Issue 156 – Remember to LIVE

Remember to LIVE

By Kristen Howe

On September 11, 2001 – the world changed. I was there in NYC and watched the twin towers fall from my window. And when word of the attacks on the Pentagon and flight 93 came through I wondered if this was it. Like so many, I became obsessed with the news and because of how far downtown I lived, I had to show my ID to the national guard that was stationed at 14th street just so I could get home. At first everything was a reminder of tragedy – Union Square was papered with pictures of people who were missing, there were lines of people waiting to donate blood, and people were walking around with surgical masks on because the air was so bad from the smoke. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement.

With all of that it was easy to feel defeated and literally under attack – you could feel everyone had turned up their “survival instinct” and it was scary.

And this went on for weeks and weeks and it got harder and harder to be there within it all without feeling like you were getting pulled under by heaviness.

And then something happened…

It was like a massive internal shift – not just within me, but within the people of New York – and the only way I can think to describe it is to say that suddenly instead of being in fear of everything that had happened and might happen, instead we remembered to live.

It’s like one day we all woke up and the collective consciousness had shifted. We were still affected by all the lives lost and the change the world had just experienced – yet suddenly we needed to live. And it was time to live to honor those who had been lost, it was time to live to show that we would prevail, it was time to live because just breathing isn’t enough – just getting through life isn’t enough – living is an act, living is a choice and we needed to make that choice or we wouldn’t survive.

And so little by little, we remembered to live.

On the year anniversary of 9/11 I got a tattoo to remind me of the day the world changed and to remind me to LIVE and since then my personal world is completely transformed.

So here we are – 13 years later on the anniversary of 9/11 and I feel compelled to remind you to live. Every day take the action of living – choose life – and your life will transform in ways you never imagined possible.

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3 Ways to Choose Life Every Day

1. Use a “Reminder to Live” Totem: As I mentioned I have my tattoo to remind me – yours doesn’t need to be something on your physical body – just choose something that you will see (and REALLY see) every day and claim it as your “Reminder to Live” Totem.

2. Use this Life Power Question: Whenever you choose to take action on something, use this power question, “Am I making this choice to live or to merely survive?” When you make a choice that is based on mere survival, you constrict the energy around you, whereas every time you choose to LIVE over survive – you activate the great power of the Universe in your favor.

3. Remember, YOU are the Nucleus of your Life: Remember this, you are the nucleus of your life, everything showing up in your life comes from your consciousness – if you remove yourself that consciousness collapses. YOU are important – YOU are needed – YOU are the nucleus of so much greatness. Remember this always!

Are you ready to choose to live? Leave me a comment and let me know you are a “YES” for choosing to live AND let me know what you can start choosing differently right now to make that so.


“Hi Kristen – I loved your Unlock the Power of Now audio – you are a brilliant teacher and your succinct message unlocked many blocks. Over the weekend I have kept in the present and pulling myself back to ‘Now’ and have been amazed at how much happier I feel, and the huge jump in my energy. Many thanks.” – Jaqui S.

Quick Tip

I’m going to give you a quick “Tough Love Shove” today because every moment that you live without choosing LIFE over merely existing robs you of the great experience you are here to have. And please remember, the experience of life – the great and magnificent journey you are on will include ups and downs and joy and sadness and love and loss. And it is magnificent with all of that – it is magical because of the depth of creation available to us and within us at all times. So, I ask you this, “Are you living to win or are you living not to lose?”

Choose to live to win and every moment – the highs and the lows, the joy and the sadness the love and the loss will all contribute to the magnificent life that is you. Choose it now – even if you are scared, even if you feel like you have so much to lose – choose to live now – you can make this choice no matter what seems to be real around you because the choice is within you!

27 Responses to “Issue 156 – Remember to LIVE”

  1. Devendra Hatkar says:

    Big Yess!!!

