Can Stress Be a Positive?

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What if you could drastically lower the negative stress in your life – starting today?
Negative stress robs so many of you of joy, health and fulfillment, that this is a MUST. I have brought Carolyn Cooper in (she is known for making everything simple) to help you start busting stress right now – today! Make sure you check out her 23 Stress Buster Tips and pick a few to start using now.

Also, in the Quick Tip section of this issue I give you a quick exercise that completely changes your vibration when you are in – or are entering – a stressful situation, so you remain calm, focused and centered. I use this all the time and it works!

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“When you breathe – REALLY BREATHE – everything heavy becomes lighter.”

Kristen Howe

Are Can Stress Be a Positive?

By Carolyn Cooper

All stress comes from negative experiences, right? Wrong! Three of the top ten stressors are actually positive occurrences. See for yourself the top ten stressors according to doctors:

1. Death of spouse
2. Divorce
3. Marital Separation
4. Jail term
5. Death of a close family member
6. Personal injury or illness
7. Marriage
8. Fired at work
9. Marital reconciliation
10. Retirement

Understanding that stress comes from good things as well as bad can help us to manage it better. It’s unrealistic to imagine that we can eliminate stress from our lives, unless we live in a cave and avoid human contact (no wonder the guru at the mountaintop is peaceful). Often the stress of deadlines and obligations motivates us to work harder, concentrate better, and perform better.

Today I am sharing 23 tips to help you cope with stress, whether it’s the good kind or the bad kind. I realize this is a long list; I encourage you to browse through it and pick out 3-5 of these suggestions that you can implement into your life right now:

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23 Stress Busters (pick 3-5 to use right now in your life):

1. List the things that cause you stress. How can you eliminate them or minimize their effect on you?

2. Think about how the things on your list affect you. Can you change the way you think about these stressors by putting a more positive spin on them? Do you exaggerate the negative and minimize the positive? If so, practice being optimistic.

3. Reframe things in the context of a larger positive plan.

4. Often when in bad circumstances, people tend to imagine that the troubles are here to stay. Recognize that troubles are temporary.

5. Don’t blame yourself needlessly, but take responsibility when necessary.

6. Put things into perspective.

7. Let go of what you can’t control and take control of what you can.

8. If you’re a people-pleaser or an over-committer, look over your list of commitments. Highlight the unavoidable responsibilities. Eliminate the voluntary ones that don’t fulfill you.

9. If you’re a perfectionist, it’s time to realize that perfectionism only leads to stress. Since you can’t ever get anything truly perfect, it’s never good enough.

10. Know your limits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Set boundaries with other people—and yourself.

11. Get organized, but don’t overwhelm yourself with the task. Do a little at a time. Eliminate clutter, have a garage sale, buy tubs, bins and accordion folders so that when you need to find something, you’ll know right where it is.

12. When faced with a large task, break it down into smaller tasks. Prioritize tasks and deal with the most important or most unpleasant issue first.

13. Make leisure activities and hobbies a priority in your life. Enjoyment of life prolongs life and reduces stress. Have a sense of humor.

14. You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: exercise. Your health and productivity depend on it. Strenuous, Olympian effort isn’t necessary. Just 20 minutes a day of walking will add years to your life and condition your body for maximum enjoyment of life and reduction of stress.

15. Avoid sugary snacks, smoking, alcohol, drugs, overeating and caffeine.

16. Use the Food Pyramid to guide you in your eating. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are necessary for optimum health.

17. Know your sleep requirements. Make sure that you get as much as you need nightly. Retiring and rising at the same hour every day (not sleeping in on weekends) reduces sleep disturbances, which can lead to stress.

18. Make time for relaxation. This can mean doing absolutely nothing. Learning to relax can include many techniques including meditation, prayer and deep breathing.

19. During the day, take regular breaks. Most experts recommend a ten-minute rest every hour.

20. Find time to be alone for a little while each day.

21. Talk to a friend or family member (but not one who stresses you out!)

22. Physical contact with loved ones reduces stress. Get or give a hug, hold hands with your spouse, cuddle on the couch, even stroking a pet helps.

23. Social interaction is important. In addition to interacting with friends and family in a relaxed, leisurely setting, it’s a good idea to reach out to people who are in need.

To live longer and better, it’s crucial to learn to manage stress and learn to use it to your advantage.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed, focus on your breathing – really pay attention to it and focus on bringing it down into your stomach. During stress, most people start breathing very high and shallow and that heightens the stress. Simply changing your breathe to low and deep can shift your entire energetic state.

When you know you are heading into a stressful situation, take 2 minutes (that’s all it takes) to breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the breathe fill your stomach, your ribs and your back (without your shoulders raising) and then release all of the breathe in the reverse order and your energy calms, your mind focuses and your body centers.

“Thank you, Kristen!

You reinforce all that I know and feel on the sub-conscious level.

As I see small manifestations daily, I know that it is just a matter of timing for the larger manifestation to unfold.

Feeling GRATITUDE keeps me in a beautiful calm place.


12 Responses to “Can Stress Be a Positive?”

  1. Carmela says:

    I have no close friends or family. I suppose I’m too choosy, but having no close friends in my city is just not in my best interest. I don’t even have a good relationship with my sister on the other side of the country. What can I do to turn my self around?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Carmela! I always suggest that you start with your relationship with yourself – cultivate that – treat yourself how you would want to be treated and others who are an energetic fit will find you. 🙂

  2. Deborah Adams says:

    Stress can be positive!! Don’t give it a name and don’t make it right or wrong:-)

  3. Virginia says:

    To the point with these 23 suggestions. I practice most and it definitely helps.

  4. henk says:

    Yes, it is very good to breathe if you feel stressed.
    Breathing is a physical action and free breathing supports a free mind.
    So, it is a very constructive physical action.

    Stress is not a physical, but a psychic action (or a convulsive lack of action).
    The best actions combine physical and psychic activity.
    A very helpful psychic activity in times of stress is to ask, while breathing:
    “Does this stress matter? What is it that here does matter?”

  5. Sunnylady says:

    Smiling is a secret weapon, keep it on your face. Look at mirror, your own smiling will light you up. No matter how hard the situation is, no matter how much you are stressed out, put the smile on you face, a sweet bright smile, then look at the sweet smile in the mirror, you will see the difference. This is my secret weapon, now give to you, and you can keep it – it does work.

    Smile will change the attitude of people around you, and you will get better envirionment, this will help reduce your stress. Good luck for everyone.

  6. GERRY says:

    Hi Kristen stress is part of life it is there in different parts of our life the deal is to live with it to make us stronger.
    Calming our toughts to see good in bad situations as a end result and moving forward. And the breathing helps bring your pressure down.

    Thanks Kristen as always a difference maker.

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