Issue 155 – Mis-Creating with Follow Through

Mis-Creating with Follow Through

By Kristen Howe


Are you mis-creating by following through?

What? Have I gone crazy? Aren’t I always telling you that you must take action? Isn’t it me that says “with Universal Laws, your dream life might show up and ring the doorbell and yet you STILL have to answer the door?”

Yes, action is a part of life and it is an essential part of manifesting and expanding into the full experience you came here to live.


You absolutely must be sure you are following through on things that will actually put you in alignment with who you REALLY are and who you are REALLY meant to be – AND you must simultaneously stop following through on things that take you out of alignment with the true power within you.

Or what?

Or you will mis-create!

So, this is CRUCIAL – because the experiencing you are creating for yourself hinges on this.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging to try to figure this out on your own. In fact, something happened to me – or actually near me – the other night that I’m going to share with you and it perfectly illustrates this whole mis-creating with mis-aligned follow through thing…

Keep Reading to find out what happened…

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Here’s what happened…

I was in Malibu at this great restaurant that literally overhangs the ocean – the view is beautiful and every single table has a view which is brilliant.

Okay, so I get seated by my very friendly waiter and a few seconds after I’m settled I see the same waiter walking a couple to their table. And you know when a couple has just had a differing of opinion and you can feel it – well, that’s what was going on with these two. There was a cold and distant energy coming off of them.

I didn’t pay anymore attention to them until they walked by my table again a few minutes later, following the waiter to a different table. And then a few minutes after that they got up and went to a third table. And let me be clear, I am all for making sure an experience is what you want it to be, and if that means politely requesting a different table or hotel room that’s great. So there is no judgment on the fact that they were looking for the right table. What was clear however was that they weren’t happy. For whatever reason, this evening that they planned was not panning out how they had meant for it to and you could feel the dissatisfaction on them and between them, and to be honest, when they walked past me that third time, I thought for sure they were going to quietly leave.

Anyway, I went back to my dinner, had a lovely time, great conversation and an amazing view and toward the middle of my experience, suddenly there they were again – and this time they were leaving with a bag of food. They had stayed, ordered, eaten quickly and then wrapped all the food up in a doggie bag and they looked even more unhappy than before.

And that’s when it hit me – they followed through on the experience they had planned – they committed to it – but not in energy – it’s not like they looked at each other and said, “Okay, this started off weird, but let’s get into it now and change our state so we can actually enjoy this.” Nope, they followed through on something that was so clearly not a fit for their energetic state that everyone in the restaurant knew it.

And that’s where the mis-creation comes in – that whole evening became an experience of mis-creating and of furthering the negative state they were in.

And here’s the point…

Sometimes we aren’t in energetic alignment with the experience we want to have and that’s okay, what I want to draw your attention to is the 2 options you have at that moment that will insure that you don’t miscreate from that energetic state:

Option 1: Shift your energetic state

This is a fantastic option and so many of the tools I give you in my programs are designed to help you be able to shift your energetic state quickly and powerfully. So, this is ideal however, sometimes it is a struggle and sometimes (remember, we are human) our energy is low and sometimes we need to shift our focus and attention to something else in order to shift our energetic state. And that’s okay, please don’t judge yourself – simply choose option 2…

Option 2: Shift your participation

If trying to shift your energetic state is just making your energy go lower then shift your participation. Choose to follow through on SOMETHING ELSE for now – until you are in a higher vibrational state and then re-engage.

In the example of our couple at the restaurant – if they had simply looked at each other and said, “well this isn’t the experience we were looking to have” they would have been free of the burden of following through on it even though it felt terrible. And by the way – sometimes claiming it and saying “Oh, this isn’t the experience I was hoping to have” will free you and raise your vibration instantly – simply by claiming it you move into a different state and from there you are able to have the experience you desired or perhaps even a better one.

There is so much to this – and I could literally do an entire VIP call on this subject as there are many nuances to it – however, the gist of it is this – when you aren’t in energetic alignment with something that you desire, do not move it forward until you ARE in alignment. This isn’t an excuse to procrastinate, it isn’t an excuse to not participate in your dreams because your energy just wasn’t right – this is simply a call to be ready and willing to engage in creation when you are in energetic alignment with what you desire to create.

