Issue 152 – They Keep Comin’

They Keep Comin’

By Karim Hajee

They keep coming.

You try to push them out of your head.
You try to get rid of them.
You don’t want to believe them.

But they’re so strong that they just spread.
And before you know it you’re feeling negative and doubt you’ll ever succeed.
Then you give up and say: “what’s the point?”

They’re negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

They destroy any chance for success.

They don’t help you and they just make you feel like there’s no hope.

These negative thoughts tell you that you can’t, that you don’t know how, that you’re not good enough, that you’ll never succeed at anything.

At first you don’t believe them.
But they spread like weeds and eventually you believe them.

Then life gets worse, a lot worse.

Sure you want more.
Yes you want a better life.
You may even think that you deserve it.

But then, just as you start to think maybe I can…

Those negative thoughts creep back in and force you to give up.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way.
You can turn things around.

Getting rid of negative thoughts is a top priority.
No matter what you do, what you try, what books you read you won’t create the success or changes you want until you get rid of those negative thoughts.

Now you won’t be able to get rid of all your negative thoughts.

So get rid of the negative thoughts that don’t allow you to succeed.

Any thought that says you can’t or don’t know how needs to be changed or eliminated.

At first this won’t be easy.

Your mind will fight back.
It will insist on keeping those negative thoughts.
Then they’ll get stronger.

That’s because these thoughts and beliefs are planted on your subconscious mind.

You can’t just reach in and pluck them out (like you do with weeds).

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Instead, you have to re-direct the subconscious.
Give it new information.
Give it new thoughts and beliefs to follow.

So take a gentle approach and every time you catch yourself having a negative thought change it.
Then give it some support, like why you can instead of why you can’t.

For example: if you want to make more money but you get a thought that says:
“I can’t make more money. I don’t know how.”
Replace those thoughts with something like:
“I do know how to make more money, and I can make more money.”

Now comes the tricky part.
Give yourself reasons why you can make more money or why you can achieve what you want.

At first you probably won’t come up with answers.
If that happens – think back to when you earned your first dollar. If you’ve ever earned a single dollar then you know how to make money.

If you want to meet the right person then think back to when you first met someone you were interested in or your first relationship.

This is how you give your subconscious mind new directions.
When you keep giving yourself reasons
You start to believe.

First you start to believe that maybe you can.
Then that belief gets stronger.
And when you believe without a doubt that you can that’s when real changes happen – quickly.

Track your thoughts.
Get rid of the negative thoughts.
Create new positive thoughts.
Give yourself reasons to succeed.
Believe in yourself.
Continue to direct your subconscious and your inner powers.
Give them new beliefs to follow today.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your life.

Whatever you think and believe you will see in your life.

Your subconscious and your inner powers follow your thoughts and beliefs as instructions.

They bring you exactly what you think and believe.

When you think and believe that it’s difficult to make money then you will always get into situations that make it difficult to make money.

If you think and believe that it’s hard to meet the right person then you will always have a hard time meeting the right person.

So get rid of the negative thoughts and beliefs.
Eliminate them.
Replace the negative thoughts and beliefs with positive thoughts and beliefs.
Tell your subconscious and your inner powers to bring you what you want so that you enjoy your life and achieve the success you want today.

You can achieve your goals.
You can live the life you want.
You can make more money.
You can meet the right person.
You can enjoy better health.
You can be free do what you want when you want.

You are a powerful person.
More powerful than you realize.
You can achieve anything you want when you direct your subconscious mind and your inner powers.
Start doing that today.
Tell your subconscious mind and your inner powers exactly what you want so that you get what you want.

“Wow! Thank you for giving your gift to me today as a gift. All in right timing. It is true sometimes we don’t have what we want because of our perspective about things in life. It’s not that we are not thinking about others, it how we feel when we think about others. It is not about the action we take it is about how we feel about the action we take and as you bring me back into focus, you have turned my attention from money and to the purpose for which we are all here for – to create the life we want and to serve others.
Thank you for a perspective forever changed.”
– Rhonda M.

