Issue 183 – The TRUTH About Settling

The TRUTH About Settling
for What You Don’t Want

By Kristen Howe

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“Kristen, Thank you for everything you do, you’ve had such a powerful impact on my life and I am so very grateful, I love that you coach freely and fairly and are always go generous with your offers.
The new message of a master changed everything for me, the power and the joy I’ve been experiencing as of late, as well as the lessons I’ve been leaning along with them, are truly indispensable and exactly what I’ve been in search of for the past two years.
Today, I AM GRATEFUL FOR POWER and JOY. I’m ready to turn my life around today, I’m ready point myself in the direction of success and never look back.
Thank you for everything and I’ll see you on the other side, god bless, Cody”

Quick Tip

Now you know that your circumstances won’t change UNTIL you are able to embrace them. So I have a 7 day challenge for you…

Every day for the next 7 days, when you first wake up, think of an area where you desire change and then write down at least 3 things about that area NOW that you are already grateful for AS THEY ARE.

I know this can feel scary, but I promise, activating gratitude like this is the way to finally get unstuck!

Are you in for the 7 day challenge? Leave me a comment to let me know!

22 Responses to “Issue 183 – The TRUTH About Settling”

  1. Tarja says:

    I’m in for the 7 day challenge!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi I am going to do the challenge…its my career right now…i am at a crossroads , not seeing any positives, so from today I will write down 3 things a day that i see as positives with what i do ….lets see what happens 🙂 K

  3. Noel says:

    Nice-to-see-you Kristen, now I can see your smokin’ guns, I’m definitely up for being grateful, maybe I’ll even keep-up with you, although my mind cranks @ quarter the revolutions of yours… In fact, I’d be so bold-to-say that your on fire even when your sleeping (!?) hey; that’s very kool though Kristen…by-the-time I got the pale-of-water to put-you-out…well heck…you’d be gone ! Sure is going to be a nice…really very nice day tomorrow though…hey? Noel

  4. Bernie Nunn says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Good talk! Your coaching has blown away some of my blockages towards action. You know, think up a project, develop it but come to a screeching halt on dissemination.
    I would like it so much for you to help me get my book out there. I think you would also like to get on board, financially, but mainly because it would help people-mainly women.
    It’s a simple meat and potatoes explanation of men- how we think and why we do what we do.
    Sample topics are: Tools, Violence and War, Male Humour, Sex, Invention, Exploration, How Women’ Influence Is so Important.
    I think this would also be another avenue for you to spread your positive influence
    regards, Bernie

  5. Robert says:


    Thanks for the tip! Every time I listen to you, it seems my eyes keep getting wider and I just keep getting wiser!

    Looking for the good in everything is always something I have struggled with. The reason it was so hard was the exact reason that you described. I did not want to settle and get more of the same!

    Thanks to you, I will continue to look for the good in everything!

    Bless You!


  6. joseph vlasic says:

    Hi Kirsten, I love you, right at this minute, I watched Issue 183, this is happening to me now.
    I’m living in a unit, I have no job, I’ll try really hard again tomoro I must get one soon.
    I’ll just manage to pay this months rent.
    The birds are great, at times I go and tell them to shut up, as it gets too much,
    I’ve decided to write a book, its going to be harder now, I must find a job.

    I have a direction now, and got to follow through,I will need help with it,.

    chow for now.! Joseph.

  7. Traci says:

    I am ready. This is the PERFECT day to hear this message. The timing on this is amazing.

    Thank you!

  8. Steven says:

    Belief is the Catalyst of Reality.

  9. Jan Laramee says:

    Yes I’m in a longer term health challenge and I find concentrating on work with you an continuing to be positive and grateful is what helps. Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement.
    Be well, Jan

  10. Guillaume Marais says:

    Hi Kristen,

    As always, you only bring out the best in training…. Thanks we are privileged to have you as our mentor! Thanks Kristen.

  11. Michael says:

    Thanks Kristen.Outstanding.

  12. Ian says:

    Hi Kristen

    I love the now model and how it works – however being an “over thinker” I struggle to keep the mindset change in place and tend to fall back into old habits after a day or two. Do you have any advice on how to make the change permanent?
    Thanks Ian

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Ian!

      Great question – and here’s the truth – it will always be a journey – you will always get pulled out of the moment – the key is how do you get yourself back in the moment – once you get consistent about this – you will get pulled out less and less. So for you, that is the focus – just be mindful and when you notice you are out of the moment – bring yourself back.

      I believe in you!

  13. J Coco says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I am so happy that I have listen to what you had to say and I am going for the 7 days challenge

    Thank you

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