Issue 163 – Which Are You Plugged Into?

Which Energy Current Are You Plugged Into?

By Kristen Howe

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Check out the ‘Quick Tip’ section below for some Power Questions you can use right now…

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“Hello Kristen! I’m not a purchaser of a lot of “stuff”. I recognize what you sell is good for bringing the vibration of spirituality and abundance, and I appreciate your purpose. The more individuals who make the transition to a positive, spiritual, peaceful and abundant life, the better the world will be. I’m an avid student of spiritual living. […] The reason for this note is to thank you for the emails you send. […] It’s amazing how the very things I find of concern in my life suddenly come from many sources…including you. Particularly your daily gratitude statements. Today’s magazine was another. Beautiful! It, along with 3 other sources were all related and filled my heart with positive vibrations. You are much appreciated!!
Thank you for being there!!” – Gary

Quick Tip

When you feel yourself getting charged up about anything – I want you to stop and ask this power question…

“Am I plugged into the negative or the positive?”

If you realize you are plugged into the negative – then ask this…

“How can I unplug from the negative and plug into the positive instead?”

NOW – here’s an extra trick (and this will create massive momentum and joy for you)…

IF your answer is that you are already plugged into the positive current, then ask this…

“How can I turn the charge UP even higher?”

Picture turning up a dial on the positive current, you can ALWAYS raise your vibration even higher and when you make this your entire focus, you will experience more joy and excitement and opportunity and love and prosperity than you ever imagined possible.

24 Responses to “Issue 163 – Which Are You Plugged Into?”

  1. catherine mcdonald says:

    you are so right i just love these emails you are so inspiring my daughter learned the secret and how to use it yrs eight yrs ago she has lived in australia one of her dreams she has a car another one of her dreams she has fulfilled a few of her dreams and just getting beter its people like yourself that has helped and now i have learned to use it myself thank u keep up the great work u do

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Catherine – that’s so exciting that BOTH you and your daughter are tapping into the great power of the Universe (that power is within you btw)

      Please keep sharing here!

  2. Gary says:

    I really like this video. I’ve recently been experiencing what I call mindful thinking, where I take a moment every so often and ask myself questions, much like you’ve shared in this article. The power of thought cycles is such an unseen force that dictates so much of our lives that until we address it with questions, and make the choice to shift that thinking or keep it, we will continue in those same thought cycles and experience bewilderment at times as to why things are the way they are. Today and every day I’m CHOOSING to plug into the top outlet 🙂 Great stuff! Keep sharing! 🙂

  3. Jared says:

    Only the good exists. The universe is all that is and all that is is the universe. In that there is room for everything from galaxies to specks of dust. The only thing that cannot fit in the is is the isn’t. There is no room for the isn’t in the whole universe. Light and only light exists. THERE IS NO NEGATIVE, Kristen. It exists only in your imagination. There is no negative in the universe. The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. It truly is all good. No poverty, no lack.

  4. antoinette says:

    Kristen, hello. I have read and appreciated many of the emails you have sent me. Thank You!
    I have been trying to raise my vibration for three years now without success. Ever since I stopped working my life has spiraled downhill. I meditate, pray to god-universe and visualize daily but nothing works. I never have the money to purchase the different audio programs that are out there because I’m to busy trying to keep food on my table and pay my rent. At the present moment I am without electric and gas in my apartment. It kind of hard to raise your vibration when you’re face with daily letdowns like this. Do you have any suggestions for someone like me. I could really use your input. Thanks again for the emails. They are inspiring. Antoinette

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Antoinette!

      I understand completely (and just shot a video last night that addresses this very thing) and the answer is this…

      You MUST stop engaging your attention with all of the things that seem to be going wrong as that just keeps your vibration LOW. I’m not saying ignore paying bills etc. I am saying watch the kind of attention you give when you do so. As long as you are focused on daily letdowns, you will get more of those. I know it sounds crazy, yet even when you are in the situation without gas and electric, if you can shift your focus to something that FEELS better – perhaps it is the fact that you breathe without having to think about it or that you DO have a roof over your head. OR (my favorite) any time you are giving your focus to what is “negative” for you – instantly recall something that has made you laugh out loud (really get into it and fully remember it) when you do this, you instantly raise your vibration. See the Universe doesn’t care how you feel about anything in particular, it simply responds to what energy you are vibrating and laughter is one of the most effective (and fast) ways to raise your vibration.

      I believe in you!

  5. Julia says:

    Thank you! So very much! This has helped me very much. I am currently going through a divorce after 38 years of married. I find these exercises have helped me deal and remain calm
    Thank you!

  6. João Carlos says:

    Hi (From Brazil)

    Very nice this simple presentation, I will use it from now on.


  7. Ken says:

    Hello Kristin!
    Great video. Love the visualization of the wall socket. Will practice for the next 7 days. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep up the great work.
    Ken W.

  8. Steven says:

    Every event is neutral… until a conscious observer assigns it a meaning.

  9. bulbul says:


    i find difficult to to stay in a fake – till – u make scenario. I mean i would start with affirmations, believe in them but cant stay plugged in a positive current throughout. I tend to slip back in reality or the negative current. How do i address this issue?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Bulbul!

      If you have difficulty with “fake it till you make it” no worries – simply focus your attention on thoughts or memories or experiences that are at a higher vibration than where you currently are. Remember the Universe simply responds to your dominant vibration – so it doesn’t care if the high vibration is a result of you feeling great about something specific (money, relationship, health etc.) it merely responds to what your vibration is (and if that higher vibration comes from you remembering in detail a time you laughed out loud or from looking at a picture of someone you love or going on a beautiful hike or whatever, that’s all that matters!)

      Thanks for asking your question!


  10. David says:

    Sounds understandable

  11. June says:

    I order so many items from you, Kristen. I love your presentations. I

  12. June says:

    I love your presentations. I will work to find time to try out your recommendations. In the meantime, I’m becoming an expert in downloading and sorting the downloads into an easily accessible order. Thank you.

  13. Virginia says:

    Kristen: these short, simple reminders are so good. I really like the image and analogy of the two plugger-inners into the wall. Turning the charge upwards is the key, acting on that takes more thoughtfulness but is well worth it.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Virginia! I love that you mentioned my VERY technical term for a wall socket (two plugger inners) 🙂

      Thanks for your positive comments – it is fantastic having you here!


  14. Lynell says:

    Much easier said than done, however, I’ve decided to stay focus on being positive.

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