How to find your purpose – The Key to a fulfilling Life

Let me ask you some important questions…

  • Are you struggling though life?
  • Have you heard the saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow” but for the life of you, you can’t figure out what ‘what you love’ is?
  • Do you feel that the key to a fulfilling life is to find your purpose, but you don’t even know where to start?
  • Do you feel that until you find your purpose you will be stuck in this pattern of struggle?
  • Do you wonder if you really have a purpose or if you are destined to a mediocre, purpose free life?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

If you did answer Yes to even one of these questions, you are in the right place…

Listen to me here…

It’s time for you…

It’s time for you to find your purpose and to have a fulfilling life

I can hear you now, “But HOW Kristen, how do I find my purpose?”

Let’s start with a few simple steps…but first I have to ask you to allow yourself to answer whatever comes to mind and not judge what you come up with as possible or not possible.

No judgment; we are just digging in for discovery purposes…

Are you in?

Great, let’s go…

Grab a pen and paper (or you can go to your computer, but pen and paper tends to bring out more honest, instinctual responses) and answer these 10 questions…

Remember, don’t think, just write…

  1. Write down your top 3 favorite things to do when you were a kid.
  2. Write down your top 3 LEAST favorite things to do when you were a kid.
  3. Write down your top 3 favorite things to do now.
  4. Write down your top 3 LEAST favorite things to do now.
  5. When you feel ‘In the zone’ at work, home or anywhere, what are you doing?
  6. How do you make your money? What is your job?
  7. How many hours a week do you spend at your job?
  8. Is there anything about your job that you like and feel you are really good at?
  9. What are the things about your job that you hate?
  10. When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin? What are you doing?

You need to know 2 things when it comes to how to find your purpose as the key to a fulfilling life.

1. Your purpose CANNOT be something you don’t feel ‘Right’ doing?


2. You can have MORE THAN 1 purpose!

First we need to discover the common bonds between all of your answers.

In your answers to the questions above, there are most likely a few things that keep popping up in your answers…

What are they?

Write them down…

One of my clients was struggling to find her purpose so we went through this exercise and found that dealing with animals and being outside kept popping up in her answers. When we talked about animals and being outside, she got animated and excited and emotional…that’s the KEY…she was emotional, she felt something…you have to be emotional about your purpose!

Here’s the funny part about this client of mine, she didn’t have any pets AND she worked in an office on a computer without any windows, very little interaction and certainly NO exposure to animals.

No wonder she felt like she was off purpose…she was!

She and I went through a whole process to find her purpose and I am happy to say she has found her purpose and is living a fulfilling life. It took time, time that you and I will take too…

The first step to how to find your purpose is to discover the answers to the questions I have put in this post…

Leave me a comment with any common things that keep popping out at you…that way I can help…it is important to see what you do love AND what you absolutely don’t love…write it all down, share it with me here and I’ll make sure I reply to your comments.

Once you do this exercise, we can move on to the next step of discovery for what you can do with that purpose.

Remember, to find your purpose is the key to a fulfilling life, take these steps now, answer the questions, let me know what you find by leaving it here in a comment and we will take this journey together!

Go big!

56 Responses to “How to find your purpose – The Key to a fulfilling Life”

  1. Joy says:

    Great blog. Love the information. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing.

    • LOA says:

      Hi Joy!

      Thanks for the positive feedback! Let me know along the way how I can help you with your journey…

      Go Big!

  2. Lallie says:

    Hi kristen
    Great ideas. Thanks for helping identify our purpose .

  3. rosie says:

    Writing, teaching and creating are common themes in what I love. The things I least like are book keeping and detailed instructions. It is difficult for me to prioritise.

  4. rosie says:

    My common themes are Writing, Teaching and Creating.It is a challenge to prioritise but sometimes having all three is hard.

  5. Will says:

    Writing my novels, coaching/leading a team of close knit individuals to achieve a goal & being active are the things that seem to drive me. Tell me something is impossible, I’ll do it just to prove it can be done. The purpose is inside of me, just gotta dig to find it!

  6. Bill says:

    The kid part never helped me much, but I think the other tips are good.

  7. maria says:

    I love horses, doing horse art, healing animals. I hate math. I prefer to be by myself or with animals. I feel I channel healing and artwork. Sometimes I can hear what the animals are saying. I am working on improving that skill.