So, are you ready and willing? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Quick Tip

When you feel out of alignment with the experience you desire to have, the first step is to acknowledge it WITHOUT judgment. So, when you feel OFF – claim it – and then ask yourself this power question…

“Do I want to shift my energy to be in alignment with this right now, or do I want to shift my participation with this right now?”

And whatever answer comes to you, ask yourself, “Why?”

And then, “Okay, now that I know why I want to shift my (energy or participation) – is this still the choice I want to make?”

And once you really drill down to which choice feels right, then ask yourself, “What adjustment of focus and awareness can I make right now to facilitate this positive shift?”

26 Responses to “Issue 155 – Mis-Creating with Follow Through”

  1. June says:


    I wonder if this works with things like finding work in a pinch. I’m in kind of an emergency and called down a job that would have helped, but then lost it. I know manifestation doesn’t mean always getting what we want (or does it?), but I can’t help thinking if I weren’t in a panic (a kind of misalignment, no?), then perhaps the job would have come through? That happens a lot with me, by the way.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi June!

      We are always manifesting what we are in vibrational (energetic) alignment with. So the best thing you can do when feeling fear is to shift your energy and you can do that quickly by shifting your focus to something that you feel great about. The Universe doesn’t respond to your energy about anything in particular – it just responds to your energy – so when you put your focus on constantly raising your energy THAT is when you will experience positive manifestations in your physical (external) world.

  2. Prenudz Sims says:

    Thank you for this reading I truly appreciate it. This has answered some questions I have recently been pondering. I will put this teeing into effect in order to master it and improve the quality of my life choices.thank you again. Sincerely prenudz sims

  3. Jim says:

    Brilliant…this is probably one of the most important steps to take to refocus thoughts and to raise frequency. Leave the thoughts about your goal if you’re not “feeling it” for a while, put some music on and dance, and get back into it again. repeat if necessary! 🙂

    Why stay at low vibrations and manifest something that’s away from your goal?

    Awesome Kristen!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Great article. Thank you very much. This will help me.

  5. Domenique says:

    Wise words! Thank you teacher! I am grateful. This completely resonates! Now I can be mindful during situations where I am off and requiring mindful shifting of energy or doing something else, especially when engaged in a desirable pursuit. Blessings to you!

  6. Victor says:

    Hi Kristen,
    The story you narrated is real. The cold war situation happens to couples most of the time.
    Your quick tip is like a soothing balm which I have shared with a couple soon after I read it.
    They appreciate it and are grateful. Thank you very much.

  7. Shadi says:

    Thanks a lot Kristen , with your great support I will be on the right track .

  8. Lolin says:

    Excellent. I don’t have a problem when doing only when thinking….. Sometimes I get the negative thoughts of What if this doesn’t work? What if the worst thing that could happen? I want to stop that kind of thinking…. Thanks

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Lolin!

      Remember, your mind (thinking) is here to serve you and not the other way around. It is up to you to choose your intention and then give your mind clear instructions so it has a job. When your mind comes in to give you feedback that is out of the realm of the job you gave it, simply remind it of the job at hand.

  9. Janet says:

    Thank you Kristen,
    I enjoyed the wisdom you share on being in energetic alignment with what one desires to create and .. how does one go about it.. is in either shifting one’s energetic state or then shifting one’s participation. I loved your thought process; the way you have expressed it, is very valuable.
    God Bless you for this sharing.
    Janet S.Anthony

  10. kerima says:

    Very nice. So inspiring! i love it. Thank you Kristen ! ????????????

  11. kerima says:

    I love your articles kristen. It inspires me a lot. Thank you!

  12. Lena Larsson says:

    Hi Kristen
    . Grat advice! I haven´t changed my dreams out of fear. i just want to work without stress and in myown pace. Slow, but steady moving forward, by taking away unnecessary distractions. I have sometimes great difficulty in concentrating and foccus on account of my ADD..
    Have a great Day!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Not only yes, but wow yes! I think you are a genius Kristen.
    I asked myself the question “Do I want to shift my energy to be in alignment, or do I want to shift my participation?” and I got “just wait a while”
    I then asked myself “Why?. Why wait?”
    And I got “because I am scared of failing!!”
    The lack of knowledge, the material sourcing, the reaction of my family, the uncertainty of my market,…..all rubbish, all excuses. I was, and I am, scared of failing.
    That is so much easier to work with.

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