Issue 210 – 3 Tips To A Success Mindset

3 Tips To A Success Mindset

By Richard A. Luck

Would you like to know the inside tip on how to think about success?

Let me tell you about Cameron, a close friend of mine. For as long as I’ve known Cameron, he has ALWAYS had the most amazing ‘success mindset.’ In fact, I would say he’s one of the first people who introduced me to the concept. When I first met Cameron about 20 years ago, we were both buyers for the same company. We would talk for hours about our careers, ambitions and where we wanted to go in life…

The amazing thing is … he always had a clear vision of the exact career he *knew* he would have in 5 years…and 5 years after that!


At age 24, he became the youngest person ever appointed to a prestigious buying role, for the largest retail operation in Australia, EVER! What turned out to be only ‘part’ of his vision, and just a stepping stone to the rest of his career…

Because today, he has achieved and even surpassed his goals…

Now (age 44), he is running a successful retail business that has sales in excess of $150 million dollars a week! And he still has his vision for the next 5 years…and again…with no doubt he will achieve it.

And you know what’s even MORE Amazing??

The fact is…He is no more intelligent, no more street smart, has no more special gifts than the next person. (Sorry Cameron)

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So what makes Cameron so successful??


But it’s more than this…


He just knew without any doubt what he wanted, and he knew without any doubt he could (and would) do it….

You see, the more you think about, and believe something, the greater the chance that it becomes embedded into your inner belief system. And once this ‘unwavering belief’ is embedded into your subconscious, it will surely become your reality.

The bottom line is this: To guarantee you have an attitude that will propel you to the success you crave — be sure to feed your mind a steady diet of success-based thoughts.

One such way is to “implant” the right attitude directly into your subconscious mind.

Here are three quick and easy things you can do to start that process…

1. Study success stories. Make a habit of reading success stories in books, magazines, and online as often as you can! It’s a great steady and healthy diet for you mind.

2. Take some time to network with successful people in your field. You’ll be surprised how fast their thinking will rub-off onto you.

3. Meditate daily. Meditation has enormous benefits, but even with all that aside, you’ll gain a greater level of awareness of your inner thoughts and that will allow you to stop the negative ones.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some very successful people, and the one trait that they all have in common is they believe that they can do it, or find a way to get it done!
When you create that belief in yourself, you too can create the successes you so deserve.

“I love reading your articles. They are also so positive but in a very real way that relates and uplifts at the same time.”
– Joanna

Quick Tip

Successful, happy people have negative limiting beliefs too. Bold statement right? It’s true…

So, what is the difference? Great question – the difference is that successful, happy people know they can always change a limiting belief to a positive one. And the first step is simple identification. And all I mean by that is being willing to notice when a limiting belief shows up.

This isn’t about judgment – it’s about awareness. Think about it, now that you know that EVERYONE has limiting beliefs you don’t have to judge yourself anymore. Instead, you simply need to embrace an awareness.

When you notice a limiting belief showing up, ask yourself this power question cycle:

“Is this belief serving me or hurting me?”

And then…

“Am I willing to simply be aware for when this limiting belief shows up?”

And then…

“If I were to replace this limiting belief with a BELIEVABLE new belief, what would it be?”

Give yourself the gift of this awareness – and I’ll tell you a secret – the awareness begins the shift – so simply by embracing awareness without judgment, you set into motion the movement into a new, more powerful belief.

10 Responses to “Issue 210 – 3 Tips To A Success Mindset”

  1. abdolhamid says:

    very grateful to you for a very productive
    article you published.
    truly yours.

  2. Virginia says:

    “Is this belief serving me or hurting me?” And then… “Am I willing to simply be aware for when this limiting belief shows up?” And then… “If I were to replace this limiting belief with a BELIEVABLE new belief, what would it be?”
    Kristen: these are powerful mindset questions. Thanks for sharing them in this simple format.

  3. Dragan says:

    There are numerous ways by which we can change our limiting beliefs. EFT, Subliminals, Triliminals, Brain Entrainment, Belief changing protocols, meditation, hypnosis, networking with succesfull people, study success stories and so on. And all of them are effective in their own way. What is important, in my opinion is that we need to practice them UNTIL we completely replace a belief. On the other hand, since the success is continuous “work” on ourselves and a way of life, we should continue to look for and be open to other old or new solutions. If we go that way, I am convinced that we will find the best solution for ourselves 🙂

    Thank you, Kristen!

  4. Karran says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing your expertise and insights. I’m a regular reader of your publication. Thank you and keep up the good work:)

  5. John says:

    All things I have heard before in different ways. And it all makes so much sense. So why can’t I actually manage to implement these actions in the real world?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi John!

      As long as you are telling the story that you can’t seem to manage to implement these actions, it will be true for you. SO, what if you started to find really SMALL ways to implement and celebrate? (That’s how you start to change the story and your experience.)

      Thanks for being here!

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