Responsibility -vs- Blame…

I want to get clear on something VERY important and it can’t wait…

Here it is…

There is a HUGE difference between Responsibility and Blame!

I repeat…

Responsibility is NOT the same as Blame!

So many people get stuck on this…

In my Go Big VIP Program I am constantly asking everyone to take responsibility for their lives…

And I have to remind them that taking responsibility doesn’t mean they should blame themselves.

Here’s the deal…

Your life is a reflection of your true beliefs (in fact, if you want to know what you really believe, look at what your life is like and you’ll see…)

You can change your beliefs — which means you can change your life…

BUT ONLY when you claim responsibility.

Taking responsibility for creating your current circumstances is empowering because in claiming that you created your current reality, you are acknowledging that you can create a different reality…


If you BLAME yourself for your current circumstances — you will only get stuck…

Do you see the difference between responsibility and blame?

It is a fine line — so beware how you walk it —

  • Empower yourself!
  • Claim responsibility!
  • Realize that you are so powerful that you have created your current reality
  • Congratulate yourself for being so powerful and take a good look at where you want to create a NEW reality

That is how you free yourself from being stuck…

This works for everything:

  • Money
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • etc.

Leave me a comment and let me know where you can claim responsibility and let go of blame!

Go Big!


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21 Responses to “Responsibility -vs- Blame…”

  1. barney says:


    Responsibility is a big issue. I like how you say that my life is a reflection of my beliefs and that I can change my beliefs. It is that simple or that difficult depending on how I choose. Your questions are excellent. Thank you.

  2. Lydia says:

    I shall claim my responsability in career zone .
    There is no blame but sometimes my energy is fast and sometimes I need a little time to process , to absorb the information and then to put this in action .
    I have many options now .
    Thank you for support .
    You are fantastic .

    Worm regards and I wish you an wonderful day .


  3. Larry says:

    I believe that key distinctions have the power to change our lives. This is an awesome distinction, one that traps many people for their entire lives. Thanks so much for the wisdom!!!

  4. Jaci says:

    This is sooooo important, Take responsibility, forgive the past, then let go and let God! Dwelling on being responsible for current situations no metter what they are will only bring more of what you don’t want. Again I can’t stress enough “Let Go and Let God” its paramount in creating the life you want.
    Thanks! =) Great post!!!!

  5. Mark says:

    Hi Kristen,
    You are always spot on. I am my worst enemy. I am totally responsible for my situation and I have realized it for a long time. I created my situation and now it\’s up to me to repair it. Attempting to start not only one business, but 5 is a huge task. I need to focus my attention on one at a time and get it going. The problem being is they are all up and running now. I will accept my mistakes and continue to move forward. Thank you for being a friend,


  6. I have been living with, actually “enduring,” a whole bunch of unwanted circunstances in my life for many years, such as a severly cluttered and messy home, never a family vacation, and an unhappy spouse who feels so miserable all of the time that he is toxic to be around. All of this could easily be blamed on him for being so messy, closed minded, and sick all of the time. Or I could blame myself for marrying the guy in the first place. I am working so hard on changing my consciousness about this whole situation so I can begin to create the life I really want. This is total mental gymnastics!

  7. I have accepted responsibility for the direction my life has taken, to the point of pain. I have been able to accept the fact that I drew to me the abusive relationships I suffered through simply because I didn’t think I could do any better at the time. I wrote my memoir about this very subject. Mine is a story about how the law of attraction has worked in my life all of my life, for good and bad. Now I need to sell it to share my information with others.

  8. Joe Mitchell says:

    Dear Kristen:
    You rock!
    So I have an intention to be super productive and yet it hasn’t manifested yet. I am still behind in some areas, not making every workday minute count, and hesitating (and sometimes downright procrastinating) when I feel fear. I am in the process of accepting the situation just the way it is, knowing that as I stay free of blame, shame and guilt and keep my vision and take those little steps that I will happily acheive my goal.

