Issue 160 – The Manifesting Gap

The Manifesting Gap – What’s Going On?

By Kristen Howe

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“hey girl … i never comment on anything, but i feel compelled … i’ve been in recovery for just over a year and when i became a seeker, i cast a WIDE net for help …. so i’ve been on basically every email list there is … and have narrowed it down to just a few these days … yours being one … i’m currently working a couple programs and spiritual practices that have changed my life immensely (one of which i got through you so i thank you for that) … and listen to your interviews etc … i really respect the way you handle yourself and promote your products (and others) … it’s so easy to promise the world to everyone without practical steps etc … i know it IS a magical world once you harness a few concepts regarding LOA etc. … but some of the promotions go beyond any possible reality (perhaps) …. at any rate i’ve just decided to get your 7-day program (while composing this!) .. i warn you, i will return it if it doesn’t work (and i’ll give it my all) … but i’m sure it’ll deliver … the point to this rambling, is i respect you for what you are doing and i wish you all the best both personally and professionally …. thank you … joe”

Quick Tip

Take a look at what is showing up in your life right now and notice what you needed to believe for this to be your reality. Then trace it back to when those beliefs were most powerful. THAT is when you began manifesting your current physical reality.

Now, what are you focused on and believing right now? What will that create for you in the future?

How can you shift what you are focused on to create fertile ground for what you desire to blossom in your physical world in the future?

26 Responses to “Issue 160 – The Manifesting Gap”

  1. sara says:

    I can feel my energy and vibration totally rise just listening to you Kristen! I will be referring back to this when I feel like I’m in a bit of a funk 🙂 YOU RoCk!

  2. larry says:

    Hi Kristen Howe

    Thank you i love to listen to your video. I am not really good at emails, so if don’t here from me
    often, i will be following your website.This is what i have been looking for a very long time.
    Thank you thank you. Take care and all the best.



  3. Morris says:

    Thank You!! Kristen

    One of the most important things that will work is practice,practice,practice
    drill, action!, that works for me!! I’m not speaking for anyone else.
    because i don’t know what works for them!!

    Peace and Blessings

  4. Jeff says:

    Even though I have experienced loa results your constant encouragement is so supportive when focusing on more difficult goals. TKU TKU TKU. Jeff.

  5. Tracey Cooper-Durrani says:

    Great reminder that we all have the power to turn things around at any time! Like the new video concept too! 🙂

  6. William Morgan says:

    Hey there… Like what you said. I know sometimes I fall into the thought of, “Oh, what a bunch of gobble-de-gook.” But, I’ve proven to my self that what you say is true and I’ve experienced it in my own life many, many times so I know better. It’s too easy to give up and fall prey to the negative forces of the world. I think my main issue is fear. Fear of losing what I’ve worked so hard to get and it’s more than just things. It’s comfort. I fear losing the comfort of what I’ve gained. Fear of losing respect and being thought of as someone who has failed. Fear sometimes takes me away from myself and makes me medicate myself with all sorts of distractions. Well… thank you for letting me vent a little about myself. Love your way, The Morgan

    • Kristen says:

      Hi The Morgan (love that btw)!

      What you are experiencing is normal – and here’s a tip…

      When you find yourself in fear (of losing etc.) – remind yourself that the source of everything is within you – what you see as the fruits are just that – fruits, they are the symbol of a wealthy state of consciousness. So, when in fear, tap back into the FEELING of wealth or respect or abundance – the feeling of it is not reliant on anyone else and as long as you give yourself to getting in that feeling state and awakening that consciousness, you have everything you need to create more fruit – over and over again.

      I appreciate you!

  7. Carla Hamilton says:

    Thanks Kristen, I felt a”low” ebb this morning and I reminded myself that the inner and the vibration is what must transcend first. After all, what I want is my consciousness transformed. All the “stuff” is already done. You fantastic video gave me further confirmation that what I was thinking was the Truth. Wow, your video was an instant manifestation for me this morning!

  8. Sure, I say I understand on facebook and linked in, but I would like to explain myself here: I see everything as an opportunity, even so-called problems. I take nothing for granted. I appreciate everything, and I am almost never really worried.

    By the way thanks Kristen for the video…

  9. Lisa says:

    Thank you Kristin for the vital reminder. Wonderful things showing up in my life, but when I fall into perceiving a “need” I loose sight of the positive, you know? So, thank you , for the tip on how to shift that. It’s also good to get confirmation that one or two slip-ups won’t wreck all the good. I beat myself up for that when it happens, so now I have permission to not take those instances so hard and to just move into focusing on the things I’ve already manifested, fully feeling how wonderful that feels and saying, “I want more of that!”

