Issue 206 – The Power Of Concentration

The Power Of Concentration To Increase Your Rate Of Manifestation

By Kad Adams


Anyone familiar with the law of attraction will know that thoughts are powerful forces that can wield physical outcomes around us. What’s not so well known however is that the speed and precision of your thoughts can leverage the rate of your manifestations even higher. In this article, we want to give you a few practical tools and secrets to understand these points and apply them in your life.

Secret 1: Deeply held beliefs can only be changed by accessing the subconscious mind

The way to access the subconscious mind and change your most deeply held beliefs in the first place is to develop your powers of concentration. Concentration acts as a tool to bring all areas of your mind together on one fixed point. It weeds out mental inefficiency, so beliefs that don’t serve you will begin to dissolve automatically.

There are certainly many techniques out there for “letting go” and changing your beliefs, but none is as effective as concentration on its own. If you learn to concentrate on whatever you are doing in your life and learn to build that concentration as much as you can, everything will change for you automatically.

Secret 2: Concentration makes all manifestation laws more effective

Concentration and focus builds the strength of your mind. And the stronger your mind is, the more you manifest. Manifestation works through the strength of your mind, because your mind is the conscious force through which the spiritual laws of manifestation work.

In basic terms, strength of mind through concentration creates manifestation and makes the law of attraction more effective for you.

What you need to do is look at your life and assess your level of concentration. Is your concentration strong or weak? What can you do to improve your concentration even more? If you can learn to concentrate, every area of your life will benefit. Concentration is the key to leveraging your manifestation depth and power.
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Secret 3: Concentration is something which you should incrementally improve every single day

Strong levels of concentration will eventually create an amazing mental state commonly known as “The Zone”. The Zone is that state where manifestation happens everywhere automatically. It’s the highest state of bliss and joy which a person could possibly experience. What gurus and sages called “enlightenment” is simply them passing into The Zone of peak mental performance.

When in The Zone, you will notice that amazing things happen all around you and you will feel excellent, calm and content on the inside. Your confidence will be at its highest and good ideas will seem to pop into your mind all the time.

When in The Zone, what’s happening is that your creative manifestation energies are being released from the subconscious mind, so you actually end up in a super conscious state. Your thoughts therefore become more powerful and magnetic to the things you want to truly achieve in your life.

To develop this quality for yourself, learn to live in the moment and put your whole mental attention on what you are doing, as you are doing it. Keep doing this every single day and you will eventually feel yourself getting into The Zone easily. You will actually feel your whole body surging with positive energy!

Secret 4: Becoming goal orientated and taking action enhances your concentration for manifestation

Goal orientation means leaving the house first thing in the morning, every morning and going out to achieve your goals with physical action. Mobility and action is important and is why you have a body to begin with. If action wasn’t important, the body wouldn’t even need to exist with its arms and legs!

Taking high levels of action every single day will help your creative manifestation energies rise to the surface. Your concentration will get stronger and you will enjoy making high levels of action every single day.

As you start to build the momentum from here, your concentration will improve. This means you can change your deeply held beliefs, live in the moment more and get into The Zone, all of which will push your manifestations even higher.

Secret 5: Writing things down increases your concentration and organizes the subconscious mind

One of the greatest secrets of humanity is the secret power of writing. The ability to write is the key technique that has allowed for material manifestation progress all over the world. Writing helps to re-organize the subconscious and makes it more efficient. This efficiency creates a higher state of concentration and manifestation automatically.

It’s important to make a habit of writing your goals down and planning what you will do to achieve them. If you do this regularly, you’ll end up imprinting those suggestions into your subconscious mind, charging it with manifestation energy!

So, to conclude this article, learning to concentrate is a key factor that can help your manifestations improve. Learn to concentrate and reap the rewards!

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Thanks for your encouragement and keep the great content coming!
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Quick Tip

I love that Kads specifically mentioned the importance of writing down your goals – and I want to take it even further – when you are visioning goals write them down by hand!

I know we are in the computer age, however there is a strong link between writing by hand and your subconscious mind that can’t be denied.

This is incredibly powerful for your intentions and visualizations as well. Try it – you’ll see what I mean. You will even feel yourself connect differently to your thoughts and inspirations while you are writing by hand.

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  1. Patrick says:

    This is truly very inspirational. I will make sure more people come to learn of these things

  2. Demarques says:

    That is so true. When you write your goals down by hand.
    You are tapping into a whole new ball game. I’ve learned that when you do it goes right to work for you.
    To the part you your mind . The subconscious yes. It’s forever in you because you wrote your goals and dreams by hand it’s just a beautiful thing. The mind is your best friend when you learn how it works for use. So learn all you can about it so you can use it for the good of your life and humanity.

  3. Eulisis says:

    I know the law of attraction does exist. Looking back in my life at events or circumstances or winning things by luck where connected to law of attraction and the Level of burning desire I had at that moment. Back then I didn’t know what I know now. Now I am creating my desires into reality. I practising on small things and working my way to bigger desires . For example getting great parking space or getting a supermarket cashier to open a new lane to check out to avoid long lines. I read the law of attraction can be used to create weather too. I am working on a cold front in the south west area. Thank you and God Bless.h

  4. ebune ayenuwa says:

    I now understand the power of concentration and focus in the law of attraction and i am determine to follow it up. thanks

  5. Zerlina says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  6. Teddy says:

    I’m very happy from the big advice I learned from your newsletter, so please I want with which kind of material will I accessing on my subconscious mind. Please I need your direction… what must I do to achieve my goals? Coz I have big note book which is ready full of planing and Goals to achieve in my life coz there are same ones which was ready printed in material, but there others which still stuck on my subconscious mind. Please direct me, am ready to learn from you. Thanks for this chort newsletter

  7. Rico DeHoyos says:

    Outstanding information.

  8. Virginia says:

    Concentration is obviously a key factor in understanding ourselves better and and creating success. Nicely written article with strong reminders.

  9. Debbie says:

    Yes write Your Goals down then prioritize them with number one as being most important to accomplish first. Visualize these goals right before falling asleep and then when you wake up in morning first thing.

    Great article with excellent advice.


  10. John says:

    I appreciate you as a person who demonstrates and lives in the Zone. Thank you!

    John D.

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