Issue 162 – Let The Universe Take The Wheel

How To Let The Universe Take The Wheel
When Manifesting Your Desires

By Stephanie Mulac

As children we were all taught that the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B is a straight line, but when it comes to anything other than high school math, this old adage is likely of little use to you in your daily adult life when it comes to setting goals and successfully manifesting your deepest desires.

In fact, continuing to play this old, ingrained tape we were taught as children may often keep you from attaining your goals without you ever realizing why. Interrupting the pattern is not difficult to do, however; once you understand the challenge and perform a few simple exercises.

Why the challenge exists
In today’s fast paced world, we are conditioned to stay focused and efficient, following a carefully scripted, well thought out course of action. The prevailing principle is to waste no time in getting from one place to another – whether this is referring to a commute to work, setting an intention for finding your soul mate, getting a raise or manifesting a new home or fancy sports car.

On a certain level, you can see why this advice is valid – especially if you tend to procrastinate or lose focus easily. However, at the same time, when it comes to manifesting, it’s time to Let the Universe Take the Wheel instead of working against the natural laws and trying to “script” your journey along the way.

We experienced this contrast first-hand one summer in our own family.
Having adopted a full-time RVing lifestyle by choice for nearly five years now, one of the benefits of life on the road is the freedom to go where the Universe takes us.

A few summers ago this wasn’t the case. We committed to attending an RV rally on a specific date that was six weeks and 1500 miles away. This meant “scripting” our travels and believe me, this proved counter intuitive to every fiber of our being. In the end, it made us realize that through our road travels – much like life in general – our entire family truly lives in the moment letting the Universe determine our next great adventure.

Let this be a perfect analogy for you to keep in mind as you complete the following exercises and travel your own path in life.

Keep Reading for 3 exercises you can do right now…

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Exercise 1: Ask Yourself, Have You Experienced Counter Intuitive Life Events?
How many times have you scripted out your own path from point A to point B and had it feel counter-intuitive to reaching your goals? Have you had your eye on the ultimate destination but felt like life was calling you in a different direction and taking you down paths that weren’t part of your original “script?”
And how did you react when that happened?

Did you dig in your heels and resist the opportunities? Or did you embrace them and allow the Universe to take the wheel? Chances are, your old tapes probably had you resisting deviating from your intended course. After all, you were focused on a goal, planned your work and worked your plan. That’s what conventional wisdom tells us, isn’t it?

Exercise 2: Reflect Back On A Prior Accomplishment
Stop for a moment and reflect back to a time when you successfully achieved a goal. Then, reach back in time even further to the point at which you put that desire forth to the Universe. Now think about the events in your life in between those two periods of time. Ask yourself if the “path” unfolded exactly as you thought it would or if life took any delicious or unexpected turns along the way?
Embrace this reflection into your own successful goal setting and mark it as your first ah-ha moment in what happens when you let the Universe take the wheel.

Exercise 3: Think about an elusive goal that you’ve been presently seeking…
Ask yourself which “path” are you traveling? The path to rigidity or letting the Universe take you where it may? As you will now see, the answer to this profound question may make the difference between realizing your deepest desires, or having them remain forever elusive.

These simple but telling exercises will allow you to quickly discover the key component in manifesting your deepest desires – the reassurance that once having put forth a desire to the Universe it WILL be realized, as long as you stay open to the path that will take you there.

“Yes. Thank you Kristen, just your words have helped wake me up to LIVE AND WIN. Have a great day and thanks for your remembering the past and helping us live for the NOW.” – Jack M.

Quick Tip

Using your history is one of the most empowering ways to ground yourself in the truth of what Stephanie has shared here today. So this is what I want you to do to remind yourself that when you let the Universe take the wheel you are allowing the greatest journey and expression of your life emerge…

Recall a time when an unplanned on event in your life came up and led you to far greater experiences than you would have had if you stayed the course of your PLAN.

Now, pick a word that triggers that memory – it could be a descriptive word or anything that calls that experience to mind and emotion instantly. And anytime you are struggling with faith or feel you are trying to force your plan, say that word and go into the sense memory of that time.

This will begin a powerful internal shift for you that you can use at any time!

15 Responses to “Issue 162 – Let The Universe Take The Wheel”

  1. Pat says:

    Thanks. I do enjoy your comments and the lessons they present. I wish I had known how to let the universe lead before but wisdom comes with age, if at all in life, for most of us. But I have been “staying in the now” and “going with the flow” for a few years now and it does work so much better and pleasantly too!

  2. John says:

    I receive so many emails on the law of attraction and ones promising to give the missing secret to the movie “The Secret”. how do I know which ones are for real and which ones are just hype…

    • Kristen says:

      Hi John!

      Great question (and one I used to struggle with as well) – the truth is that it becomes about what teacher YOU respond to AND what your focus is etc. I am ALWAYS happy to be a sounding board and let you know what I know about anyone you come across.

      Thanks for being here!

  3. rod says:

    Thank you for this enlightening article..

  4. Lynda Blake says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder that the universe does not always produce the effects we desire in the exact way we try to encourage them. Many times I have set goals and tried to follow a strict plan, only to find myself being taken off in a new and unexpected direction, only to later realise that this new direction has led me to the very place I was trying to reach, but with more benefits than I ever thought possible! It truly is a lesson worth learning.

  5. Wafa says:

    Thank you for sharing this precious material, it is the first time I truly felt aligned with my soul and my life : no pressure no struggle no stress, simply letting the trust and the faith in God unfold my life. I really wish you the very best of success and prosperity.

  6. Beverly says:

    I believe as long as We are spiritually connected , nothing is impossible. Good intentions, great manifestations, doing the virtous things was the key for LOA success. There is no specific steps to be followed because our destiny varies , no similar experience with the same destiny. For me, I am happy with my LOA story????

  7. Linda says:

    Agreed with lots you say. But sometimes decisions HAVE to be made. You have to chose to text or not text that guy you so want. Or buy that house because you are homeless. Or return a business call you don’t want to. Flow and Decision often are at crossroads.

  8. June says:

    How true Kristen. Life is full of surprises along with twist and turns. Faith and Trust seem to be keys to manifesting. They both entail believing that our creator know best and designed the answers within each of us. How wonderful is that? Thank you Kristen for sharing your knowledge about how to live life.

  9. Virginia says:

    Just let it be. Easy to say, harder to follow. We’re told to have goals, systems, destinations, to-do lists, and have the top 3 important tasks ready to tackle each day. That doesn’t leave much space for letting the Universe provide guidance because we’ve blocked our openness to listening and watching for “that other thing” that we can’t know when, if, how, or where it will happen. Being retired, I no longer have to adhere to a PLAN so I’m better at being looser and willing to let ‘whatever’ guide me. It’s kind of fun.

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