The Truth About Taking “Action”

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  1. Dr. Robert Anthony wrote our article for this week (and he is one of my favorite people)
  2. In his article he talks about one of my favorite topics – ACTION (more specifically, how you can shift into effortless and inspired action).

Also, in the Quick Tip section I share how you can use an easy Power Question to get extremely clear on how inspiration feels so you KNOW when to take action!

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The Truth About Taking “Action”

By Dr. Robert Anthony

Most people have the misconception that you get what you want in life by the actions you take – by what you DO – that the DOING (the action part) is what makes things happen. This is false. In fact, if you analyze it, most people’s actions are spent trying to compensate for inappropriate creating.

What do I mean by that? We have been programmed to believe that in order to have what we want we must work “hard”. How many times have you heard – “No pain, no gain?” The implication is that if you want to be successful at anything, you must work hard. The message is clear – ‘if you are not suffering or struggling, you’re not making progress.’

But here is the truth – anytime you are suffering or struggling, you are mis-creating! Anytime you struggle or feel pain, you are attracting what you don’t want, rather than what you do want. Please read it again!

Why do we try to force things to happen when we don’t have to? One of the primary reasons is that a lot of us come from families who have had to struggle to succeed or survive. We have programmed since childhood that struggle is ‘normal’ and ‘that’s the way life works’. So we expect to struggle and work hard to get what we want.

Another reason the “work hard” notion seems logical is because we all know people who have worked hard to achieve success and we attribute their success to their hard work.

On the surface this makes sense until you realize that there are two ways to succeed at anything – the hard way or the easy way.

Now, I am not saying that taking action is not important or necessary, but most of our actions are spent putting out brush fires that we have created along the way, so we have to keep taking action to correct our mistakes.

What we don’t understand is that if we have better control over our minds, we don’t have to DO nearly as much to get the same results. In fact, most of our actions would be only a small percentage of what they are now. Things would flow more easily and without effort. The actions we do take would be more effective, with less strain and effort.

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Here is the secret. You can reduce the need for action to a minimum by allowing yourself to focus on what you desire until you feel the positive energy begin to move within you. Trust me, if you will do this, you will know when it is time to take action. And when you do, it will be effortless. Doors will open and the entire universe will conspire to assist you in your desire.

Simply put, you should take no action on anything until you have visualized your desire and made it real enough in your mind so that your next action, or the next step – whatever it is, is not out of fear or worry. Whatever action step you take feels “right”. There is not stress, strain or struggle.

The point I am trying to make is that most of the actions that people take are not in harmony with their true desires. Most people act out of doubt, fear, and worry. They are using action to compensate for inappropriate creating. However, when you use the process of deliberate creation – which means you focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, you will see that the universe will provide a different set of circumstances for you that requires much less action. It makes life so much easier and a lot more fun!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Not sure if you should take action? Use this quick check in to understand if the action you are thinking of taking is inspired or forced. Ask yourself this Power Question:“If I take this action, WHY will I be taking it?”To put it simply, if you realize that your WHY is something to the effect of “Because it feels right.” Or “Because it feels exciting.” Or “Because it feels FUN.” THAT is inspired action.IF (however) you realize your WHY is motivated by fear, doubt, worry or an attempt to FIX – then it is forced action.

Knowing the difference makes all the difference!

“OMG, that was amazing. As I read this article [The Secret to Letting Go of Every Fear] I literally felt an immediate release of some of the fear I have experienced: it was as if the writer of the article had read, not only my thoughts but read my mind as well.This is an amazing tool for anyone.thank you so much for all that you do!!!I look forward to reading more articles such as this one.”– Gloria N.

28 Responses to “The Truth About Taking “Action””

  1. peter says:

    How do l unblock my subconcious mind to get all my desires,that was corrupted long ago when l was still young as from words spoken that concist of blockages to the wealthy

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Peter! Thanks for being here – your question is a great one and is the source of many conversations and writings and explorations – it is too large in scope for me to answer here in one reply however, I can suggest where to start – it is essential that you remember your subconscious is part of you, it isn’t outside of you – and it is directly connected to source (and since it is part of you – you are directly connected to source) remembering that – and I mean remembering it at a soul level is essential – many of the folks I work with use my Proof Audio every morning to assist them in the activation of this – if you have the Proof Audio, I suggest you do the same – if you don’t, I’m happy to give it to you – here’s the link: Enjoy!

  2. Celia says:

    This is so eyeopening ,will implement,thanks

  3. Debbie Boily says:

    This article coincides with the teachings of Abraham that I have been reading for years. I am a victim of this very thing. As a singer and vocal coach, I feel guilty everyday that I am not sitting at my desk for hours trying to ‘take action’ . In fact, I get depressed as I am today, because I have not gone and done my 4 to 8 hours of being dutiful, professional and sitting there trying to think of things I must do to show I am serious about my career. I live a life of insecurity and frustration because I think the reason I am struggling financially is because I am not taking action. I do take action on the necessities, long term and short term, but I just can’t seem to create a habit of ‘taking action’ every day and some days I just can’t think of anything to do that would fit that definition. I guess I need a coach!! Badly!!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Debbie! It is great having you here and I appreciate you sharing – I want to gently bring your attention to the second sentence you wrote here as you immediately identified yourself as a victim. I know it is just a word, yet words carry truth – so I encourage you to shift your story – as long as you feel you are a victim or any of the other negative labels you have given yourself, motivation will be something outside of you.

      Take a look at the answer I wrote to Robert here in the comments as this definitely pertains to you as well!

      I appreciate you and I am sending you energy!