    PS. Listening to you in your VIP program recordings and live calls has been fun and inspiring. Keep up the great work.


  9. Cathy says:

    Hi Kristy,
    We do attract what we focus on. I recently met the love of my life, but from the beginning he spoke of going to work ine another country. Guess what I focused on, and guess where he is now, in another country. I attracted exactly what I didn’t want. I have accepted the responsibility for it and now I’m focusing on what I want. It is a lot of work and I fight with myself a lot, but I figure if I was so good at attracting what I didn’t want I must be able to turn my life around.

    Thank you for all of your helpful information I really appreciate it:-)

  10. Tim R. says:

    I have struggled with ‘self-defeating’ behaviors for at least 40 years. There has to be more to it than just accepting responsibility, which I have; however poverty in finances and relationships are real. The dreams have not manifested even though I continue to work towards achieving those dreams. I appreciate your words of encouragement and I will keep moving forward with HOPE!

  11. Ayman Baroudi says:

    Dear Kristen
    you are a real added value. you made it so clear that what counts is not the goal we put on a piese of paper but what we think about it the whole day. And here is the real chalenge: how to control our thought and the more critical that we come to be 100% sure, what we realy want. Thank you for every thing and wish you the best

  12. Monique says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I want to take responsibility. What do I focus on? I want to retire so that I can properly heal my chronic illness. I want to end a limiting relationship. I want to be debt-free. I want to win the money to do all of this now. I want at least one person in my life who is supportive of all of this. Do I keep looking for a job while I wait to win the money? What do I physically do and focus on as well?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Monique…

      For everything you desire, you will be most powerful if you use the questions in the “How Do You Choose” blog post that I posted most recently…

      You also want to break everything down to the next step — What is the next step to attain ________ ? And then take it!

      Go Big!

  13. PCU says:

    Blame is for the past. Responsibility is positive, it’s for the present and future. Take charge.

  14. Janie says:

    I really love the way that you put across ideas, Kristen, this is the second time I’ve followed up a reference to your work and each time I find that you have a clearer and more accessible approach than many others working in the field.

    However, what also has me hitting my head against a brick wall is that one or two of my friends, people I care about deeply and would love to see ‘waking up’ to this stuff: they just aren’t awake, they say they understand, they nod in the right places, but their lives show me that they just don’t ‘get it’.

    How do we create a space in which my friends can ‘catch on’? I’d love to know!!

    Meanwhile, keep it up, your stuff is good 🙂

  15. Linda Toneff says:

    It’s all fine and dandy to say change your thoughts and your life will change. What if your mind just will not shut down? All my thoughts are about past stuff because that is all I have to go on. The other stuff feels like pipe dreams.

  16. vaibhav says:

    Dear Kisten, your mails are very enlightening, always. I learnt the difference between blame & responsibility. I will now take all the responsibility & claim the life I always wanted to live.

  17. Janie says:

    Hi Linda,
    I can empathise with your difficulty and struggle and it’s a tough place to be; perhaps you’re at a transition where the past still weighs you down while calls from your higher consciousness call you up and forward. Be gentle with yourself and surround yourself with kindred spirits who will support and encourage your positive self belief and comfort you in relation to past pain. We all have pain hidden in our pasts, it’s a feature of human life. And we all have joy available to us moving forward in life when we’re ready to receive all that is open to an open heart. Hang on in there, Linda, and keep visiting all websites such as this one which may inspire you. Wishing you all the very best in your journey, Janie (MD, MissionMiraculus)

  18. karen bishop says:

    I have been unwell for the past 3 years with back problems. It is now causing stress and depression, I want to go back to work but feel unable to because to because of my back. I am feeling helpless and hopeless and wondering when my luck will improve. I am always thinking awful thoughts and I feel so paranoid. I hate living like this and would love to change my life for the better. Thankyou Kirsten

  19. says:

    That is a good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this
    one. A must read article!

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