How do you choose?

I want to challenge you to be really self aware today…

Every time you have to make a decision today, I want you to stop and ask yourself 2 questions first…

Here they are…

  1. “If I made this decision out of fear or a feeling of lack what would I choose to do?”
  2. “If I made this decision out of confidence or a feeling of abundance what would I choose to do?”

So often we choose out of fear and a feeling of lack, and I promise you that when you choose from that place, you are heading down the wrong path…

Now, let me be clear…

I know there are times where all we see is lack and all we feel is fear, and I’m challenging you to just look at what other options you have when you make decisions.

The state you are in when you make decisions GREATLY influences the outcome and path you travel down…

Most of you will be shocked at how often you are choosing out of fear and lack…

It’s time to look for a different motivation and here’s the great news…

Your circumstances can be exactly how they are right now and you can choose out of confidence and abundance —

Leave me a comment and let me know how you think you normally choose…

You are extraordinary!

Go Big!


30 Responses to “How do you choose?”

  1. John says:

    thank you

  2. What we think is a lot of what we get. Your thoughts should be a choice and not automatic. Be Blessed

  3. rose says:

    Hi Kristen, I can really identify with your post, I have recently realized that many of my financial decisions were made from a place of fear and lack. While I cannot change the past, I CAN choose from this moment to write a new story for myself. Thanks, your post came at exactly the right time for me! Keep up the inspriring work!

  4. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, I would say I choose out of confidence and abundance more often than I don’t. Having read this though, I will be more aware of the choice I have when I make choices. Thanks.

  5. sandra says:

    Your right we all do this through fear and uncertainy but if it feels off..the decisions you make then more and likely there not right..
    more than not.Were all here to experience life and the physical and its great we have people like you to enhance or thinking and put us in to a well informed time where there is much grief but I prefer to think my world is good
    and people like you make it good for those who want to put them selves inn a good feel place..

  6. Veronica says:

    Hi Kristen, love your posts. I think you are so right in what you say and I know that I do so often get caught up in seeing the lack and so often make my decisions out of fear. I find it hard though to shift that mindset, especially in the circumstances I find myself at the moment.

    Today I will try and ask myself from which place I am making my choices. Have a great day.

  7. Don McGurgan says:

    As long as we continue to grow we will experience fear.

  8. PJ says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Very insightful when you brake it down and look at it that way. It’s easy for me to see the difference in the outcomes.

  9. barney says:


    This is excellent. May I suggest two corollary questions that use the present tense rather than the past tense for purposes of decision making as life comes:
    If I make this decision out of fear or a lack of abundance what do I choose to do?
    If I make this decision in confidence or a feeling of abundance what do I choose to do?

    Thank you, Kristen.

  10. flores says:

    The secret/LOA ; I decided to think positive and want to change my life. I wanted to trust people but result is I got cheated again and lost a lot of money. money can make more money but when you lost it…?I still hope the future will bring change and make my dreams come true.

  11. RAMAN says:

    Dear Kristen ,
    i must first congratulate you for such a fab presentations all along..I would love to associate with you permanently in your noble cause and go on a lecture tour propagating your thoughts to as many as possible .. I have an excellent U S accent to carry me any where you should only try me to believe I also speak fluent French with utmost ease..I love travelling and meeting new people.

  12. Rosemary says:

    It’s Memorial Day, 2010, and I can’t wait to get to work to make up the list of likely prospects for my building, so I can give them to my assistant to call. She’s really a wiz at inviting people and making them feel special.

    Most of the big decisions I make are made out of confidence, but some of the little ones are made out of fear. Guess I’ll have to work on that.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Leon Tennant says:


    Frist off, I would like to say thank-You for all of the information it really is helpful to have someone, that is telling you that it is alright. To be where you are and that you can still make it out of that situation if you keep trying to get out. I am sorry that I can not buy some of your programs right now because, I unemployed and have been for over six months, But I am sure that is going to change, a lot of that has to do with some of the information that you have share with mLeone thank-You.

    May God Bless you!!

  14. moons says:

    I am amazed as to how impulsive our decisions or actions are most of the time. this relly makes us aware of our actions, thoughts & decisions. Thanks. Great idea.

  15. Dr.Avinash Nandan says:

    Yes Kristen,
    You r ABSOLUTELY right in telling that when we CHOOSE out of fear and lack, even though we have chosen, we do not know what to do with our choice!
    Then , circumstances manifest which’ll make us to be more clouded n confused.
    Mahatma Gandhi has FANTASTICALLY said- “FAITH is a state of mind to grow into”.
    Moreover, from the time I have come in contact with ur articles and blog, I have developed this habit of asking Questions- POWERFUL questions every time! I feel marvelous! Thank u!

  16. Jake says:

    I’m more of a slave to inaction. I tend to ask questions, but never bother to answer them. The two you pose are easy enough to answer, but as I take action I start asking myself if my choice is correct (can I gather more data to make a more informed decision?) and inevitably postpone any progress forward.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jake!

      Ahh…analysis paralysis! Once you answer the questions, break down the answer into mini steps and just take the next step…you will never know everything there is to know before you start — you can auto correct if you need to make an adjustment, BUT you need to take the first step!

      Go Big!

  17. Monique says:

    Hi Kristen,
    This is great information! It’s obvious I still make a lot of decisions out of fear. What are your thoughts about conflicting desires? I want to win a lottery or major cash prize so that I don’t have to work and can properly heal a chronic illness. Should I continue to look for a regular job in the meantime or does that block my desire to win?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Monique!

      You need to start looking at your desired outcome as opposed to HOW you most want it to come to you (lottery) — once you focus on the outcome, you can then ask yourself what step you can take right now to move yourself toward that…winning the lottery would be great, but open up ALL possibilities and start taking action…

      Go Big!

  18. Adam says:

    Brilliant! Really made me think!!

  19. vern says:

    Great point with this as always you are on top of these little tips that add up to a great life
    Thanks for the read I had to catch up on your site as I have been busy. So keep on doing
    Thanks v.H.

  20. Mark says:

    So many of my decisions were made out of fear. I panic not nothing when my businesses would open, I was running out of money and really wasn’t making anything. I am still not sure, but fear isn’t going to stop me moving forward. Everything is material, but my peace of mind is mine. Thank you Kristen.

  21. jack says:

    Hi Kristen,ifeel the same like veronika love your posts. I think you are so right in what you say and I know that I do so often get caught up in seeing the lack and so often make my decisions out of fear. I find it hard though to shift that mindset, especially in the circumstances I find myself at the moment.

    Today I will try and ask myself from which place I am making my choices. thank you so much you are extraodinary too go big!!!!!Have a great day!!!!

  22. PANSY PIERCE says:


  23. Lynette says:

    Hello Kristen,
    Thank you for raising my awareness with regard to decisions and choices I make.
    I tend to work form a place of fear and lack.
    Now that I am aware that I have a choice, I will definitely do otherwise.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

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