Issue 179 – Becoming a GREAT Receiver

Becoming a GREAT Receiver

By Margaret Lynch

Would you rather work and be responsible for everything—even to the point of failure—than to ask for help? At some point in your life, you may have decided that you’re on your own, and you took a vow to never depend on anyone. This is a very common vow that can be tough to break because it’s often taken out of necessity when you’re young and reinforced over and over in adulthood.

It can make absolute sense to have a vow not to be vulnerable or needy of others, as both leave you open to being hurt and disappointed. This vow is often viewed as smart—what seems best for you and totally necessary.

Blocking Support

While it may seem practical, there’s a big downside to this vow that can keep you from having both more money and more ease in your life and career. When you decide you don’t need anything from others or “the world,” you block yourself from asking and receiving and instead become guarded and closed. It’s almost impossible to receive when you’re in this state. The funny thing is that often, people who made this vow say what they really want is to feel more supported by both money and people. They aren’t aware that their vow keeps them from satisfying those desires.

If you work hard, you must also allow yourself to receive all the rewards of your hard work in the forms of money, recognition, and life ease. While logically it would seem like this is the part everyone welcomes, it’s problematic if you vow to never be needy. This vow conflicts with the ability to receive praise, recognition, compliments, and attention for achievements. Have you ever said something like: “I’m not doing it for the credit” or “I don’t need the compliments.” In essence it means that you’re doing it for the accomplishment itself and not for the reward. If you want more money, you need to do it for both, admit to it, and be ready and willing to receive.

Those who are willing to openly ask for and receive support recognize that achieving huge goals happens faster when you have enrolled assistance and have people to collaborate with. A support system, whether it’s an actual team helping you with your goal or the emotional and mental support of a peer group, will allow you to expand and capitalize on your brilliance to achieve great things. When you know you can’t do it alone, you may feel sad, frustrated, or envious of people who have help if you don’t know how to have that for yourself.

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Allowing Yourself to Ask for More

Being hesitant or refusing to ask for what you want makes it difficult to actually get. So, openly asking for it is a great place to start. You have to be willing to ask and that’s the first step for using the Law of Attraction effectively. If there’s even the slightest tendency for this kind of vow to keep you from getting all your needs met, it’s important to clear it out.

Your energy has to be open to receiving the money you desire. You may have worked hard for years without seeing a change in your finances. If you don’t ask, you’re not likely to receive. It’s time to say, “Yes I love reward! I want reward! I want to feel nurtured and loved and adored by wealth and other people in the Universe, and to receive anything else I desire. I can ASK for it!”

Once you clear out those old vows to take care of everything yourself, money can flow to you more easily since you have more resources and support available.

It’s one of the toughest ones to let go of because you’ve amassed a million pieces of evidence that prove why that vow to never ask, never be vulnerable, and never acknowledge your feelings makes perfect sense, and this reality seems like the absolute truth. It takes time to rewire how you think and operate to become open to this idea.

Remember, you still get to be strong and independent and self-reliant, but you can ALSO have your needs met. You can sometimes rely on trustworthy people, so your work is reduced and so you can relax more and maybe even break down and let someone else be strong for you. You can have and be both self-reliant and supported! So take another nice deep breath and just honor what it’s like to ask and receive and try that out in your life. Open yourself up to one small thing at a time. You might get some surprised looks from friends and family, but it will feel great, especially when your wealth begins to grow!


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Quick Tip

In light of today’s article I want to ask you a VERY important question…

As of today – this very moment – are you WILLING to receive?

Willingness is the first and most crucial step (most people jump into all the action they think will force what they want to show up – however, if you aren’t willing to receive it, none of that action will matter.)

So, it doesn’t matter if you have been willing up until now…

What matters is this moment forward

So – are YOU WILLING to receive???

Leave me a comment here to let me know you are willing – just type in YES and I’ll know you are in!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Yes I sure am!!! Thank you very much for sharing this valuable piece of information with everyone!:)

  2. June says:

    Yes, June

    P.S. I found myself signing up for Margaret Lynch’s event which is dated OCTOBER 2014.

  3. Darryl says:

    Yes, I’m willing to receive!

  4. Domenique says:

    Yes! I am willing to receive! Thank You! This teaching really ‘hit home’ to me. Blessings to You for illuminating this shadow that I can finally release back to the Light.

  5. Shownnadell says:


  6. Angelica says:

    I struggle with this concept all the time. I am very independent and have been very vocal about it and portray myself as someone who has it all under control. I deeply long for and always have a sense of support and help from like minded individuals. These are two conflicting thought patterns and never realized until now that I was pushing away the help I felt I needed and putting myself under more stress by trying to appear to handle it all. Very interesting. I’ve been open to receiving, but on the contrary I’m pushing it away by my stubborn independent identity.

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