Issue 154 – Learn to Visualize

Learn to Visualize

By Carl Harvey

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“I’ve read quite alot of articles about Law Of Attraction and Manifestation but I’m particularly drawn to your teachings and sharing. You seem to have a way of connecting to my heart and I can follow the knowledge you are sharing as you relate them to simple everyday life situations.
I’m most grateful for your generosity and patience in sharing your wisdom to all your readers who want to learn more, to improve their lives in all possible aspects.
More power and blessings :)” – Susan Q.

Quick Tip

When people talk about visualizing, most folks think you have to be able to see everything in vibrant color and detail and that just isn’t the case at all…

Take a second right now and recall a moment in the last month when you had a great time with something – maybe it is just a moment, maybe it was a whole day. The length of time doesn’t matter, what does matter is the feeling tones of the time. So, (and this is best if you can do it out loud) as if you are talking with a good friend, tell the story about this good feeling time – describe it in whatever way makes it come alive for you again – AND make sure you include how you were feeling – in fact, if you do this exercise and ONLY describe how you were feeling, you will still get great benefit.

Now, once you are done, I guarantee you will be tapped into those good feeling tones again – and THAT is what visualizing is really about. We aren’t actually questing after things (even though it feels that way sometimes) and we aren’t actually attached to HOW things unfold (even though it feels that way sometimes) we ARE simply seeking to FEEL certain things and when you go to the feelings first and consistently, the details take care of themselves

12 Responses to “Issue 154 – Learn to Visualize”

  1. Micah Smith says:

    Sometimes I visualize better than others, I would like to know, how you can do it better all the time. If u can answer that, please tell me. I just do not know, how you can do it every time. Thanks

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Micah!

      As I said to Michael in an earlier comment, The key with visualization lies in the FEELING it generates. Feeling as if you are in the vision – how does it feel – get into that and you activate the vision itself!

  2. jayarani says:

    Thanks .this has helped me a lot.Looking forward to receiving more tips.thank u

  3. Michael says:

    Dear Kristen,
    Appreciating your comments that one’s visualization need not be detailed; however even prior to hearing about the Secret and hearing from many of your peers since, I have consciously and sub-consciously been visualizing for several years, having a fruitful imagination. In my visualizing I can see everything in extremely careful detail – colours, smells, etc.
    Following all the “gurus” in the LOA, nothing ever really happens to fulfil my aspirations and this is of concern since I am 72 (in September) and can certainly do with better income.
    I’m at a loss to seem to achieve any results.
    Best wishes

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Michael!

      The key with visualization lies in the FEELING it generates. Feeling as if you are in the vision – how does it feel – get into that and you activate the vision itself!

  4. Jackie says:

    Hi, just last week I had several days where I felt a big bubble of happiness that stayed with me for about 4 days. I just felt on top of the world and no matter what happened I just felt happiness. It seems to be happening to me quite frequently lately and I use to question why?. I don’t question anymore I just let the feeling come over me and enjoy it.

  5. Kassandra says:

    I think it great how we as ppl can remember goood feels also dreams a renew the feeling. I luv it ! 😉

  6. Hyacinth Spencer says:

    Hi Kristen
    I agree its really the feelings that goes with it.

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