Issue 181 – Overcoming Procrastination

The Secret to Overcoming Procrastination

By Dr. Robert Anthony

Why do you procrastinate?

Why don’t you do the things you want to do?

Why do you have great dreams, but don’t take massive action to make them come true?

The answer lies in Newton’s first law of physics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Let me explain:

Let’s say you want something, whatever that ‘something’ is. Let’s call it ‘success’ to keep it simple.

The bottom line is this: if you want success, and you want it more than anything else in the world, you will get it.

However, if you want to run away from your fears to a safe place, a place you feel secure, that means you want security MORE than you want the success. This is why you don’t achieve those great dreams.

The excuses or ‘reasons’ will ultimately sound like:

• “I’m not smart enough”
• “I don’t have the money”
• “I don’t deserve more than I already have.”
• “I don’t have enough education”
• “I don’t have the qualifications to do this”

All of these excuses are what keep us from our dreams. The way to discover what we are hiding from ourselves is to learn to ask the right questions.

We KNOW all the answers. The problem is that we don’t ask the right questions.

Keep Reading for the 2 Questions you can use in any quandary…

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Here are two questions you can use in almost any quandary:

Question #1: “What is the BENEFIT I gain by not realizing my dreams?” or “What am I getting by not realizing my dreams?”

Trust me; you ARE getting a benefit or a PAYOFF for not realizing your dreams, and you must discover what that benefit is in order to eliminate it.

One of the most common hidden benefits is that you get to stay in your comfort zone. Even if we are unhappy where we are, many times, we have convinced ourselves that going after what we want is more difficult and more painful than staying where we are. We may be miserable, but at least we are comfortable.

Question #2: “What am I afraid will happen if I …………………. (fill in the blank with the dream)

This encompasses the changes in lifestyle we will have to make in order to achieve our dreams. This includes what we thing other people will think.

In order to have the success you want and deserve, you must answer and resolve these two simple questions.

Okay, so what do you do now?

First, turn off the phone, TV, stereo, and all other distractions. Then get a pen and paper and write at the top of the page:

“The benefits of NOT realizing my dreams are:”

List a minimum of 20. If you can’t ‘think’ of any, then just ‘guess’ and write them down. About the time you reach 10-15, you subconscious mind will take over. Write anything that comes to mind, no matter how trivial or insignificant.

Just allow your mind to wander and go where it takes you. Get as specific as possible.

Very few get past this point before they have some very interesting answers come up.

Now ask yourself how your fear or procrastination has served you thus far. Realize the fear is there for a specific purpose. Find the purpose and ask yourself if it still serves you to have this fear. Perhaps it is time to let go of your fear and stop procrastinating once and for all.

When you have lost the need for the fear, you will just naturally let it go (if you are ready to do so).

And when you let it go, you will be free to move toward the things you say you want—-and you’ll do it with ease and joy.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating or are you going to put if off a little longer? The choice is yours.

In life you can only have two things – Reasons or Results – and Reasons don’t count! You either have what you want, or you have ‘reasons’ why you don’t have it.

Procrastination is a disease. The cure is convincing yourself that it no longer serves you.

“Great article! I have been working on some of these for a couple of years now, and I can tell you from experience that they work. My favorite is the three questions, if you answer them honestly when you’re feeling stressed or upset they will help you focus. Thanks! – Smitty”

Quick Tip

When the topic of procrastination comes up, I ALWAYS encourage you to look at, what I call your ‘MUST Conflicts’.

Let me explain. Your MUSTS are the things you have decided are important to you – like in a deal breaker kind of way. Let me give you an analogy – let’s say you are buying a house. You are going to have a list of MUSTS and then a list of WOULD BE NICE IF…

So for instance, perhaps your MUSTS are, a price of $250,000 or less and 2 bedrooms. And remember, these 2 things are deal breakers (they aren’t on your WOULD BE NICE IF list – they are MUSTS).

And let’s take this analogy further and say that you are terrified you won’t be able to buy a 2 bedroom house for $250,000 or less. And that fear turns into certainty and so without looking for actual facts or spending time brainstorming how you can realize BOTH of your MUSTS – you instead procrastinate even looking for a house.

That is very similar to what we do in life. So, the first step is to discover your MUSTS. And then look for what goals you have that seem to bring 1 or more of those MUSTS into conflict with each other. And then brainstorm – I promise you, there is always a path to agreement if you take the time to look.

