Issue 201 – Participation (Time to Get Engaged)

Participation (Time to Get Engaged)

By Kristen Howe

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OMG! What a synchronicity! You just pointed it out…I been feeling so lazy last few weeks with no desire to do anything and was wondering about it. Just this morning I realized that someone whom I had shared angel number reading been relying on me for her to do the ‘perfect’ reading , and now this video makes all sense! And I realized so many others ‘dependent’ on me for something or other (well, their perception)…I know what to do now, thank you so much!”- Tripti

Quick Tip

The more you engage with your life, the richer your experience is!

And I want to encourage you to look at EVERY area of your life to see where you are engaged and where you could be more engaged. Because here’s the deal, sometimes we are engaged in one area of our lives and yet in other areas we are so disengaged that those areas aren’t even on our radar.

For example: Someone could be very engaged with their friends and family and yet be completely disengaged with their health.

So, right now, TODAY – look at all of the areas of your life and look for the area where you are most disengaged. Don’t judge yourself, simply notice it and ask yourself this Power Question:

  1. What is it costing me to be so disengaged in this area of my life? (In other words, by being disengaged here, what are you losing out on?)

And list everything you can think of. Again DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF – this is an opportunity for honesty and growth and when you judge you get stuck – so let go of the judgment and then ask yourself this follow up Power Question…

  1. What is 1 small thing I can do every day, for the next 10 days, to begin to re-engage in this area?

Remember, SMALL thing is the key! THIS is how you begin to live the FULL life you desire!  So my FUN challenge to you is to pick something small and commit to doing it every day for the next 10 days. Are you in? Engage in your life right now and leave me a comment that says “Yes Kristen I’m in!”

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