Issue 207 – Becoming 3D in a 2D World

Becoming 3D in a 2D World

By Kristen Howe

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Hi Kristen,
You want to know what your e-mail recipients think so I really should saythat I like what you do. In fact, I thank you for it. 
Compared to the 100 or so others on the web/internet involved in the Law of Attraction, you are giving value, freely. […]You actually give food for thought up front, as part of your operation. You give honest and open free and often practical stuff.  I hope many people go on to buy into your work and that you make a good deal for yourself.  I should now say that I am considering mentioning you (with your permission)and Law of Attraction Key in a book I am slowly writing (is there room for yet another? …Hmmm!).  Point is that I have been working on this for fifty years on and off. So you can see that maybe I am keen to pass on some points about existence and life.Anyway, please “keep it coming”. Thanks again, Paul”

Quick Tip

Life is about connecting and instead of hiding behind a computer – CONNECT!

Absolutely use the technological tools that are available to you and THEN remember what it is about you that is 3D and then ask yourself this power question

How can I express my 3D right now?

And then DO IT! Connect, show your enthusiasm, engage, remember someone’s name and call them by it – the opportunities to show your 3D are endless so have FUN!

10 Responses to “Issue 207 – Becoming 3D in a 2D World”


    Hi Kristen, thank u for all ur efforts in trying to educate me and other seekers of truth. May God continue to bless u and ur work for humanity.

    Please clarify this fior me: we humans live in a 3 dimensional world trying to move up to the 4th dimension. So what do u mean by being 2 dimensional at this stage of the human evolution? Are there some primitive human beings still living a 2 dimensional life style? Is that what u mean? Thanks!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Sylvester! I actually mean that we have started to only express in limited ways – we hide behind technology – we don’t engage with each other etc. So the 2D and 3D wasn’t meant in a literal sense, I was simply using it to illustrate how we can POP and really engage with the world.

  2. Joshua Clayton says:

    Got it! Competition is 2D, conscious creativity that takes nothing for granted is 3D and above! Thanks Kristen.

  3. Katharine Olubas says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I’ve always loved(and still do!) reading and listening to your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Your authenticity is impressive, as I have met so many scammers, rip-off charlatans and people who see humanity as a massive source of revenue for their own pleasure!
    I realise I sound a little bitter, but I’ve worked hard all my life teaching and carIng for adolescents and loved it, although it was often much harder and more political than I’d ever expected.I became ill shortly before I was to retire and left my role as a Deputy Principal and teacher of Japanese and German. I miss the social aspect of work as well as the intellectual demands the job provided!
    I really want to become involved in a position working from home that will continue to “make a difference ” and assist people to start a program to live a life of plenty, love and peace.

    Can you suggest any program either through your work, or via MIND VALLEY and/or Achieve today? Many thanks and look forward to your response, Katharine Olubas

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Katherine! I appreciate your comments – thank you. As far as a suggestion for a program – what exactly do you want the program to focus on?

      Let me know and I can send you some suggestions!

  4. Virginia says:

    Kristen – your enthusiasm is always a pleasure to watch and listen to. I have primarily been a writer rather than a speaker (although I was in Toastmasters for 14 years and spoke in front of various groups). I know when I do a podcast I will be fine, I like talking to people. Your videos, among others, give me encouragement to more deeply consider using this medium. My major drawback – not that thrilled with my ‘look’ (not as good at 64 as when younger – sigh and smile).
    It would definitely be more 3-D than words in print or voice only.

    • Kristen says:

      Go for it Virginia! And remember, you are unique and the world needs you – embrace your “look” and realize when you put YOU out there, it allows others to really connect with you. I believe in you!

  5. Dragan says:

    As for me, you are, Kristen one of the rare diamonds in the world! I truly think that when most people were like you, the world would be a much, much better and healthier place. Why? Because of your developed third dimension 🙂 I love your honesty, positivity, knowledge, your lessons and energy you give to us.

    I am grateful for your existence

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