Issue 194 – What Successful People Know

What Successful People Know

By Marcia Wieder

With the multitude of professional speakers and authors out there, you might have the opportunity to hear someone speak on leadership, communications, team building or time management…all essential elements for contributing to the bottom line and making life easier. Yet, beyond that type of skill building there is another way to create the life of your dreams. Let me explain.

When the great speaker and visionary of our time Martin Luther King, gave that riveting speech that echoed around the world, and still does today, he did not say, “I have a strategic plan.” Nor did he say he had a goal, a philosophy or a manifesto. What did he say? Of course he said, “I have a dream.” In business and in life, dreaming is serious business and the driving force for transformation. Without vision people and companies fail, and without our personal vision, our dreams, our lives can become mundane, redundant even stagnate.

Do you have a dream and/or vision? Reality is an important part of life, but if you are overly realistic, it can kill your passion…and your opportunities.

Consider these tips for success:

• The people who are the most successful and satisfied with their work and life know that passion lives inside of us. The secret is to intentionally bring more of what you love into your daily life.

• Bring your passion to your work, and you’ll manage your team differently.

• Tune into what excites you and you will show up differently in your relationships with others.

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• Focus your passion and use it to compel your business and life forward. Passion without focus can be wasted energy. But passion with clarity and commitment can be an unstoppable life-changing formula for success.

While we are on the subject of money, it does not have to be the obstacle stopping your from pursuing your dream. People often say, “I’d pursue my dream if I could only afford it.” So I ask, “How much money do you need?” The most common answer is “I don’t know…but I know I don’t have enough.” It is the fear of failure that keeps us from sitting down with a pencil and assessing our needs. It is doubt and concern that keep us from exploring other creative options such as bartering or trading services.

Keep Reading for a fun challenge to help you embrace and live your dreams…

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“Kristen – you are magnificent. Thank you. Thank you for your perspective, generosity and giving in making these Issue Newsletters available to us. […] I find that there is a real gem of an insight that resonates with me.” – Len

Quick Tip

I have a fun and exciting challenge for you – notice how Marcia mentioned that when we have dreams, when we become overly realistic it can kill our passion and dreams. And it doesn’t have to be that way – especially since what we call realistic is typically based on what we believe to be realistic (it isn’t actually the truth).

So here’s the challenge…

1. Claim the dream you have that is currently suffering from you being “overly realistic”. And decide if you are willing to let go of this “overly realistic point of view?” (remember, if you want things to change, you must be willing to let go of how things have been and are now.)

2. Give yourself proof it is possible by askiing yourself if there is anyone in this world that has achieved this dream?

3. Take a good look at any people you like and respect who have achieved this dream and ask yourself “What would I need to believe? How would I need to act?” to be like them?

4. Decide to focus on something that excites you about this dream for at least 15 minutes each day for the next 30 days.

Are you in? I’m excited for you!

14 Responses to “Issue 194 – What Successful People Know”

  1. Latarrius says:

    Thanks again Kristen. This is helpful information for many.

  2. Gina Kraus says:

    You have such a way of raising personal enthusiasm! Thank you for always fueling the flame! Sincerely!

  3. Joanna says:

    I love reading your articles. They are also so positive but in a very real way that relates and uplifts at the same time. xx

  4. Lea says:

    What an absolutely awesome post!!! Thank you.

  5. Bruce Donohue says:

    I ask myself , “What would you do if you had no obligations, and money was no object?”.
    you only live once. Life seems to settle in one place, one singular routine, and becomes boring.
    Comfort and complacency. I think sometimes you have to change your identity- who you think you actually are to achieve things outside your self-limiting beliefs or world view.

    Staying on vision is hard when so many people try to knock you off your path. everyone has their own agenda, and want to ensnare you in it. Stay true to myself, and my own vison is the hardest
    thing I face. Thanks for making me think about life, and not just the grind today Kristen!

  6. moeletsi says:

    You really have put words in my mouth. You managed to coin this so perfect.
    It is now nearly two years I have been in some way or the other in touch with
    The Secret. All I can say is that; benefits, benefits and benefits …
    This has also taught me to disseminate this wealth of knowledge to those
    willing to know. Truly I am full of bliss, grateful and feel blessed.
    Thanks and regards.
    Moeletsi Mokoena.
    Johannesburg, South Africa.

  7. Jan Laramee says:

    I can only say I love your insights and encouragement. It makes a difference!
    Be well, Jan

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