Harnessing the Power of the Human Organs

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True health and happiness come when you fully integrate and communicate with your body and in this time, becoming detached from our body and ignoring our body and taking it for granted has become way too easy and all too common.

That changes today! Michael R. Smith is here to share a simple 3 step protocol that gets you dialoguing with your body with ease – you’ve got to try this, it is absolutely incredible what you discover about yourself.

Also, in the Quick Tip section I give you a quick and easy practice that will completely shift your relationship with your body AND let you understand the important messages it is trying to give you.

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“Listen to your body, it has something
important to tell you.”

Kristen Howe

Harnessing the Power of the Human Organs

By Michael R. Smith

The body’s organs are powerful co-creators of our reality. Each of our body’s organs have a specific energetic function in terms of supporting, nourishing us, and helping us achieve our highest vibratory state. One of the most important organ systems for spiritually sensitive people is the urinary system. The urinary system (including the kidneys and bladder) is a processing center for lower vibratory energy, and its byproduct, urine, contains the filtered, residual toxins experienced in our daily interactions.

If you find that you are urinating frequently for unexplained reasons, then you may be likely ingesting toxins (certain prescription drugs, diet, chemical residue) or being exposed to toxic energy (someone’s negative thoughts or emotions). If this is the case, then the kidneys and bladder work overtime to get that toxic energy out of your system.

Did you ever wonder about the origin of the somewhat-strange phrase ‘pissed off’? There is a deeper energetic acknowledgment behind the phrase, and it directly relates to the important energetic function of our organs. When you say “I’m pissed off,” in scientific terms what you are really saying is the following: “The lower vibratory energy contained in the emotion of anger is attempting to be filtered and leave my body through the divine wisdom of the kidneys.” Furthermore, lower back pain may sometimes be the result of the kidneys working on overdrive, and may actually have very little to do with the back muscles.

Consider these common expressions:
He’s got a lot of “gall.”
I simply can’t stomach the thought.
She is so anal.
Get off my back.
She’s thick-skinned.
I need time to digest this.
That was a gutsy thing to do.

Each of these expressions reflects the fact that even though we may not be always consciously aware of it, the body’s organs are always working in conjunction with our ego/small mind to support the creation of our reality.

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Dialoguing with your Organs Protocol

Step 1. Physically make contact with the organ that you want to support. If you do not know the physical location of the organ, that is OK and move on to step two.

Step 2. For each of the organs, say “hello ________. I love you. I appreciate you. I honor you. I exist in a state of gratitude for you. Thank you for working to support me.”

Step 3. Ask the organ for its help in transforming your energy, transmuting any stagnant energy and to do its own “energetic job.” It is helpful (but not necessary) to visualize the organ that you are communicating with, and use your creativity to imagine that it’s doing its job even better.

Sample Requests:

Stomach: Ask it to “digest” an issue for you that you need help understanding.

Gall bladder: The gall bladder is the organ that works overtime. It’s similar to the Little Engine That Could (as acknowledged by the phrase ‘he’s got a lot of gall”). When all your energy reserves are lowered and bordering on depletion, the gall bladder kicks into overdrive. Thus, ask the gall bladder to give you the determination and willpower to help you to move forward with strength.

Liver and Kidneys: The job of these organs is to filter and metabolize energy that isn’t needed by the body, and thus, they are both critically important organs for sensitive people. If you are attempting to let go of a bad habit or a maladaptive way of thinking, you can ask the liver or the kidneys for help, and their divine wisdom will actually allow you to ‘metabolize’ a new reality more quickly.

Large Intestines: The job of the large intestine is to complete the process of elimination. Thus, the large intestine will offer you assistance in helping you to remove, once and for all, any energy that you no longer need. Ask the large intestines to help you in this process.

Blood: The blood’s job is to nourish and cleanse. Thus, ask the blood for its help in nourishing your entire energy system, and also for its help in cleansing an issue. It is helpful to imagine the blood flowing through your body as you ask for its help.

Skin: The skin, being the largest organ in the body, can be called upon to help you establish good boundaries with others. Ask the skin for protection if the situation calls for it. In this case, imagine that the skin is like a window screen in that it allows good energy to flow into you (e.g. the life force of wind), but keeps out harmful energy (e.g. larger debris).


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
For so many folks, reconnecting with their body feels like speaking a different language. I’ve found that the first step is to consistently remember to take time to connect with your body. And you can do this for as little as 5 – 10 minutes each day…The best thing you can do (and this is so simple) is set a recurring alarm on your phone for the same time every day and when it goes off, shift your focus to your body, notice how you are sitting or standing, where you feel tension and my favorite – discover the most relaxed spot in your body (it can be tiny) and give that spot your focus and imagine it growing and spreading within you. This simple daily practice will completely transform your relationship with your body and you will tune into it and get the important messages it is trying to give you. “You are so right for a long time every time something went wrong in my life I would turn inward and my way of dealing with it rather than face it was to run.I am learning this time to face this thing so that i can move forward. This year for me has been turning from running to running towards the thing that bothers me.

I can definitely say I am doing so much better since taking this challenge on. I want to thank you so much for sharing these insights.


24 Responses to “Harnessing the Power of the Human Organs”

  1. SHABBIR says:

    Thanks,this is awesome

  2. Nador says:

    Very insightful to say the least !

    “Ask and you shall receive”
    All people interpret it as asking for all kinds of objects.

    You made a leap forward :
    Why not ask your vital organs to do better than usual ?
    You maybe in for a surprise!

    Thanks for the insight it was worth it.

  3. Ethel Jackson says:

    What an amazing insight, and so very simple. Thank you.

  4. Odessa says:

    I am truly thankful for this lesson, to learn how to make physical contact with your inner body! OMG
    We as human beings never thought out the process even though you knew it was there but was not sure of how to do it on an individual bases. I lost my best friend my larger intestine over 7 years ago, but the small intestines is doing a wonderful job keeping things passing through. I thank the entire body and God everyday for my presents, breathing and waking up each morning, but to thank each and every organ individually,was a greater vision to the organs as we physically make contact to say “hello” and thanks for transforming me.

  5. Vickie says:

    Thanks. Even though I am somewhat in touch with my body, this is a great tip and tool


  6. Sam says:

    Thanks for this beautiful input into my life. I will constantly cherish this.

  7. sheena says:

    Thank you so much for this article. It makes so much sense and I will definitely make this my practise every day.

  8. pieter nuyttens says:

    excellent “in”sight and advise! thanks.

  9. Shirley says:

    Thank you BODY I LOVE you. Thank you for sharing

  10. Dr Andrew KInsella says:

    I have been thinking in the same direction, though not specifically directed towards the viscera.

    Having finally grown up and realised that us medical practitioners havea lot to learn from chiropractors, I am enjoying the benefits of a well aligned and untwisted spine.

    I am only too well aware of the profound effects that spinal malalignment can have on human function:

    Try these for size:
    Bitter and twisted
    “You silly twisted boy”
    The straight man.
    Level headed.

    That is only scratching the surface– I have come up with others but they elude me for now.

  11. Mike Harrigan says:

    Many thanks for a very informative , uplifting and motivational article..
    I am actually a Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, NLP Master and a Degree in Psychology and Sports Science.. From the early years of my Sporting career I’ve always utilize the mind to heal Injuries, and yes its paramount to be always be Aware , in touch and communicate with the various Major Organs and listen to the Body…

    A very Good article which confirms all my Sports Science Degree Training and Experiences..
    Kind Regards.
    Mike ..

  12. ashok says:

    I remember reading along these line a few years back but this time u have been more specific and i intend to try it out during my night meditation/before sleep gratitude utterances.

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