  4. Katarina says:

    I love this article. Thank you for that. I felt such a peace inside me after reading it. I have very often a feeling – I have to do this or that – but it is all about my fear from the future, about paying my bills, etc.. Now I know, I should not fight against all my worries, and looking more for the positive side of life.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards

  5. Robert says:

    So much of my life I have heard (and been programmed to believe) that my “inspired” thoughts were merely “pipe-dreams”. I am 59 now and lately have come to realize I always used to think “to” myself, “Well, what would ‘so-and-so’ think if I did ‘such-and-such’…”?

    In the past 10 or so years, through the study of the Law of Attraction, I realize that Inspiration is actually being “In-Spirit”… And, who is to say one’s own Spirit would guide them to a path of futility?

    But, after all this time of following the pack, I still have nothing much to account from “their” advice… And, since my financial health was always affected, it’s an even more difficult struggle to “get clear” and take “Inspired Action”.

    I understand all of it, but the lengthy “programming” over the years still holds me at bey…

    What to do…?

    Continue to Follow the (Spirit) Flow until something “clicks” is all I know…

    Good read though… Thanks for the reminder(s)…


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Robert!

      I appreciate you sharing this with me and I encourage you to shift your story – right now, the story you are telling is: “but the lengthy “programming” over the years still holds me at bey…” so even though you understand it all conceptually, you are still holding that this is the story that is true – and as long as you are giving your focus and attention to the story that your old programming is holding you back, that is what you will see more proof of. Remember, the story is just a story – you can change it. So how about this – every night give yourself 5 minutes to reflect on proof of the new and supportive ‘being in spirit’ that you experienced that day.

      Here’s the deal, if you look for proof that your old programming is holding you back, you will find it and you will be right. AND if you look for proof that your NEW way of being is expanding within you and you within it, you will find it and you will be right. Either way you will be right – so ask yourself what you want to be right about first and then look for the proof to support it. AND LIVE AS IF NOW! 🙂

      You are extraordinary!

  6. Gary says:

    Great article Kristin!

    I first began learning about the difference between forcing action, struggling, “progress from hard work and sacrifice” and allowing Universal energy to work it’s magic, in a martial arts class back in the early 1990s. The instruction was to “relax and let your muscles do what they are ready to do. They are like springs; they are ready to be released into action. Focus on the present and just let the action happen”. The result was faster, more accurate and more powerful moves, whether they were kicks, punches, jumps…whatever…it all worked.

    While I understood the concept in that focused practice, it took awhile before I realized the concept works for everything we do. Relax and allow our energy to flow naturally. Combine that with visualization of desires and the Universe will deliver its abundance.

    I wrote a children’s book just over a year ago, about a cat that ran away. The very day the cat left I could visualize her out and about the neighborhood “doing her thing”, and began writing her adventure as if I was her. By the end of the day, I had all but the ending written (the end depended on her return). It just flowed! The book has gotten rave reviews from 100% of those who have read it, including youngsters and elementary school teachers. We are 5 illustrations away from publishing with a publisher who says the story and illustrations are outstanding and is excited to get it to market.

    From Tai Chi, to singing in multiple choirs (something I previously hadn’t done since junior high school), moving across the country to a place I absolutely love, to burgeoning new social activities all the things I desire for my life are happening. These desires all began on the periphery of my consciousness, not the “pressing” things I still have a notion to “make” happen. The action is visualizing the true desire in a relaxed manor…just relaxing and letting it joyfully drift into your consciousness, then letting it go to the Universe. Next thing you know…it’s happening. It’s not a miracle…it’s nature!

    I’m so very grateful to you and the dozens of insightful “masters” I’ve learned from! It’s all truly and beautifully life changing.



    • Kristen says:

      WOW Gary what an amazing message – thank you for sharing your experience AND your positive energy – I can’t wait to hear more as you continue your journey!

      I appreciate you!

  7. valerie says:

    Thank you for such an eye opening article! It makes so much sense that when you try sooo hard to achieve something, the vibration is that of “try” and struggle. I love this way of thinking and doing. Thank you!

  8. Ramona says:

    The article is right on point. Regardless, how bad my financial situation may get I learned it doesn’t get better if I operate out of fear.

  9. Odessa says:

    This was very inspiring and different, giving me insite as to dealing with your actions. Thanks, As I was on the right track, but wasn’t sure. I immediately felt the difference. So many times we are force to take action, but really understanding cause and effect to the action. Learning to clear the action in a positive way with your energy.

  10. Rosa Muziotti says:

    Thanks for why-because tip. I tried to overcome undesired situations by taking action only. The results were mediocre or the situation did not improve at all because I did not change my wrong thinking about it.

  11. Virginia says:

    Robert Anthony is one of my favorite writers for his quick and insightful delivery. He recently did an article about focusing on something good for 17 seconds and see how great you feel. It’s fun and energizing and makes you happy right now ! A smile on my face now with a delightful memory.

  12. Dina says:

    How does the vibe or attitude of my daughter towards me of disrespect, rudeness and not talking to me affect what I’m trying to attract to me? I have accepted that she is this way, and have acknowledged that to be like this is her decision, but we live together – is that affecting why I can’t get a job?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Dina! I suggest looking to see how our daughter treats you is any indicator of how you also treat yourself – do you disrespect yourself? If so, then this absolutely will impact what you see showing up in your external, physical world (job, money, relationships etc.)

      You are extraordinary!

  13. Roger says:

    I use many techniques such as muscle testing and my heart this sounds very useful thank you.

  14. Dana says:

    Great article, as usual. I have been receiving a lot of “messages” about taking action. I think God is trying to tell me something. The info on inspired action rather than forced is a fabulous guideline.

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