  8. Justin says:

    Hi Kristen,
    My passions are basketball, martial arts, drawing and affiliate marketing. Kindly tell me what I can make of them?
    Affiliate Marketing is the next closest thing I can find in a dream job. Hate blogs, ppc, seo, article marketing though. Don’t have the necessary knowledge and time for them 🙂 .

    Kind regards.

  9. Leila says:

    This was a very interesting exercise for me Kristen. I discovered that I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin when instructing and I am a teacher! I do feel comfortable when listening. Other things that cropped up for me were I love being outdoors especially in nature and I love movement. I have known these things but I have never thought that the reason I try to be at work as little as possible is because it’s not my purpose! Thanks a lot for this.

  10. varsha says:

    Very inspiring – thank you Kristen.

    My purpose is to empower others (thur teaching, training, etc) mostly children and too some extent adults, family members, relatives utimtely who ever I come in touch with!

  11. jawed says:

    My purpose of life to help people,love all kind of living thingies(human & animal),I have being practice since long but unable to get it from my soul mate,wife.I am really surprised my self.I have being married from Feb,1979 up today,four adults children,All university graduates.
    I guess some thing wrong with me.

  12. Ron Young says:

    Interesting, kid joys were reading, self work of mowing grass for money, working on houses for extra cash, working with my hands building stuff. today still read, was self employed for 27 years-now in the corporate world. and i work on buildings. crowds was what i feared-shy, today the same even when i’m selling for the company or teaching with lunch and learns. good questions…

  13. shasha says:

    I dont like housework, meeting people and receive what I think bad orders from my boss.
    I like reading, computer, watching tv & listen to the radio & travel. I like to do my own internet business.

  14. Michael Koh says:

    Dear Kristen,
    Thanks for the wonderful post. I discover that I love talking to people about topics that relate to success such as tips to be successful financially…law of attraction and so on. I also love to advise people who seek my help. I always dream of becoming a life coach or a trainer or speaker. Please advise me as to how I can fulfill my dreams. Thanks.

  15. Rebecca says:

    My themes include writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching. You’re right, you can can have more than one purpose. My stumbling block is earning a living from my life purpose. I’ve been taking action since 2008 and have not grown my income. What if your purpose is not meant to earn you money? Sigh…

  16. Ivan says:

    The common things are:work with my computer,listen to music,watching movies,being at home.The least favorite are:working for others,work with pressure,going from place to place all day.This is a good post,Thank you.

  17. bimal says:

    I always have the intention to do something good for the society in a small or big way.

    I hate criticism from other people.

  18. bart van hoeck says:

    Hi Kristen,

    My passion is living in Russia my purpose is to be with her and making her come over to my country,and now i’ve received message that everything is outside of her price range.
    So now to get 761 euros in a short period of time would be awesome because she makes live worth living and worth going to the moment.
    if i can within the period of 7 days can get to 761 euros i can go after my passion and purpose to find my fullfillment which still lives in Russia for the moment.


  19. Samantha says:

    Hi Kristen

    Thank you for such a fantastic blog!
    My themes are:
    Spiritual Development, psychic development, metaphysical, Egypt, developing relationships, helping people, learning and teaching, self development and enlightenment.

    Basically achieving all of the above and helping others achieve it.

    Thank you for helping make this more clear to me.
    Abundant blessings to you!

  20. barb says:

    The things I liked best when I was a kid were all outside as well. Somehow, I met someone who controlled everything I did to when and how. I make candles and he even had me making them his way. I have completely lost me, the way I would do things. I figured he knew better since he could make a million a year. He is gone now, very recent, 2 weeks, so I am just trying to focus on how I would do things, not the way he had me do everything. I let myself get into that position because of money. He had lots of it, made me feel wonderful at first, but then if I didn’t do things his way, he would take things away, a terrible way to live. I was terrified. I am trying to focus on myself and what is good for me since I let him do all the decision making. The 1st week by myself, I just went through days with no focus except getting into a new place by myself, alone. I’m starting to relax a little bit, although I don’t feel myself yet, no emotions. Kind of stunned how this all turned out. One bit of advice, don’t let anyone control your life. I had to bury my feelings deep inside and now I have to find them. I did not stay true to MYSELF. That’s what I have to find. What really makes me me again, happy.

