Issue 165 – This Word is Life Changing

This Powerful Word is Life Changing

By Kristen Howe

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“Thank you for your inspirational ‘New Master Laws,’ ‘Go Big Coach’ and your ‘Law of Attraction Key’ programs, as well as other uplifting and educational email links.
You are so generous with your time and I love your passion for helping people to become the amazing people that they can be.
Due to the exercises, mp3’s and your videos, my focus changed from desperately wanting to manifest money to leave work due to debilitating health issues, to examining what I was grateful for in my life and what I was really successful at.
I had always achieved success with children with special needs, adults in need, even on days when I was full of brain fog and pain. I knew that I had a gift of insight and strong intuition and after doing the various exercises I came up
with what I wanted to do. My ‘purpose in life.’
Anyway, I am now on my right path and my health, after many decades is improving. I no longer ‘worry’ about money. It ‘turns up’ when I need it because the worry is not pushing that energy away. Without your programs, I would either have not found what I was looking for, or it would have taken so much longer.
So, I thank you for all you have done to chisel my focus, to not let me lose confidence when I was ill and to keep me positive and excited about my life.
May you continue to be blessed as you help more and more great people to become their greatest.”  – Christine S.

Quick Tip

If you feel resistance to enthusiasm, I have something that will help…

First, let’s look at the way resistance often shows up in folks when I bring up enthusiasm – 99% of the time I hear things like:

“How can I be enthusiastic when everything is going wrong right now?”

“How can I be enthusiastic when no one else is?”

“How can I be enthusiastic when I am trapped in a life I don’t want?”

If you have asked any of these questions or something similar, I have GREAT news for you…

The FIRST part of the question is 100% correct AND is ALL YOU NEED!

Here’s what I mean. Look at the 3 questions I listed above. What do they all start with?

“How can I be enthusiastic?”

That question isn’t resistance at all – in fact, that is a magical question that opens up opportunity and positive energy flow. The resistance only shows up in the second half of the question. So, get rid of the second half and just use the first.

Enthusiasm is a choice and you can choose it under ALL circumstances (that may not be your habit up until now, but as of today all that changes).

So, ask yourself…

  • “How can I be enthusiastic?”
  • “How can I be enthusiastic right NOW?”
  • “How can I be enthusiastic and demonstrate my enthusiasm with power and joy?”

Choose enthusiasm as your dominant state and your life WILL change in dramatic ways!

16 Responses to “Issue 165 – This Word is Life Changing”

  1. Gailen says:

    I really needed this today . I am going to write this down and keep it, like a tattoo, toremind me when I get off course. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  2. MARCIA says:

    thank you so much

  3. Ken says:

    Good Morning Kristen,
    Thanks for the encouragement and positive energy to help start my day off right. Always appreciate your messages. Will focus my mind to manifest enthusiasm in all I do. Have a great day!
    Ken W.

  4. Thomas says:

    Thank you, I connect with you on the word ‘enthusiasm’, it’s so easy to forget the word or be robbed of it by people who want to make you feel less than your self or non enthusiast. Thanks once more.

  5. Debbie says:

    Another great word to add to the many I’m using to manifest the life I want! Thanks so much! Enthusiastic about the day ahead!! 😉

  6. Virginia says:

    Another great word to use is AND instead of BUT. This forces your imagination and creativity to flow with enthusiasm and delight. Kristen: your energy is a delight. Thanks.

  7. Steven says:

    Each circumstance is like the two sides of a coin.
    With one side positive, the other side negative.
    Either side that you choose…is true.

  8. Terri Noble says:

    ThankYOU Kristen for sharing and reminding us with your powerful messages! Appreciate the difference YOU are making and Love being able to “Pay it Forward!”

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