Quick Tip

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is this…

“To live the life I want to live and to experience my life how I want to experience it, what do I need to believe?”

Truly this question will change your awareness and ultimately it will transform your experience!

14 Responses to “Issue 152 – They Keep Comin’”

  1. Isolde Kühn says:

    Liebe Kristen,
    vielen herzlichen Dank für die guten Tipps.
    Wie lerne ich schnell Englisch??
    Wie bekomme ich alle Videos übersetzt in Deutsch??Ich möchte alles studieren und ich brauche einen professionellen Coach in allen bereichen.Die Zeit ist jetzt,wo ich mein Leben und meine Firma vorwärts in einen beschleunigten Tempo bewegen möchte.Ich möchte alles von Dir und die Lehren von Bob Proctor studieren.Ich brauche auch alle Videos von Bob Proctor in Deutsch.
    Wie bekomme ich Hilfe und Sponsoren für meine Projekte???Mein Wellness-und Seminarhotel”WERDE GLÜCKLICH UND ERFOLGREICH”.

    Wie kann ich mit dem Internet Geld verdienen?
    Danke für alles,ich fühle mich sehr geehrt Dich zu kennen.
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Tag mit viel Sonne.

    Liebe Grüsse aus Sachsen

  2. Conrad Moore says:

    Hi there,

    Great post, I do this all the time but I must be doing something wrong, because ok yes from time to time my life will change for the better. But the majority of the time, it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse, until all of a sudden it starts to improve and then it will get slightly better than before it was when it started getting worse (if that makes sense). When I think of how my life is and close my eyes my thoughts feel like I am reading a stock market chart, (-: up and down, up and down all the time. I put it down to I don’t really believe what I am attempting in my life will work like at the moment I hate my job and so I am trying to create an online Internet Marketing/Publishing Company, but when it comes to creating sales copy, I keep getting thoughts telling me and actually laughing at me saying, are you kidding, what chance have you got of creating successful selling sales copy, forget it buddy. And then there is the being 100% broke, so that plays on my mind, saying to myself Conrad you are stone broke give up trying. I am finding it near impossible to turn these negatives around, it is like trying to climb slippery slope.

    • Kristen says:

      Hey Conrad!

      You are just bumping up on your comfort zone – it seems you have a set point that every time you bump up against it with positive shifts, you get too uncomfortable and so you shift your focus back to what will pull you back down. This is how we work – we are like automatic thermostats set to a specific temperature. So your focus now is simply to raise your set point – and raise it in small increments (trust me, small increments create massive and fast momentum). If you have my Prosperity Pyramid Program, the True Prosperity Declaration goes deep to help you reset your set point. Look at what your beliefs are (they really show up in the message you posted here, so use that to help you) and then ask yourself, to get to the next level in my life AND continue to grow from there so I am experiencing every increasing money, success, happiness (and whatever resonates with you) – what do I need to believe? This should help you start shifting!

      I appreciate you!

      I appreciate you!

  3. MN says:

    Interesting idea. Going to have to try this to get over my ex. She left me after 4 years and I’ve not been able to get over thoughts of her. Not exactly a negative thought, but the outcome is negative, as it holds me back and depresses me.

  4. Steven says:

    “The Universe is full of information, lost in the roar of our own opinion”

  5. francisco says:

    Thank you, very encouraging,.

  6. pushpa chaurasia says:

    How to get more success full life and more money & awesome. life.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Pushpa!

      I highly encourage you to use the resource of the free articles on this site AND remember – the true source of all success and happiness is within you waiting to expand and express as you. 🙂

  7. Fareed says:

    Really impressed with this question:

    “To live the life I want to live and to experience my life how I want to experience it, what do I need to believe?”

    It really made me think and I came up with an answer that surprised me. Thanks!

  8. Mark R. says:

    I enjoyed and understood what issue #152 discussed but what really hit home for me was Rhonda M’s response on the feeling of an action, and the feeling when thinking of others. Thank you Rhonda!

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