Issue 205 – The Unknown Perspective/Belief Link

The Unknown Perspective/Belief Link

By Kristen Howe

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Kristen, So glad you are here. Your lessons are making a difference. Need more of your input to change my thinking.” – Paul

Quick Tip

When you are feeling stuck or limited or like you are hitting your head against a wall, use this power question…

Where could I change my perspective right now?

AND here’s what you can do if you have no answer or just feel like you are resistant to using this power question…

Physically change your perspective and THEN ask yourself the power question again.

I know, I know – this sounds a little cuckoo – however, when you try it, you will be shocked at how well this works to open you up to a belief perspective shift. I’m sure you can see why this works – when you make any shift, everything becomes able to shift – so if you need to start purely on a physical level, go for it. And sure you could jump up on a bench like I talked about doing in the video or you could do things like – take a walk outside instead of on the treadmill. Or have your dinner at the dining table instead of in front of the TV – or anything else you can think of to just shake things up a little bit.

Go for it – make changing your perspective fun and you will be filled with new ideas and inspirations that you didn’t even know were there before.

20 Responses to “Issue 205 – The Unknown Perspective/Belief Link”

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for this video there is an interesting study done on water. Each person held a cup of water all from the same water source. Each persons cup upon further scienticlfic observation held a different component. When given a new cup repeatedly each individual kept getting the same component within their cup, all different yet unique to the holder of the cup. So much to learn in that one study

  2. Amrik Mann says:

    Change your perspective is a good view point. It does create a possibilities. When you open your mind to this suggestion you give the universe freedom to give you right answers.

  3. Kristine says:

    I’m a positive person in general and am always looking for ways to coach my grandkids into that positiive frame of mind when something happens that sends them on a negative rant….this is a great tool. I imagine the wonderful results they will have if this tip is learned when they are young. It can change their lives in any situation! Thank you for always sending us wonderful inspirations that help us, and our loved ones, to navigate life and turn our boat downstream!!

    • Kristen says:

      That’s awesome Kristine – YES this works really well with kids (I used to use this when I was a camp counselor and it worked brilliantly) 🙂

      You ROCK!

  4. Cissy Strouse says:

    Good morning Kristen, I want to say that everything you have ever emailed me has been awesome. I don’t know if you have ever heard of “Wrist Drop” but as of tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since it started. I am unable to write or type and it is affecting my right hand and wrist and I am right handed. After 3 weeks of dealing with this I am
    able to use a stylist.
    You sent me an article to read on August 16th or 17th about bad habits that was so good. I was wondering how long you will sell “strategies of success core habit transformation system” for $47?
    Unfortunately I am NOT able to spend that money right now, I know its not a lot of money but I do not have an income coming in right now due to my right hand and wrist. I’m hoping to be able to purchase it in the next two to three weeks if it would still be available. Thank you for all the wonderful information you share with the world.

    However that is not why I am sending you a message. I just wanted to let you know I was reading an email from you earlier
    about transforming

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Cissy!

      It is so great having you here and I am sending you much healing energy 🙂

      As for the Habit Transformation System – I don’t know how long it will be $47 but you can always reach out when you are ready and I can let you know if it is still $47.

      Thanks for reaching out – I believe in you!

  5. latham says:

    Great video…. “standing on the bench” also changes your physiology and interrupts your pattern, right? This is a great practical tip, thanks!

  6. Rajendra Shukla says:

    Hi Kristen

    I am learning from you and really I feel attracted towards you. I do not why?

  7. Virginia says:

    Kristen – what came up for me while you were talking about getting up on a bench is that you place yourself above the situation and can see it from a more clear-headed view. You take yourself out of the negativity viewpoint and a level of frustration and into the positive ‘what-if’ scenario instead. Thanks for this good analogy and change in perspective tip.

  8. Larry Van Dyke says:

    I believe we would be amazed how our day might unfold if we change our perspective on some key issues.

  9. John says:

    Thank you, Counselor! Impressed by the positivity of commenters. Grateful for yours. Your tips and steps always have value. Getting to getting them implemented is part of the habit shifting. Thanks Kristen.

  10. Robert Walker says:

    I instantly shifted my thinking process into a higher perspective
    When I heard your video. I have a pretty good job but my lil brother is the boss
    And he make it harder than the job should be, but when I look at anothe
    Perspective and elevate my thinking , I realize that my job is
    7 minutes from my home, I come home every day for lunch and I get to leave
    A hour earlier than every body else so thank you again for giving
    Me your apology of the bench you stood on, I am thankful for all you do

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