth of effort. This week she contacted me and said that not only did she want to properly compensate me for all the work already done, she wanted to commission me for three more books, that is if I was still in the business of desktop publishing. I said yes, I’m still in the business and gave her an example of how I’d be billing her if she said yes. I even included a possible 1% royalty payment to me from every DVD sold.

    She contacted me back in less than half an hour by e-mail and declared that no one else was as dedicated as I had been, so she was going with my services. She also told me that I had as she put it, low-balled myself, and offered me a 10% royalty fee, a compensation fee for my time, and a separate materials and labour fee for each project.

    You challenged each and every subscriber to GO BIG… well, I for one am very grateful, because in doing so, you helped me find that key that unlocked the treasure trove.

    I also want to add that if anyone ever reads the PDF, Message From A Master, and does what the author recommends, it does work.

    Kristen, I take my hat off to you. Truly, you give each and everyone of us, an Oscar Winning performance and you make giving that acceptance speech more than just a dream.

  10. Migen L. Osorio says:

    Dear Kristen Howe,
    Thank you for enlightening me on what Olympic athletes do regarding their preparations for games. Nothing beats preparation or conditioning yourself for any event which you should be ready for. I can use your pointer for what I am about to do: give the message during a church gathering about to take place. Now I know that to do away with jitters I should feed my mind thoughts that would enable me to speak before people set to hear me. Thank you again and again thank you.

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