Time to Throw Away Your Baggage Claim Ticket

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Are you struggling to let go of your past? Do you define yourself by certain things that have happened in your life? Do you feel burdened by negative beliefs and you can’t seem to get out from under them?

If you are nodding your head “Yes” right now, it may be time for you to throw away your baggage claim ticket – don’t worry, you will get what I mean when you read the article I wrote for you this week.

Also, in the Quick Tip I have a Power Question Cycle that will quickly transform your negative stories into stories that support you and empower you.

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“Stories are just stories – they don’t define you.”

Kristen Howe

Time to Throw Away Your Baggage Claim Ticket

By Kristen Howe

Have you ever checked your bag at the airport and received that tiny precious slip of paper that is the only connection between you to your bag?

Of course you have and if you’ve ever had your bag get lost, you know just how valuable that paper is, because it is the key to getting your stuff back. But what if you don’t want your stuff back?

Huh? You might be wondering why you would bother traveling stuff if you wouldn’t want it back, and I understand if that’s your reaction, but stick with me here…

Imagine this, would you ever cling onto a bag claim check that is for a bag full of clothes that don’t fit you and that you don’t even like? What about a bag that was full of clothes that weren’t even yours?

Ridiculous right? If you realized that the claim check you had was for a bag full of clothes that didn’t fit you and you didn’t like, you would most likely not bother with the hassle of claiming your bag; in fact, you might even feel relief as you realized the airline had allowed you to unload a bunch of junk.

Yet, so many of us are carting around bags that are full of stuff that no longer fit us in size and style and functionality and we get really committed to that stuff, we form a tight fisted connection between us and our ‘stuff’.

Now stuff isn’t always tangible, in fact, what I’m referring to today is EVERYTHING else…

  • Our stories
  • Our resistance
  • Our history
  • Our habits

And the list goes on and on…

It’s easy to get caught up and trapped in all our ‘stuff’ and forget our power. It’s easy to keep carting that bag around with us and claiming it again and again. And when we get so attached we forget that we all have the power to instantly change, instantly let go, and instantly open up.

Now, stories don’t always start off as baggage, a story can start off as a funny happening to share, yet as we look closer at the stories we consistently repeat to ourselves, everyone else and the Universe, you may notice a pattern…

Perhaps your stories always end up with you:

  • Not getting your way
  • Not getting enough
  • Not getting what you want
  • Not getting what you need
  • Not getting what you asked for

And again, the list goes on and on…

Keep Reading for some power questions designed to help free you from your negative stories…

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Look at the stories you tell about yourself and ask these power questions:

‘What am I saying about myself when I tell this story?’

Really look at it and be honest with yourself here.

‘What is another story I could tell instead that supports my expansion?’

Perception and personal filters are always at work. Simply take a look at things with a fresh perspective and try a different filter, to see where things can go.

‘Do I feel negatively charged when I tell this story?’

When I say charged I mean, amped up, annoyed, that feeling of something getting ‘under your skin’.

Now that you know what you are putting out into the Universe, use this information for easy, simple change, with the 3 R’s.

1. Relax

Don’t beat yourself up; we’re all works of art in progress. The great news is that you are now conscious of these messages you are sending out into the world. Remember, the awareness starts the shift. So relax knowing that your new awareness has already begun your movement.

2. Relate

Relate to your new awareness and choose stories and intentions that support you. Look for proof around you (even if it is in someone else’s life) that what you desire exists – when you do this, you put yourself into vibrational harmony with it.

3. Release

Let go! Unclench that fist, tear up that baggage claim check and watch the pieces of it fly away and with that, say goodbye to your baggage. You are officially free.


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Sometimes we are holding onto baggage that isn’t even ours in the first place. Here’s what I want you to do, take a minute and write down 3 recurring stories that you know you tell about yourself, your life etc. and then ask this power question cycle…“Where did I get this story?”

And then…

“Does this story serve me or hurt me?”

And then…

“What is a new story I can tell right now that will support me?”

“Thank you for this wonderful and simple to comprehend insight!

I have read many articles on the art of letting go, but I found yours the best so far. I could totally relate to your way of explaining it.

Please keep writing more on the process of letting go, because the internet is flooded with articles about the art of manifestation, but not many people have explained the most important process of LETTING GO….

once again, thanks a lot!”

– Jesmine



30 Responses to “Time to Throw Away Your Baggage Claim Ticket”

  1. Ellen says:

    That was amazing. Thank you so much for making it so simple to realize. Keep up this topic for a few more columns, so some of us can get more help in those things that seem to be harder to let go of.

  2. Elle McMaster says:

    Today is my 56 birthday and along with Tim Ferris challenge to not complain, your newsletter dated on my birthday about not claiming my baggage is my present /gift to myself. Thank you!!!!

  3. Kay says:

    Great article very informative about being aware of the baggage that’s holding us back,and yes it needs to be discarded but with intention.