  2. Edward Mukupa says:

    I live to win

  3. zenith says:

    hey thanks for your advice its nice and help me a lot

  4. Daphine Green says:

    I have chosen to LIVE TO WIN starting today!!!
    My life has so many negative things happening to me and my family. We have been down and out for years now that I read this I know I can WIN! LIVE TO WIN!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  5. Abdul says:


    Your article serves as a reminder for Choice. As ‘Life must Go On’ , leaving the survivals to honor the legends, soul search for Purpose & Legacy as we transition through Time to make our marks. Thank you!


  6. Domenique says:

    Thank You for bringing this subtle energy case in pint to our awareness. I am sure this has exponential effects that we will only begin to see now.

  7. Gary says:

    Hello Kristen!

    I don’t always read the emails I get from you. I’m not a purchaser of a lot of “stuff”. I recognize what you sell is good for bringing the vibration of spirituality and abundance, and I appreciate your purpose. The more individuals who make the transition to a positive, spiritual, peaceful and abundant life, the better the world will be.

    I’m an avid student of spiritual living. My library is full with my favorites from around the world and through many centuries. I practice Tai Chi, Kudalini yoga and chanting and more.

    The reason for this note is to thank you for the emails you send. While I may not purchase your wares, it’s amazing how the very things I find of concern in my life suddenly come from many sources…including you. Particularly your daily gratitude statements.

    Today’s magazine was another. Beautiful! It, along with 3 other sources were all related and filled my heart with positive vibrations.

    You are much appreciated!! Thank you for being there!!

    • Kristen says:

      WOW Gary – what an amazing message – thank you for taking the time to write and I am thrilled to have you as part of this community.

      YOU are much appreciated too!


  8. Rosemarie says:

    Hi I think you are amazing and inspiring and I look forward to mails from you in my inbox! thank you for the amazing work you do!
    I am grateful today for the reminder from you to embrace all of life, the ups and the downs! This is something we all need to remember always so that we don’t get lost in the cloud of despair, which is just another way of showing us something beautiful. My answer is YES!!!!! I choose to live! Thank you!

  9. Donald Lanham says:

    I’m choosing to LIVE! At age 78 I’m writing my book “Create Your Own Magic!” I’ve practiced creating MY own magic for about 35 years and have many stories highlighting My magic over those years – some small, some small – and all are significant to my life. I’ve worked in Broadcasting for 20 years, taught university level for 28 years, had my own business,(Midwest Marketing and promotions, worked for 3 newspapers, managed 4 radio stations, retired 6 months ago and on and on. Within each of the work areas I also created my own magic. I materialized my home, car, and a quite fine happy life. Touched thousands with my testimony. I just started a new speaking business in conjunction with education consulting.
    I’m living to continue to WIN! D. L. Lanham

  10. Jack Marley says:

    Yes. Thank you Kristen, just your words have helped wake me up to LIVE AND WIN. Have a great day and thanks for your remembering the past and helping us live for the NOW.

  11. Nicki says:

    Yes!!! I do want to live not exist! I have already started to take actions to change my life. I’m in a job I hate that is making me so stressed out and unhappy, and I will change that! I will get a new job and I realise the opportunities are endless 🙂 9/11 should be a lesson to everyone that life is short and you have to grab it with both hands

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Nicki!

      That’s fantastic that you are ready to embrace this. Also, remember this – when you desire a new job – the best thing you can do is also find things within your current job that you appreciate – in doing so you raise your vibration to match the newer job!

  12. Daudie says:

    Thanks for this posting. Indeed most of get carried away by situations anf hence we fotg6to leave.
    Wallowing in sorrows and what could have been will always induce more pain and agony
    the quicker we face challenges squarely the smoother will be the ascendancy to our goals.

    Thank you.

  13. francisco says:

    Super thought, and thoughtful of you,. Thank you.

  14. Virginia says:

    Powerful reminder to live, not just to exist. I like the question: Are you living to win or are you living not to lose. Getting by has been a part of my life for too long. I am ready to use my “totem” of butterfly stickers on the wall above my computer to remind to evolve from a cocoon and fly in majestic beauty and grace.

  15. Celia says:

    I chose to live! No matter what the ups and downs,joy or sorrow,love or loss,all are this lifes journey but as the nucleus of my life I mave the power to choose better.
    Thanks Kristen.

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