  21. Linda says:

    I\’m feeling more frustrated by the day. The things I love to do like gardening I can\’t due to physical challenges. I\’d be happy to shovel snow if I could. I\’ve studied internet marketing for the last few years and finally have a really good product almost ready for market but I don\’t have the skills to get it online and I\’m out of money so can\’t outsource it. I don\’t even want to see the computer anymore. It\’s like a big blank. All those point and click sites are scams. There is no such thing as point and click to get a website or squeeze page up. I\’d like to get a job even for a few weeks to bring some cash in so I can hire someone to do my website but there\’s nothing I\’m qualified for. I don\’t know how to get unstuck. What do you suggest?

  22. rosie says:

    Hi Karen..sorry for the silence..I have been working on self development…………I am still feeling frustrated and probably realise I am getting in my own way!!!

  23. Jan Crowder says:

    HI Kristen,
    I found that the 3 most common things I enjoy, is doing things with friends and family and making money and learning new things. I am a new health insurance agent and I really love what I do, but so far I am not selling much. I need to find a way to bring more business to myself. I have lots of leads, but something is preventing me from making the sale. I believe in law of attraction absolutely, that is why I have this job now, but I seem to be stuck, because the sales are not happening. I can see the sales and feel the excitement from them, but something is definitely missing. I hope something I have said here will give you some insight to what my answer is to this delay. Thank you Kristen, I love your website and your advise. Thank God I found you to help me in my quest for a better life. I look forward to your comments. Have a wonderful day!! Jan Crowder

  24. Rosemary says:

    When I was a kid, I loved to dance and perform (was pretty good at it, too), read and solve math problems. I hated doing the dishes, housework in general, going to bed, doing boring things. Today, I love to solve problems (am pretty good at that, too), help people with those problems and make money. I hate doing routine things, the basic “scut work.” What I am doing with that is in my own business as a real estate agent. What I need to do is find someone or some people who can complement me in those things I don’t like to do.

    By the way, how do I get my photo on my profile? That’s really neat.


  25. joe says:

    Intersting,… it seems I have no purpose! lol

  26. Mark says:

    As a child I really enjoyed the outdoors and collecting bugs,worms,lizards and insects. I really did not hate anything. Today I have been expending so much energy trying to help others and getting my businesses off the ground. I guess that is why the businesses I am trying to start revolve around gardening and being green. I am terrible when it comes to doing my finances and orginization. I have trouble focusing and grounded. I really want to be successful and live the rest of my life knowing that I was accomplished my goals. I am rich with life experiences and want to help others accomplish theirs.
    Thank you for being a friend.

  27. Diana says:


    1)Being with people I love.


    1)Being yelled at.
    2)Cleaning house.
    3)Feeling compelled to stick with a schedule/routine. (Bleah!)

  28. Alina says:

    Hi Kristen;

    I find, that I love to help people in many ways, specially when they are hurting. I want to heal them if they are sick or terminally ill. I enjoy reading and learning about alternative medicine. and Homeopathic remedies.

  29. Robert says:

    I can write a book on what I love to do. I am a mold maker (plastic injection), a tool maker design and build special machines. I am ADD. I can not read a paragraph and tell you what it says. I am wired wrong. I am left handed and right brain. My brain is wired to my finger tips. I built a live organ transporter to move a live kidney for transplant. It worked, but the guy that I built it for Spent his investor money to live on. I had the most vital parts in my head. So that is as far as the project went. It is not out there yet. I just found another project. Every Drug Store in world could use 2 or 3 of them. The thought of it gets me in a huge sweat!!! I could go on and on!!!

  30. Nancy says:

    Hi Kristen, I found that my answers are very general — I like and am good at organizing people and events, but still feel shy about being in the front line. I am 62 and still working in my own business (for 23 years now) — and still struggling to make enough money to retire !! I miss living close to our kids and long for the day when we can share our days with them .