  4. Susan Q. says:

    I’ve read quite alot of articles about Law Of Attraction and Manifestation but Im particularly drawn to your teachings and sharing. You seem to have a way of connecting to my heart and I can follow the knowledge you are sharing as you relate them to simple everyday life situations.

    Im most grateful for your generosity and patience in sharing your wisdom to all your readers who want to learn more,to improve their lives in all possible aspects.

    More power and blessings 🙂

  5. Nador says:

    Ignore painful moments in your past!

    Relive wonderful moments instead?!
    Moments that make it all worthwhile.
    Look at the brightside! How lucky you’ve been.
    How nice and wonderful it was.

    And conclude on how wonderful it is going to be.

    Why dwell on painful stories?
    When you can as well dwell
    on stories that make you feel
    so good and happy!

    If you dwell on painful stories
    they will invite themselves back
    into your life because you would
    have opened wide your doors innocently

    To be happy stick with your
    happiest stories lol!

  6. Jacki says:

    This resonated with me as I am working on letting go of old baggage. Your explanation and method make it easier for me to see how this process goes! I have so many old and negative stories that I am going to immediately stop re-telling
    Thanks so much!!!

  7. Bharvi says:

    Thank you for the lovely insight that you have given in ur article. I am an artist and I know I have all the talent but my lack of self confidence creates a doubt and I feel I don’t do as much as my capacity underestimating myself how can I deal with it. I did understand what you have written but still any particular tip if u can give

    Thank you
    With gratitude

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Bharvi! Thanks for being here – here is what I suggest – make a 30 day commitment to yourself to take 1 step to push your comfort zone each day – and here’s how you do it…

      Every morning, start by centering yourself and getting into a positive state and then ask yourself this question…
      “What 1 thing, that makes me uncomfortable, can I do today in 15 minutes or less to move myself toward my vision of _________ ?” And then TAKE that action. Remember, it should push your comfort zone and be something you can do in 15 minutes or less.

      When you do this every day – you guarantee your expansion!

  8. Bharvi says:

    Thank you and heart felt gratitude to you
    My question is that how do I cope with lack of self confidence I am an artist painter

  9. Virginia says:

    These points are so true. I like the analogy of physical baggage getting left behind. Your specific examples are good starting points. I’m sharing this with someone I know in prison as she often passes on articles I send her to her ‘roommates’.

  10. jessel says:

    Thanks for this an inspiring information i am really bored in my life reading this simple tips gets me inspire a little so thank you and hope you continue reaching people like me.

  11. Gloria says:

    Thank you Kristen,
    Your topics are always relevant and honest and
    So helpful!!

  12. Hector Tito Alcantara Contreras says:

    Today you do it again sister (can i call you sister?). I was very sad because i couldent go forward. Then you write to me and you give me the answer that i was looking for. Three things you said. And the first i think in about it was childrens laught, second my laught and the third all the world laughthing. And i diside soon after that to ask my fader for help. I living in Sweden fore 35 years now, but im origin from Chile. Now im sure what i wanna do in the future and its to keep doing my fathers work. To help people in every way they need. He is a politician in Chile and sen i was a children i have seen my father help all kind of people. He haves never been corrupt or taked advantage of hes position. So hes friend said to hem that he was stupid. But he answered that you never make your welth of others misiry. Its natures low. Now im gonna ask hem to help me find a place to work there i can keep doing hes work. He is my hero! And i was very sad becouse im seek and cant work here in Sweden. And i remember that every time i was in my home country i didint feel seek. I dont know wy its so. But im gonna find the answer. You allways incourege me to go forward and im so thankfull to you (sister). You have been a light in my darkness and learn a lot from you abd my own experience. And finelly i think this; “A mind that is streched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. And before you came in to my life i was keeping doing go back and i krasched every time. Now i have learn how to go forward… With love your friend Hector Tito Alcantara Contreras…

  13. Zwelakhe says:

    Hi im sure everything is well.

    Im struggling with negative thoughts and im trying to manifest,and it seems like im
    stuck in a rut,how can i think positive about myself and others,and how can i
    manifest my desires?

    Thank you


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Zwelakhe! It is important that you shift your focus to anything that feels good and free – as long as you focus on stuck you will feel stuck. Also, remember, everything you need is within you and your job is to allow it to expand within you.

  14. Lina Masrina says:

    Hi Kristen, thank u so much for ur sharing. I looked forward to your mails weekly. They served me well. For this post, I thanked you for this reminder. Sometimes I got caught up in my own sappy life drama n ended up telling the old story over and over again. And sometimes, I attract the same type of people over n over again as well. So this post reminded me to be aware n be conscious of what “story” I’m constantly telling myself n others. Thank u for enlightening my life journey. Have an awesome blessed day, everyday!

  15. juan says:

    beautiful and informative article 🙂

    thank you so much for sharing

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