Issue 158 – Stay Focused on Solutions

Stay Focused on Solutions

By Crystal Andrus

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

In my book “Simply… EMPOWERED!”, I shared many secrets for creating and sustaining success in every area of your life.

One of the most important things an empowered person does in any troublesome situation is to always seek out solutions rather than focus on the problem.

You’ll notice that dis-empowered people panic first: recognizing the problems (and usually assuming the worst possible scenarios) and focusing on them. They can quickly rattle off all the potential pitfalls of starting a new business, relationship, or project. They lie awake at night worrying about things that haven’t yet happened; and when their worries do come true, they feel validated and smart: “I told you so!” They don’t realize that their emotions created that reality—not the other way around!

Empowered people, on the other hand, remain calm when there’s a “situation” and put others at ease with their demeanor as well. They initially assume the best scenario and work forward. Their trouble shooting starts by examining the simplest explanation, then logically moving through their own mental checklist, minimizing the potential trouble. They see even the most stressful challenges through empowered lenses. They do immediate damage control and affirm that the past is the past (even the immediate past), so there’s no point in dwelling on it. Empowered people assess the circumstances and instantly begin weighing their options, focused on finding a solution. They don’t allow regret, shame, blame, guilt, or fear to overtake their mind-sets. Complaining is pointless. They keep their team/family intact (if there are others involved), knowing that if they can’t figure it out, someone, somewhere, can. They continually refocus their minds should a negative thought try to enter. They understand that the moment of absolute certainty may never arrive, so they make their decisions swiftly and confidently, knowing that almost anything can be reversed if necessary. Once a decision is made, they move on because wasting their energy second-guessing themselves is just that: a waste—pointless!

Then they assume that everything will work out; they continue as if it were working. Should another solution be needed, they address it then, and only then. Their energy—mentally, emotionally, and physically—is too sacred to squander on anything unnecessary. They stay focused on what they want to happen and resolve to find a way to make that happen. Once the situation has been rectified, they quickly look at the part they may have played in causing the problem and adjust their plan accordingly—even if that means making a difficult decision. If it’s in the best interest of the collective, they speak up-fire, hire, or reprimand those responsible-with dignity and respect. On the other hand, sometimes they let the mistake go if it’s not worth berating a “normally good” employee or child. If they’re personally liable, they admit responsibility immediately, resolve it, and move on. They don’t complain about it, rehash it, or give it another thought. They do not gossip!

Dis-empowered people are often so afraid of making the wrong choice, they make none at all. Not aware that you can “argue” for both sides of almost any situation, sometimes you must simply make the best choice possible. Doing nothing is doing something and that something is dis-empowering you!

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Is It a Solution or a Band-Aid?

Staying focused on solutions can be challenging from time to time; no one ever said that living an empowered life is always easy. How do you stay focused, for example, when your marriage is falling apart or when your teenage children are reckless and out of control? What if you’ve just been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? How do you maintain your resolve when the recession is severely affecting your business and you’re losing assets?

Here are five points to keep in mind when coming up with solutions:

1. Solutions should bring you closer to long-term relief. They’re meant to raise you to a higher place.

2. There isn’t always a perfect solution for every problem, but you must follow your gut and do what feels right.

3. The solution may not always be what you think you want or need. Be willing to surrender your notion of what success means in order to allow the unknown to unfold.

4. Solutions never forsake your dignity, respect, needs, or values. You may think being a martyr or savior is commendable, but solutions that harm or devalue you (in any way) are not the answer. You can’t help someone at the sake of hurting yourself.

5. Solutions resolve the problem, while bandages just stop the bleeding for a little while.


“Kristen Howe quotes are really inspiring and encourages one who wants to translate his dreams in reality. You’re determined and constant. I love your convincing approach Kristen! I am already gaining a lot of nice and useful points concerning human behaviour in day to day life. I am so thankful dear.” – Salahuddin K.

Quick Tip

Decide right now – this moment – that you ARE a solutions expert. How does that make you feel differently?

The next time you are faced with a situation that needs resolving – repeat “I am a solutions expert” to yourself 5 times (this diffuses the negative energy) and then ask yourself this power question…

“As a solutions expert – what opportunities do I see here?”

Use this over the next 7 days – print it up so you can see it often and you will unlock the solution expert within you.