So ask yourself this power question, “How can these MUSTS work together to create an exciting and joyful experience?”

27 Responses to “Issue 181 – Overcoming Procrastination”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I have been doing some research on the law of attraction. But I can use all the guidance I can get. Thank you.

  2. N.Vijaygopalan says:

    Highly motivational content.

  3. Heena shaikh says:

    This is helpful.. Thanks for sharing this with us. Let me tell you i am a big fan of law of attraction but somehow i fail to attract things. I know all strategy but still i dnt know why am i unable to attract? Can you give me some tips or guideliness.. Just fyi i also write gratitude but dnt know what am i missing?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Heena! Just think about this for a minute – you never fail to attract things because you are always attracting – it is simply a matter of if it is what you desire or not. The way to positive attraction is positive vibration. Raise your vibration always – that is your focus and your experience with life will change.

  4. Rose says:

    Great information. Thank you for sharing it freely. =)

  5. Deborah says:

    I must get my goals going asap

  6. Virginia says:

    “How can these MUSTS work together to create an exciting and joyful experience?” Indeed a powerful question. We often think of them in a structured – no backing down way. Silly because we shut off other possibilities.

  7. manica says:

    I want to believe in power of NOW.

  8. Shownnadell says:

    I thank you so much for helping me get through life
    A little easier!

  9. Suzana says:

    Thank you very much! Great words and great questions.

    I cannot stop thinking how the programming of so many people on our planet is actually so wrong and destructive to our well being. The irony of it is incredible. We are ( as humanity) actually programmed to self-sabotage and self-destruction. We cannot blame our parents because they have also gone through the same negative programming. I think that to master this issue, to get our mind and the Law of Attraction
    to work for us instead of against us is our biggest quest and challenge in this life on this planet. When enough people succeed in it, the course of our civilisation will radically change. We have to start to control our own mind and destiny and stop being controled by negative programming of our society and its “rulers”.

  10. daniel haile says:

    I find this very interesting. It will take me some more days to share my comments.
    But I really need help because I felt I was ostracized for a long period of time. When I share with my close families, they just can not understand me. As a result I will share it with you. But give me some more days. To my surprise my conditions seem to improve with the presence of the medications.

    thank you so much for your help.

  11. simon says:


  12. Adam Kirtley says:

    I think this is great. I really am trying to realise my business dreams, have great clients, but not enough of them. I am a broadcaster and consultant, and people love me genuinely BUT I don’t see to get the advances that others do. I don’t feel sorry for myself because enough people tell me how good I am that I must have something going for me, but where is the big breakthrough?
    The answer lies within me I know, but where?

  13. Bashir says:

    These are really the key to success , put in a very simple palatable form . It is mind blowing and requires high degree of commitment and will . I do appreciate the content and the way of presentation. Thank you.

  14. Omar says:

    Thank you very much for the article and for sharing it with us.
    I like very much the examples. This is exactly what happens with me always. However, there is a point that I could not understand well. It is in the last paragraph. I qoute: “…look for what goals you have that seem to bring 1 or more of those MUSTS into conflict with each other. And then brainstorm – I promise you, there is always a path to agreement if you take the time to look.” What goals are talked about? What is meant by “bring 1 or more of …… conflict with each other.” What to brainstorm? I would appreciate having those points clarified.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Omar! Your MUSTS are your deal breakers – and when you think 2 musts won’t work together then there will be conflict – but when you take the time to brainstorm you can always find a way to have them work together – and then you are free of conflict.

  15. Denise says:

    I would like to first thank John for hearing my plea that all the tools in the world for most of us are not utilized and often end up in a file on our hard drive. So i’m happy to get any type of help on the debilitating problem of overcoming procrastination. witch seems to smother everything I do in my life or I should say not do. So I will give this new information with the best of my ability a try and get back to you with the hopes of one day kicking procrastination out of my life once in for all.

  16. Rajesh VK says:

    Nice thought process,i liked this one -“Procrastination is a disease”

    thank my F-I-L who referred this post for reading, good one….

    small observation : “MUST” mentioned here (the requirements – in context) in general are the key drivers for our dream (like buying certain type of house), however we need to be flexible in our assesment in working towards our dream, for that we should be very flexible in our thoughts, i.e keep the mind simple and live your life easy (of course not at the cost of dreaming!!!…)

    Thanks Kristen for the wonderful thoughts!!!

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