Issue 204 – Divine Timing

Divine Timing

By Marybeth Murphy

All of life’s events happen in a space of Divine Timing. We may be humming along on a project, hit a bump in the road and things come to a halt. Frantically we try to turn events around while analyzing where did it all go wrong. Our consciousness is focused on a negative and our mind will continuously spin to find a solution. If we stay calm, however, and listen to our intuition the realization that all is as it should be will begin to unfold. There is a solution, person and/or circumstance that will present itself immediately if we are peaceful rather than full of anxiety. All is timed perfectly in our expansive universe so that ultimate growth and learning are woven into our journey. Our experiences are our biggest teachers. With each experience we grow emotionally and spiritually to become fully actualized on this earth plane.

In addition, when an opportunity arrives and suddenly disappears it means that there is an even better opportunity just around the corner. Trust and believe that all will show sooner than expected. Your requests are always heard and answered since the Angels haven’t taken you this far to let go of you now.

Our time here on earth is perfectly coordinated as well with other souls that are able to assist us. They are our soul mates and we are theirs. The connectedness and pull towards a soul mate is an amazing experience. It is the spiritual recognition of another soul that is here to help us achieve optimum learning and growth. These souls will show up for a reason or season, not necessarily for a lifetime and are not always romantic in nature. Soul mates can be found at work, school, home and other random locations.

Living in the peace of Divine Order means living in hope. When we are hopeful we believe that all things are possible, despite what our reality may be showing us. Hope is our path to Divine guidance and inspiration. If we are living in fear, we are resisting the light that hope illuminates. Ask the Angels to assist in healing those areas of your life that are dark with anger and despair. Through courage we can uncover and release negative thought patterns and feelings that hold us back from experiencing true joy and fulfillment.

When we feel all has been lost and cannot find our way back that is when Archangel Gabriel, one of the three power Archangels, can assist in putting us back on our path. We are here to understand ourselves and internally resonate with the creative power of the Divine. Gabriel will help each of us explore our creative side and step into our power of leadership and confidence. This Archangel will literally resurrect us into our glory and Divine splendor and help us be the leader in our own life.

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The Message you have sent is very exciting for me to read, since I am experimenting with the process you have mentioned for the last 10 days and already I have started feeling the difference.It feels very cool and light inside, I have started to understand that, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel, just we need to keep patience and faith. Regards,
Nilessh P.”

Quick Tip

When you are dealing with something difficult, it is easy to get stuck for 1 big reason

Often when we tell ourselves we are looking for or tuning into the solution, in reality we are still focused on the problem. Think about it – let’s say you hear from your doctor that you must lose weight or your health is going to really suffer. So you buckle down and you decide, “this is it, I’m going to change things starting today.” And then you give all of your focus to losing weight.

That’s seems solution based right? Look again, you are STILL focused on the problem which is too much weight. A true and dynamic shift would be to give all of your focus to making the healthiest choices possible.

Now you see the difference – and this is exactly what gets so many of us stuck in our problems. So, take a look at where you are struggling right now and check in with yourself – are you focused on fixing the problem (which is still focusing on the problem)? If so, how can you dynamically shift your focus?

6 Responses to “Issue 204 – Divine Timing”

  1. sandrah says:

    I guess I didn’t realize it, in looking for a solution I may very well be still foucused on what I’m looking to change. I thought I was taking action by meditating, looking at stocks to buy ect. I was thinking that I needed to act on the information. But I don’t dwell on the issue. So how then do I act on the information I receive and now focus on the thing I want to change?.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Sandrah!

      When it comes to taking action, all you need to do before you act is to ask yourself this “is this action I am about to take motivated by fear or inspiration?” – the action itself is important, however the INTENTION behind the action is most important as it informs everything!

  2. John says:

    I DESPISE the whole idea of “looking for work, finding a ‘job’, making a career”. I am grateful for the work I have, but it is something better left behind. So, obviously a dramatic shift of focus into some consistent, positive, beneficial, forward-moving, love-filled dynamic state is required.
    The desperation of it needs replaced by a peace with it.
    And a faith that better is available and achieveable – by me,
    and that I am ready and willing to find some joy in that journey all the time.
    Much appreciation for your light and fire!

  3. Madhu says:

    I hv question I am very dissatisfied in my all family relationships I feel rejected and not loved how to improve

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Madhu! All relationships with other people starts with our relationship with ourselves. How do you treat yourself? Do you reject yourself? Send love and appreciation and respect to yourself first – that is where to start – that is where to stay!

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