    You rock, Sister — thank you for everything you do!

    • Kristen says:

      YOU rock Lisa! And yes, slip ups will happen and beating yourself up is just a clever way of keeping yourself OFF track. In those moments, become and observer – and instead of judging yourself, observe and say “Oh, interesting I’m doing that thing again.” – when you do that, it takes the emotional pressure off and allows you to move through and move back into mindfulness.

  10. April says:

    Thank you Kristen! I was just there in that very mind-set situation and you helped me flip the “record” over and tune into a better song. Some things are kind of hard to shake off and sometimes I don’t even realize how much I may be dwelling on an issue and these issues stir negative thoughts that manifest themselves in other ways and quite often, unhealthy ways. This advise truely helps even if it’s just to FEEL better and then the rest of the good stuff follows.
    Thanks again for the solid reminder! April

    • Kristen says:

      Hey April!

      Check out the comment I left for Lisa here about being an observer – that will really assist you when you discover you are dwelling on something!

      Let me know how it goes!

  11. Kyran says:


    Love the new formatt, have been doing some thinking, and that I agree, all this is the past, but the NOW must feel like its here already.
    And far out i forgot how stunning you are.

    • Kristen says:

      Awesome Kyran – yes, the NOW must feel like it is here already because – well – it is always here!

      Thanks for the compliment too and I’m thrilled you love the videos there will be MANY more to come!

  12. Helen says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thank you very much for your emails and videos, I am getting so much out of them. I have a question about manifesting … Recently something has appeared in my life that I have wanted for so long, and I know it is because of how much focused manifesting I had been doing in the weeks leading up to this happening. However although I am over the moon this has happened and it has felt almost like a miracle and too good to be true, I find myself worrying quite a bit over being able to maintain it, and I fall very easily into thoughts about how I’m not good enough to deserve this. Of course this was my typical thought pattern from the past which was why I was in lack. I try to be mindful and not let these thoughts get the better of me but it is still causing some suffering. Is this just momentum from the past, and would this lessen over time? Do you have any suggestions of how to deal with this? Many thanks

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Helen!

      Great question – so great in fact that I am going to do a video on it for future! Until then, here are some thoughts – First of All – CONGRATS!

      Now for the deeper stuff – too good to be true is merely something we have been taught to believe (it isn’t actually true because we have within us the potential for everything) I feel like that isn’t even your thought and that you got it from someone else early on as a “hand me down belief”. – I left a comment for Lisa here about becoming an observer and that would serve you well with this, so check out what I had to say to her…

      Now for the deserving thought – “you’re not good enough to deserve this” – what if I walked up to you and said that right now? I bet you would suddenly get very offended and have the instinct to tell me why you DO deserve this. So, my guess is there is something in you – a piece of you that you have rejected because at some point you were taught 1 of 2 things…

      1. You aren’t enough because (whatever reasons were given)
      2. People who have amazing things in themselves are something that you don’t want to be (maybe you think they are greedy or selfish etc.) – If you feel this way, you have pieces of yourself you are rejecting and you must love ALL of you because every part of you (when loved) has a gift to share. (There will also be a future video on this so watch for that one.)

      This is too much to completely get into here yet let me say this – YOU are already enough – you are of the energy of all that is, you have within you EVERYTHING (as we all do) so you ARE enough just by virtue of being here and breathing and you simply need to activate that within you.

      You ARE enough – you are EVERYTHING!

  13. Robert says:


    Thank You! I really needed to know this.

    You are So AWESOME!

  14. Pual says:

    Hello Kristen,

    First, thanks for your support info. I have been working on a few different things, manifest everything now speakers, over the past couple weeks. Like you state, since visualizing, meditating, my problems appear to be worsening. My father’s health has gotten worse, the conflict with my bad neighbors has worsened, but communication from lost family has shifted. I hope things don’t get worse. So how do I shift things before problems compound worse?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Paul!

      It is all about your focus of attention as that has great impact on your energetic vibration – so when you say “I hope things don’t get worse”, you are actually focused on what you feel is wrong – and this creates a lower vibration. Start giving your attention to everything that feels right (even if it is small) and your vibration will begin to rise.

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