Welcome the Uncomfortable?

The more used to being uncomfortable I get the more I grow…

Does that make sense?

Get used to being uncomfortable…

We all know we need to be uncomfortable to grow right?

And yet, so many people cling to their comfort zone even though they are miserable and desparately desire change…

Now hear me on this…

There is a difference between pushing your comfort zone

And BREAKING your comfort zone…

Pushing is good…

In fact it’s GREAT!

But BREAKING it is bad…

Every day I want you to look for ways to push your comfort zone…

Get used to being uncomfortable and your world will start to change in ways you could never imagine…

When you are uncomfortable ask yourself “How is this an opportunity to grow?”

Remember, the goal isn’t to change your life overnight…

The goal is to change your life one step at a time —

If you grow 1% a day — and by that I mean you push your comfort zone once every day —

  • How different will your life be 1 month from now?
  • How about 6 months from now?
  • What will your life look like in a year?

Welcome the uncomfortable, because it is the key to the extraordinary!

Leave me a comment…if you are someone that normally doesn’t comment because it makes you UNCOMFORTABLE then you know what you need to do! πŸ™‚

Go Big!


22 Responses to “Welcome the Uncomfortable?”

  1. Rosemary says:

    I have been so uncomfortable for so long, that your advice really rings true for me. The next step is going to be the hardest: Letting go enough to find and attract the people who will help my real estate business grow to the next level.

    Thanks for the continued push, Kristen.

  2. Susan says:

    Uncomfortable zone only last for a short period & then wow the feeling great of having done it.

    Thanks, Kristen

  3. Mahadev itnac says:

    Dear krishen,
    yes very inspiring indeed how to implement these wonderful ideas?

  4. Trina Sonnenberg says:

    I am uncomfortable right now. I have had my income pulled out from under me and have crushing debt to manage. I keep trying to regain my positive vibration, but nasty ugly thoughts keep popping into mt head. I have spent the last ten years building a presence online and now I must unplug it all. I have no money to pay hosting fees, in fact, I have no money to pay my mortgage or other living expenses. My mailbox is full of things that people send trying to sell me stuff and much of it I wish I could buy, like self improvement courses, but without money I am dead in the water. I have come to the conclusion through wracking my brain for a solution, that one will present itself when the time is right, and torturing myself with trying to locate a solution is counterproductive.

  5. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen and thanks again for a welcome post. I’ve been living well within my comfort zone in some ways for way too long so the inroads I’m making into the uncomfortable still feel quite comfortable. How far will I have to go to feel it?

  6. joe says:

    Hi Kristen, I know exactly what you mean.I am so uncortable with all the tech stuff when it comes to a online business( thank goodness there a lot of ways to set up squeeze pages,websites and blogs that do not take a lot tech skills) but still it makes my stomach ties up in knots.Like write now I am prcrastinating making a word press blog(I call it research but in truth I am just delaying the taking action part of this)But it was the same when I first tried to set a website and squeeze page ,but I managed to get out of my comfort zone and finally got it all up and running,but pushing threw past your comfort can be very emotionally draining.But of course if it was easy EVERYONE WOULD DO IT!Failure is hard,but it is part of the learning process(I understand this with my brain,but the emotional end is a little harder to master lol) keep up the great work and post Kristen!

  7. joe says:

    p.s. I really wish you had an edit button for the post ,I reread what I posted and see sooooo many writing errors lol

  8. alejandra says:

    Being uncomfortable and taking a baby step sounds great to me. The thing is I can not figure out how to do this and at the same time accept everything as is, as I am trying to do right now, in order to attact the things I want.

  9. Rosemary D says:

    I have just read Trinas’comment I am in the same situation right now and it sucks! It’s so hard to stay positive and optimistic when everyone wants from you want you don’t have, money! Good luck Trina,I wish you well.

  10. John says:

    Is pushing one’s comfort zone without a larger purpose in mind fruitless? I am wondering how one might push one’s comfort zone in service to some sort of end-in-view, while finding a way to enjoy the process without focusing too much on the product.

  11. Trina Sonnenberg says:

    I am going to put my car up for sale and take my beloved cat the the shelter. I can’t afford to feed him and he deserves to be fed. Selling my car will keep my house for another month or so. So, we’ll see what happens. My belief in myself and everything that I hold dear is being called into question right now, and I have always been the strong one. I used to believe that God would never give me more than I can handle, and that he must think I am like Samson, but now I am not so sure. I feel weak, lost and hopeless right ow and I don’t like where my head is at. I keep trying to redirect my thoghts, listen to happy music, and all of the things that worked before no longer help.

    What really kills me is that everything has fallen apart only $20,000 away from reaching my goal. I was almost there.

