The Power to Dream with Faith

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Remember, your actions support your beliefs and your results are external manifestations of your beliefs. So, what do you do if you want to experience different results in your life?

I’ll tell you – it isn’t about will power – it is about shifting your beliefs, and I have the amazing, Marcia Weider here with us today to break it down for you.

Also, in the Quick Tip section I give you a simple and powerful “What if” question that you can use when you feel a lack of opportunities – this 1 little question will cause exciting shifts for you when you use it.

Thank you for being YOU. When you share your comments and questions today you help me get to know you and what you need and how I can best help. I highly encourage you to take action – leave a comment or a question and come back for my reply – it is a joy for me to be with you on your journey!

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“Tell me what your life looks and feels like, and
I will tell you what you believe.”

Kristen Howe

The Power to Dream with Faith

By Marcia Weider

Like many people, I am finding myself at point in life where I just don’t have the same willpower I once did. I tell myself to do things like eat healthier or get more exercise, but I’m just not motivated the way I used to be.

When giving up is not an option, but motivation isn’t working, where else can you turn? Consider faith. Getting in touch with what you believe or hold to be true is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

Many if us have deep faith but have forgotten how to tap into it personally. I have been doing a great deal of exploration on this and have found that I often have to remember to believe, to literally and consciously choose to believe and then act on what I believe to prove that I actually do.

I recently attended a convention that I have gone to for many years and I caught myself having negative thoughts and beliefs. I believed that everyone had already hired me and therefore there were no more opportunities there for me.

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Those negative beliefs quickly took me into feelings of despair as I began to shrink and withdraw. As I disappeared into my fear and doubt, soon no one was talking to me. Then I realized, I was creating my reality. Based on what I wanted, I asked myself what I could believe. I could believe there were countless opportunities there for me, not just for business, but also that for making new friends and having fun.

I chose to believe this was the perfect place for me to be. Then I set an intention to easily meet great people. Suddenly, it was like I entered a different reality. Within minutes I shifted who I was and my world transformed with me. Within an hour, two people I had never met before hired me! And that evening I had a real blast, including dancing.

Here’s a personal example of how I used this with my family. I was long overdue in seeing a close relative. In my memory, this person was difficult to be with, so I assumed it was going to be an unpleasant visit. Again, I caught myself in the act and chose to believe that we loved each other. Sure enough, our time together was beautiful and when it was time to leave, I actually wanted to stay longer.

In both examples, it wasn’t my will that caused the change. It was my belief, my deep faith in miracles and my knowledge that miracles can occur anytime and anyplace if we can just get willing. And that’s when I realized this is the ideal use of will. We can use our will to make choices, to choose to believe and to change our mindset. There is nothing as powerful as our faith and through our personal beliefs we have the ability to deepen our faith and trust.


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I love to use ‘What if’ Questions to disarm your conscious mind from limiting you. So, let me give you an easy and effective “What if” question to use whenever you feel like there is lack of opportunity around you…“What if there are opportunities around me that I am simply not aware of, and tuned into – what would I need to believe that would allow me to become aware of them?”Remember, with awareness a shift begins and this question will definitely bring you a new, powerful awareness! Use this consistently for 7 days, and let me know what happens. “Thank you, Kristen for your inspiring and helpful ‘Go Big Coach’ and ‘Law of Attraction Key’ products.The establishment of Daily rituals are a must for progress and I appreciate your daily emails that support my adherence to my daily practice.Have a great week!”

– Christine S.

16 Responses to “The Power to Dream with Faith”

  1. Joey says:

    I was just saying to myself this morning “I really need help with my beliefs” “How can I believe the right things?” WELL, lookie what Kristen sent me!! This was truly amazing! Thank you so very much! EXACTLY what I needed!

  2. ikramini says:

    It is a wonderful newsletter, really.

  3. patrick.s says:

    Keep on your are really making changes on me.

  4. Virginia says:

    Good points about believing in a better outcome. Have faith in yourself to make the event or relationship impact you in a manner that improves your life. Oh yes – life is better when we choose to look at it with a happy heart, willing eyes, open ears, and a caring soul.

  5. Jan Thomas says:

    I need to affirm constantly the belief that I am worthy. I have major problems with my energy centers, mainly my solar plexus, and struggle every day with this. I’m 66 and grew up in a very dysfunctional environment and with low self esteem, anxiety, and depression DNA passed on from both parents. My twin and I both suffer and it’s an on-going battle daily. I learned to fight back and move forward, but not always with good results. My twin chose to become closed and withdrawn (somewhat) and doesn’t have much of a life. But my Heavenly Father keeps me close and I choose to put my faith in Him. I need more light in my solar plexus and feelings of my innate goodness rather than the negative ones I seem to carry around. I keep trying, but don’t seem to be making much progress. Any thoughts for me? Do you deal with energy healing at all? Blessings!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jan!

      Thanks for being here – one of the first things I suggest is to look for ways to change the story you are telling yourself and others – for instance when you say “My twin and I both suffer and it’s an on-going daily battle…” I completely understand that is your current feeling about your reality, however, for that reality to change, you must be willing to shift the story you are telling. This can be challenging for some as they feel the need to hold onto their current story YET, as long as that is the story you are telling (to yourself and others), that is the story that will continue to be true for you – so let’s look for ways to gently shift the story – perhaps – you shift to “Every day I receive more and more light into my solar plexus and feel my innate goodness and love.” Another story for you to shift is where you said, “I keep trying, but don’t seem to be making much progress.” Perhaps shift that to “Every day I grow and receive more of my extraordinary self.”

      I believe in you!

  6. Mary says:

    Thanks Kristen, I love your energy in getting such good inspiriation out to the world. Yes! I believe our faith in God (for me) and meditation are our guiding force in leading us to be aware of our Purpose in Life and living our Truth and then Life is easy. We are Universe and have everything we want but as you said “Do we know what we really want?” I strongly encourage you to continue in the love you so generously share with the world. “Giving and receiving until the giving and receiving become one” quote from A Course in Miracles.

  7. Natalie says:

    From the age of 15 (when I had a life threatening surgery) I was convinced that I couldn’t ever have children…. I believed it. Until the age of 38 when I started thinking “What if …..I can actually have a child?” I conceived in 2 months and gave birth of a beautiful healthy blond angel Nicholas. He is four and a half now and he likes to hilariously laugh and hug me…:-))

  8. Celia says:

    Faith is very powerful,but sometimes its lacking in our lives and and thats when struggles begin.
    Kristen, that when I should always use the What if ? question.Thanks,so much coz this is uite revealing.

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