22 Responses to “Issue 158 – Stay Focused on Solutions”

  1. Roy Evans says:

    All very good and true.
    Very good info.
    Love it.

    Yours In Success,
    Roy Evans

  2. Christine Martin says:

    This is an excellent article! Very timely! Thank you! Definitely a “keeper”. 🙂

  3. Miranda says:

    Going to try this one out for sure. I can stay pretty calm in MOST cases, but no means all.

  4. Valentine says:

    It really helpful but am having some challenges on how to handle disappointments.

  5. ellen says:

    hi thank you so much for this I am working hard on working on being good to myself first. so I can be good to others……reading this is great rembering to apply it ime working on

  6. kamaria says:

    hey I was wondering how can I still get the law of attraction lessons in my inbox I would love to still recieve these lessons it actually helps me with the things I struggle with and makes my environment very postive so is there any possiblity that I can still recieve these law of attraction steps?

  7. Brad Coats says:

    I understand how it works and becoming a solution’s expert is empowering, but it’s also very hard when you’ve lived your life from the standpoint of lack. I didn’t even know the law of attraction existed until last year. I’m 53 years old. I Have had so much information thrown at me so fast it’s hard to understand it all let alone begin to use it to better my life. I know it works simply because of all the bad things I have manifested in my life. I really don’t know what questions to ask I have so many. I guess I will start with the most pressing one. I have coronary artery disease, my question is this. Can LoA help with this type of illness? I think I already know the answer but I thought I would ask anyway.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Brad!

      Everything – EVERYTHING – is energy – so raising your energy vibration assists with everything. Please know, I am not a doctor so this is not medical advice.

  8. Virginia says:

    The quick tip is so good – remembering you are a solutions oriented person gives you instant power and confidence. And…that leads to seeing other possibilities and opportunities.

  9. V.V.Ramana says:

    Many people are facing the same problem in Manifestation of their dreams.They visualize,but do not get their dreams manifested.I think there’s some missing link in visualisation . Authors have been writing books on books, but they do not give information or exercises on how to do visualisation.people need the cutting edge information on visualisation exercises and Manifestation. I hope and believe that you will give articles on visualisation, the law of attraction,and Manifestation.
    Kind regards,

  10. Louise says:

    I allowed myself to stay trapped in an abusive marriage for 24 years. Believing I had no power
    Of my own. Constant negativity of the mind. I finally discovered I am responsible for my own destiny. Thank you Kirsten For changing my life in the most wonderful way. I am so empowered through your daily emails.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Louise!

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience – I am thrilled for you and am honored to be with you on your journey. Keep claiming your personal power – I believe in you!


  11. Sylvester Hale says:

    Good morning,

    Sylvester Hale here and this is who I am. I am a 50 year old father of a 14 year old and a real estate Flip Finder, I help my company find homes and investors, I am just getting started and have some experience. It is very competitive but I do enjoy it. I have no operating capital and my credit is not good. I live with my Mom, sleeping on her couch and I don’t own a practical vehicle (I own a 69 Chevelle worth around $8000) at this time. I love helping people, and I am starting to realize the benefits of finding solutions for others while I learn this business. I try to stay positive, but some days can be challenging. I never intend on giving up and I know someday I will succeed.

  12. chrisal de noche says:

    nice one!

  13. Malathie says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you so much for the knowledge and guidance you give. I have a question. Why is it so difficult to visualize positive things and it’s easier to visualize negative things?

    I love to have financial freedom. I love to travel.I know have to dream big and have big goals.My passion is dressmaking. I am qualified and my work is neat. But at times I am so not motivated to do that even. I want to come out of this prison. Please help. Thank you Kristen. I am so grateful.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Malathie – the only reason it seems easier to visualize negative over positive is simply because negative is a habit and positive isn’t. Set aside 5 minutes each day for some FUN positive visualizing – do it with something that doesn’t have a lot of pressure and ask yourself “what are some of the positive ways I could imagine this working out?” and then play with the vision of it (without pressure) for 5 minutes. You will then start to notice this approach coming into your day to day life and you will be making positive visualization a habit!

  14. Nduka Anthony says:

    Am really grateful for your words because I knew I learnt alot from it.i promise to try the tips if it will work for me.

  15. Marycile says:

    very thoughtful advice, thanks

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