    Sorry for the pity party. That’s something else that bugs me; I can’t stop feeling sorry for myself. Argh!

  12. Lozzie says:

    Kia ora to all,
    Its hard to stay optimistic, I too am in similar situation as Rosemary (lovely name by the way) and Trina. But I always feel uplifted after reading one of Kirsten’s blogs, thank you for inspiring me everyday to do better and be better. Onwards and upwards πŸ™‚

  13. Roz says:

    Thanks, Kristen, for inviting us “uncomfortable” folks to post a comment. This is ALWAYS a stretch for me, but I’ve also got something to share with commenter John who writes “Is pushing one’s comfort zone without a larger purpose in mind fruitless?”
    Last night I got frustrated over trying a statistics course. “Why push?” I pondered, “It’s only for extra credit to help with stuff I do at work. Besides, I’ve already got a degree.” Then I started blaming myself for being reluctant to memorize things… like statistics concepts, lyrics to songs (which is a pain since I’m also a musician). Just after reading your post this morning I was struck with how this “process” thing is sort of a “no end in sight” situation for me. You see, today a colleague sent me a copy of a journal article I’d helped create over 12 months ago(I was listed as one of the contributing authors). So now I’m jazzed about doing better in my statistics class so I can help with more paper whenever the need arises. The next bizarre thing happened after work when I met up with some musical/artistic friends of mine who want to put on a fund raiser in a couple weeks — and I’ll need to memorize at least 2 new songs to add to a set list that’s already over 2 hours long. So, being as I’ve been learning songs (and mathematics) all my life and being challenged every time somebody asks me if I’ll do a gig, the “end-in-view” is an ever expanding “process”… which is also an ever changing invitation to grow.

  14. Diana says:

    Thx for this post…
    I love how you cares about others πŸ˜‰
    keep up the good job… ^^

  15. Rosemary D says:

    this is horrible,please try to keep your cat,you need the company and he needs you.You’ll only worry about him’cos the shelters don’t always keep them for long.Maybe if you explained the situation to the shelter or a local animal charity they might be able to help with the food.I currently have 9 (!) cats, 8 of these I rescued
    and it is a real stuggle to cope but I can’t part with them, they keep me sane.I wish I could contact you directly,is there some way? I don’t know quite how I can help, but it might be good just to unload it on someone who knows what it feels like. Aii the best, Rosemary D

  16. Shawn says:

    I think this a really big concept. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Rosemary says:

    I would like to address Trina and her problem with keeping her home. As a real estate broker, I am familiar with loan modification programs that may help. She should contact her State’s real estate division to get the names of those programs that have been approved by that State. Here in Nevada, we have a mandatory mediation program. Does yours?

    As for your cat, please send me your address, and I’ll send you a PetSmart gift card so you can feed him. I love cats, and they really do need us, not just the food.

    If I can help in any other way, please add a comment and let me know. We all must stick together during this time.

  18. Trina Sonnenberg says:

    Thank you so much for your support and concern. It really touches my heart.
    Rosemary, my number is 970-864-7799 and my email is ezines1@gmail.com

    Thank you for the love you guys.


    P.O. Box 481 Nucla, Colorado 81424

  19. Rosemary Davis says:

    Just to clear up any confusion, I’m not the same “Rosemary” as the lady who has just made the kind offer of help to Trina with her cat food problem, I wish I could do similar,but I’m in Spain.Please stay in touch Trina, I hope you take up the offer from the other Rosemary,(Hi and thankyou.)However,any of you needing to earn some money,might like to have a look at this: Acme People Search from Tissa Godavitarne, just Google it,I came across it by accident and I’m going to try it because there is NO cost to do this and you get help to start-up and run this.There is nothing negative on Google about it.It’s not a scam ‘cos there’s no charge to you.
    As Rosemary says,we must all stick together so if we swop ideas who knows what we can achieve!

  20. Paulette says:

    Thank you for the inspiring article. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that it’s okay to stray from the comfortable and open our minds to the unlimited growth and potential the uncomfortable zone can give us. Very wise and positive! Keep the inspiration coming!

  21. Nerina says:

    I am in the uncomfortable zone, it feels as if my world is crashing down (old reality) but that’s how it is supposed to feel right? I hope I get used to this phase, I can be too clingy..but I am changing it because I can see changes happening…and they feel good…Message to my EGO- Please don’t be so clingy to the comfortable safe zone…!! hehe πŸ™‚

    4 years of learning and growing with the Universal Laws and Loving it! Love

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Nerina!

      You can change everything by changing your story – so try this…

      “Change is happening and I am excited – I feel energy running through me and I know that is excitement and I am willing to move through to the next phase!”

      I appreciate you sharing!

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