Issue 164 – Speak the Word

Speak the Word

By Crack Your Egg

Today’s article explains an approach to setting in motion the wheels of the process of ‘manifesting your intents’ that’s for some reason considered unconventional in this context.

One technique you’re probably already aware of (after all, you hear it all the time) is to write down what you want.

As you probably already know, the philosophy behind that is that the process of writing down impacts your subconscious mind more deeply compared to merely thinking it.

(Short tip: To make this effect even more profound, you can write things down with your non-dominant hand. So if you’re right-handed, write with your left hand. Don’t worry if your handwriting doesn’t look nice. This is not a penmanship exercise.)

Anyway, after doing so, you can normally expect certain inspirations and ideas to kick in, that when acted upon will get you (at least) one step closer to making your intents real.

Usually, such inspirations come at the most unexpected and often inconvenient times. But it’s crucial take action on those ideas in order to ‘actualize’ your intents:

  • For one, without doing anything, nothing will change.
  • And secondly, such inspirations are often your first clues on the path to actualizing your desires.

Now you may already know this much… But what you might not have realized, is the often astonishing effectiveness of what I’d like to suggest in this article…

You see, there’s also sort of an intermediate step in between the thoughts and the actions that’s forgotten most of the time. And that’s a shame, because it can make tremendous difference on the impact and speed of making desirable change in your life.

And that intermediate step is to ‘speak the word’.

By that, I don’t mean that you should go out on the streets and preach. What I mean is that you shouldn’t always keep all your thoughts and desires silent and only for your own ears to hear… and then expect everything you wanted to just fall into your lap one day if you just think or say it to yourself often enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, because that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea to read your ‘goal’ or ‘desire’ or ‘truth focus statements’ out loud… I mean, as you know, this calls upon more of your senses and thus lets their meaning sink into your subconscious mind more deeply… so that’s not the point.

The point is that you’ll significantly increase your chances (or opportunities) to manifest your intents by speaking out what’s on your mind when others can hear it too.

Now I can already hear your alarm bells go off, thinking things along the lines of: “But people aren’t going to be supportive and talk me down…” and things like that… But hear me out for a moment here.

First of all, let’s put this technique in a bit of a ‘metaphysical’ perspective… Consider this for a moment:

  • The process of creating what you want starts with thoughts. Thoughts can be ideas, visualizations, and so on. There’s nothing in the world that you can see that wasn’t something that existed as an idea or pure thought only at first. Thought is like a concrete formation of an idea. It’s like a ‘first stage of creation’, in which energy gets focused into a concrete idea, concept, or visualization. For example, someone had an idea once for the workings of the computer that you’re using to read this article now. There was a time when the concept of the computer existed as pure thought only, in that it hadn’t been ‘actualized’ or ‘manifested into physical reality’ yet.
  • If you’re like most people, many of the things you want to manifest into physical reality (i.e. your thoughts and/or visualizations of what you desire) probably seem pretty ‘far out’ from the default perspective of your current situation. In other words: you’ve probably got a pretty concrete idea of what you want. But at the same time, you haven’t got the slightest idea of how you’re going to actualize it. I mean, let’s face it… Isn’t that the reason why you’re interested in this ‘attraction stuff’ in the first place? Most people know what they want, but don’t know how to get it. So a ‘universal concept’ that allows you to ‘manifest’ or ‘attract’ those things “effortlessly” and “like magic” obviously sounds very appealing…But here’s the thing:
  • ‘Magic’ won’t happen if you’re subconsciously feeling at the same time that the very things you desire are simply impossible for you to achieve and experience. A lot of folks give up on their dreams as they realize that they don’t know the exact steps that would get them there. It just seems like a long journey through unknown territories with a ‘far out’ destination… and thus like a giant and practically impossible leap.And such simultaneous disbelief cancels out your intent… which means it’s even less likely to happen.