  31. Juanita says:

    Hi Kristen,I’m in the same rut as Linda. I used to love people and still love animals ,(although I’m a little upset with my cat right now,she just jumped up here on my desk and I had to restart my computer and this letter that was only a sentence away from being ready to send).Any way, due to poor judgment on my part, I’ve become happy to be alone with my kitty.People have mistaken my kindness for stupidity and used and abused me for so long that I just don’t want to be around them any more.I too have struggled with learning the internet marketing schemes, and been ripped off by those promising to teach me everything I need to know.HA!And what really ruffles my feathers is “it’s free” then you click and all you get is their hyped up junk and an “add to cart” option adding to that their new thing now is all this opt in stuff as a way for them to get paid just for my signing up.Sorry I’m long winded ,love to write,and give my opinion.(Unfortunately people don’t pay for opinions like mine)!
    I’ve worked hard all my life and was always there to lend a helping hand to who ever needed it, but now that it’s my turn there’s nobody here for me.The jobs I help have destroyed my body with arthritis, and and I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 3 years ago, and 7 months ago had to finally give up working.I still love to read and write. I would love to get started with Internet marketing and am close but still lack some of the skills to the computer tasks,like uploading and especially ftp has been a challenge. I have several blogs ready to post except I can’t figure out how to fill in the blanks on the side like the archives and such,I understand what they’re for just don’t know how to go about setting up all the links to the other pages ,but I’m getting there. The problem is I’m running out of time. My insurance will run out soon and S. S. takes their sweet time, so I’m afraid me and my cats could be homeless very soon. The stress of all this slows me down and gets in the way of my thinking positive,but God knows I’m trying.I’m on this computer at least 16 hours a day,everyday! Unless I have Dr. appointments and therapy.I’ve wasted time and money on gurus to the point like Linda, I still get on here but I haven’t been opening all my mail.Especially when I know they’re going to want money.So I do apologize for the delay in getting this back to you.In a nutshell,my passion is to sell people what they need and or want and keep me and my babies warm dry and fed!

  32. clement says:

    my answers are I am good at making gadgets,I enjoy doing electronic repairs and I love reading.The only thing is that I have not set up my own business yet.My regular work is taking up too much of my time. I live in Kabwe, Zambia.

  33. Adam says:

    Hey Kristen,
    thanks again for the awesome stuff you are doing!
    I got exercise and teaching as my two common answers.
    Adam 🙂

  34. sthembiso says:

    hi kristen,
    the common things in my answers are the love of arts but to be more specific is film and music as well as sports ( football).
    but would really like to thank you for your help , i have been in a very confused and fragile state befor your mail and would like to say just a bit of information you shared with me has just shown me the possibility of a happier and wealthy life that lies ahead of me

    thank you very much .

  35. PANSY PIERCE says:

    t\This exercise allowed to see that I just don’t
    have enough people to equip and I need a different target base.

  36. Jeff says:

    Hi Kristen,
    The common things that keep appearing include: talking/watching with others about sports(football mainly), researching things, outdoor activities like riding motorcycles, atv, etc. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  37. loulu says:

    hi kristen,
    thanks a lot for your time. my two common answers are plant and cook.
    warm regards,

  38. Alisha says:

    As a child I didn’t like sport games, competitive and also intellectual games like chess. As a little girl one of my favourite things was colouring books (I was very precise).
    I love photography (particularly portraits and close ups), reading, watching people (I can spend hours in a coffee house just observing individuals). I don’t like clubbing, though I love dancing. I like to know but don’t like to learn. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things; it can be nature, buildings, sculptures, people, etc. I dislike phones. Strange as it sounds I don’t like making either answering phone calls (avoid even calling my friends). I like helping people but don’t like serving them. I don’t like criticism and dealing with complaints (I take everything very personally.)I love to have everything in order. Hate mess and clutter.

    Thank you and lots of love.

  39. Ashley says:

    Display and designing are a constant theme as is sharing information with friends, and shopping for design items, and walking on the beach. I own an Art & Antiques store and live on a tropical island. Not having enough money to pay employees is a real negative

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  41. eric says:

    well this is what I wrote down. common likes are martial arts, traveling (put all this together: ski and hike the world),stock options and building muscle cars…
    dislikes are sitting around, work with no ability to be creative or socialize.
    most comfortable in my skin when being creative and back country skiing. skiing and martial arts puts me 100% in the moment. if not it could be a disaster. combination of skill, endurance and faith.. i miss it so much..
    ok let me know what you think.. haha

  42. Tash says:

    Yoga, connecting with others, laughter, play
    – now I feel I am on purpose as I’m teaching yoga & loving it.
    However, I have some resistence to it being fulltime as I don’t want it to be about the money. At the moment I’m doing it because I love it &I have casual jobs to help pay the bills. I’m getting to a point though where it could become a fulltime thing if I want it to…
    Would appreciate your take on it. Thanks

  43. Ginny says:

    Hi Kristen
    I love music, not all types, but the majority from the 60s-80s are great. My dislikes are housework, loud music, public speaking. I enjoy working on the computer (not too literate tho’-still learning about it). At the moment I’m not working & desperately searching for a home based business(opportunity)online. Whatever my PURPOSE is, I know with your help, we’ll find it soon. If you have something you can recommend, please do so.
    I enjoyed reading your post and I thank you very much. I appreciate your help gratefully.