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But here’s the good news:

You don’t always have to know how exactly to actualize your intents. Instead, here’s what you need:

  • You need to be open to the idea that what you want may not ‘magically’ fall out of the sky, right into your lap one day… but that it may require that you take some intermediary steps… even if you don’t yet know what those intermediary steps are exactly… And in addition:
  • You need to open up to the possibility that those intermediary steps might involve some other people as ‘vessels’ for the ‘universe’ to bring you what you need…

As such, here’s the ‘unconventional’ technique that most people tend to forget… a ‘trick’ that can have the intermediary steps towards your destination reveal themselves much faster, and that can thus make your path towards your goals seem much more manageable and attainable:

A great way is to have (at least part of) the path reveal itself, is to express your thoughts into words, and put them out there.

Now by ‘putting them out there’ I don’t mean to just write them down on a piece of paper and read them out loud over and over again, only for your own ears to hear… Instead:

Putting them out there means to speak the word even for other folks to hear. It means to tell others about what you want.

Because here’s what happens when you do:

  • Earlier on I described ‘thought’ as the ‘first stage of creation’. When putting your thoughts into words and speaking them out, from a metaphysical perspective you’re putting your them into more focused expressions. Words make up a more ‘concrete vibration’ compared to thoughts. They’re more ‘deep impact’ in affecting the universe… sort of like a ‘second stage of creation’.
  • And when you actually speak them out for other people to hear, you’re adding some additional power to the mix. You can see doing so as an active way to broadcast your intent. You’ll send out a much stronger signal (i.e. ‘frequency’ or ‘vibration’) compared to when you keep it all private to yourself.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and so I’d like to add some nuances to this idea:

  • I mean, sure… In the beginning, when you’ve just conceived of your intents, you might want to be careful about who you tell about it. I mean, we all know that not everyone is equally supportive… And if your intent is still somewhat weak, you may be a bit sensitive to unsupportive reactions and might be inclined to let it go at the first sign of (what you see as) ridicule. At this stage, it still helps a lot to speak to others about it… However, I recommend you find someone you trust and/or know is going to be supportive. It’s great if you can actually interact with such people face-to-face, but you can also find them online.
  • But once your intent has had some time to grow strong and you’ve become really confident about it, it really helps to start actively talking about it with other people. Here’s why: When you do, this definitively marks a point where you’re sort of ‘officially declaring’ that you stand for it. This is the explicit confirmation of your intent having become what I call an ‘irrevocable decision’. And in turn, this way you subcommunicates a whole new level of seriousness to ‘the universe’.

And yes, that means people are going to have to hear what you have in mind… But think about it:

Those people may know someone, who knows someone else, who can help you get going on whatever you want to do, which in turn may set a whole chain of events in motion, in which one thing leads to another.

From a metaphysical perspective, you’re opening yourself up to noticing the multitude of ‘vessels’ through which ‘the universe’ can bring you what you need on your path to actualizing your intents.

Now suddenly the opportunities will pop up that make it much easier to take actual actions to really make real what used to be mere concepts and ideas expressed into words.

In turn, your initial actions may set in motion a whole chain of events, in which one action leads to another. And before you know it, what used to be mere ideas you have suddenly ‘manifested’ into physical reality.

So yes, there is ‘magic’ involved, if you want to see it in that way.

The ‘magic’ is expressed in the perceived ‘coincidences’ of meeting exactly the right people who can help you on your path; people who know the right people, or people who know stuff about stuff you need to know, and so on.

But the process to make it happen really is ‘down-to-earth’.

The things you want may seem ‘far out’ right now… But that’s merely a matter of perspective:

  • When you see yourself as a strictly individual and isolated entity that should constantly avoid the potential danger of being ridiculed for expressing its desires, then you might indeed make things unnecessarily complicated…
  • However, when you see yourself as an inseparable part of a ‘whole’ of which all things and all people are merely unique expressions, and in which everyone and everything else are intertwined…then you know that you’re seamlessly connected to everyone and everything else. And so you realize that there are tons of ways in which your intents can become reality, if only you don’t impose rules on how you think that’s supposed to happen.

So open your mind and ‘put it out there’, and you’ll be surprised as to what’s possible. People and opportunities will turn up that make the process of getting to where you want seem a lot more attainable.

In the end, you’ve got a choice:

  • You can keep yourself stuck in ‘wishful thinking’ and wait until everything suddenly falls on your lap one day. But chances are it won’t happen.
  • Or you can actively put your intents out there… thus more fiercely ‘disrupting the universe’ and ‘forcing it to rearrange itself’ (if you will).

Indeed, you may not be able to control ‘how’ and the exact ways in which things will happen and turn up in your life… But you can certainly put the wheels in motion!

So don’t be afraid, ashamed, or reluctant! Speak the word, and actively and confidently declare what you intend to make real.

You are the supreme creative force in your life, right?

So speak and act like it… and the world is yours.

“Hi I think you are amazing and inspiring and I look forward to mails from you in my inbox! thank you for the amazing work you do! I am grateful today for the reminder from you to embrace all of life, the ups and the downs! This is something we all need to remember always so that we don’t get lost in the cloud of despair, which is just another way of showing us something beautiful. My answer is YES!!!!!
I choose to live! Thank you!” – Rosemarie

Quick Tip

I have a fun 7 day challenge for you…

As you go through your day notice anything you have resistance to and ask yourself, “If I looked at this differently, how might it be part of the delivery of my intents?”

When you do this for 7 days straight you start to flip your perspective and open the consciousness that everything is FOR you.

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  1. Dwayne says:

    I am willing to take this challenge ,I can see how it will help to open new doors in~ my Life~
    Also, I see how this will open up a new mind set for sure :0)

  2. Devani says:

    Yes….I am ready for the challenge.

    Thank you sharing this knowledge with me.Many blessings

  3. Joseph says:

    Very positive outlook and inspiring. It is certainly of a booster and encouragement to those who lack the zest in life. However, in some instances, I am still in doubt about the correlation between the subconscious and the logic of reality.

    Kind regards and thank you

  4. June says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words which are full of direction for success. Times are very confusing for a lot of people now, but our Creator has designed a way for each of us to LIVE our life during this journey. To Live YOUR LIFE exceeds only surviving. Believe that what you desire (if it is beneficial to mankind)is possible. Because chances are that you are one of a few that has been chosen to pursue the dream you have. Sometimes you could be the only one here now that has it in you to make it happen.

  5. nasr says:

    very surprisingly nice.

  6. alabi oluwalola says:

    thank you. i appreciate the knowledge.

  7. Leonard Mavuso says:

    Hi many thanks for the article, Iam prepared to get going the laws of attraction and the approach suggested- I vot Yes

  8. Virginia says:

    These points are so true and alas, I don’t do them often enough. I don’t reach out for the support and help I know would benefit me because I have labelled myself a loner. Silly. Plus, sadly, many of the people I know one-to-one just aren’t interested in following the same path. But…I am getting stronger and this article is a good reminder to me to seek out those who will be my cheerleaders and point me to additional resources.

  9. Debra says:

    Thank you so much for the information.
    I will start to use these great tips into my life.



  10. Laurie says:

    I’m in!!

  11. peter says:

    yes will give it a try

  12. Anna says:

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Dominic says:

    What a great article as usual! Thank you very much Kristen. Yes indeed we don’t know how and when, but we only need what and why because we are the Creator of our lives. Right now I’m waiting with full excitement, joy, love, and peace for something great in my life to come over, because I believe and I act on my believe! God bless us all abundantly and exceedingly. Amen!

  14. Utkarsha says:

    Choice is an important tool so I will use it wisely…and yes yes yes.!..coz I want to live abundantly.
    *** Life happens once and u have to live it in every moment….! ***

  15. sylvie says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Abundance is mine

  16. Rose Malapitan says:

    Yes.. I am ready for the challenge..

  17. Ken Shaddock says:

    Thank you Kristen for digging down through and via the Law of Attraction. I love “this page” of thinking.
    I am a YES.

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