  44. Vincent says:

    Being lost in imaginary worlds, avoidance and escapism,were common themes.

    I have no idea,except, perhaps working by myself, without the hassle of business relationships.

    Trouble is I get an idea, it sounds good then I run out of steam. Either that or waste money on ways to make money. Castles in the air either way!

    I can write but forget it as a living. I love academic study, but can’t fund it. I am interested in mental health and have faulteringably stated doing voluntary work there. I am not confident!

  45. balaji says:

    I feel better involved in discussion in subjects like management,spiritual subjects.often i come out with more innovatory ideas .I have a intuitive
    mind which has helped me in healing.I have not ventured to teaching, but somewhere in the corner my mind i may enjoy.
    Pl help.

  46. Eleana says:

    Hi Kristen,
    The words keep popping out in both favourite and least favourite are write, story, plants.

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  48. WilliamE says:

    Hi Kristen.
    My likes and dislikes haven’t changed,
    My likes when i was a kid was music,acting,martial arts,and traveling allways thought my purpose,was too be a entertainer,
    And my dislikes was school,and working.
    Now i’m not a kid and what do i do but work,
    at a dead end job,that i don’t like.
    I know that i’m the one that’s holding me back
    But i don’t know how to change my way of thinking.I have no confidents in my self.
    I’ve tryed all kinds of self help,
    but nothing works,
    it never changes.


  49. Regina says:

    I love being on my own, doing crafts or going for walks or drives with my husband. I like being outside on the beach or in the mountains. I hate running my own business and dealing with other people and their complaints.

  50. Fatima says:

    I just find this so difficult to answer. for years and years I been struggling to find my purpose and struggling really struggling just to make a living.
    I really wish you could help me.

  51. Ginny says:

    Hi Kristen
    As a kid I loved being outside, on the farm riding horses etc: I also loved music, still love music now, playing musical instruments, 62 years young now. I never became an entertainer or a instrumentalist, but I still love singing & playing guitar whenever we have get to-gethers. When I worked a job, I worked in the disabled industry, which was enjoyable & also somewhat rewarding.
    Lately I have been doing personal development courses online, also read as much as I can get my hands on ways to ‘Manifest abundance-money, health, wealth, etc. I’m not a great reader, (don’t love it) but it sure helps when I need it.

    Thank you.

  52. Susan says:

    I keep coming up with the same thing I like to be at home this is the only common denominator I can find

  53. Jim says:

    My answers tended more towards the creative arts, which really didn’t surprise me. I want to work professionally as a freelance digital illustrator. I enjoy helping people, being the hero, so to speak! That’s something in my current job that I like, and something I enjoy in illustration projects. I despise strict, rule-based environments that treat people as objects and/or morons, such as at my day job.

  54. Georgeta says:

    hi, Kristin,
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    When I was a child I loved to sing and to listen music. I remember I spent many hours every day doing this.I had in my bed a small radio and I just listened at it before falling asleep, but nobody new this. And I liked to tell to my friends everything I’ve seen and heard. My imagination started to run away often and I just told them many stories as true.And sometimes I liked to play around these stories.The third thing I remember is I liked to be a teacher. I had ‘pupils’ at home and I ‘trained’ them, and when ‘they’ didn’t listen to me I used to beat ‘them'(the walls).I’ve made ‘friends’ in this way, they had names, and when I got sad, or was feeling bad, I told them everything and ‘they’ were the only to understand me. But I know why I needed these ‘friends’, I hadn’t any sister and brother, and I really needed.

  55. Alidu Olabanji Adeniran says:

    When I was young I loved raising pet chickens selling things for my mother. I worked in an oil marketing company for years. I produced and marketed lubricants and bottled cooking gas. I am building my own company now.

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