Issue 215 – Becoming a Spiritual Light Warrior

Becoming a Spiritual Light Warrior

By Michael R. Smith

The definition of an empathic spiritual light warrior is “a clear spiritual vessel who travels effortlessly back and forth between dimensions of reality, purposefully creating Light vibrations through a union of body and Mind in an effort to help heal humanity, the Earth, and the entire Universe.”

The first step before engaging in the role of spiritual light warrior is to clearing out the old stagnant energy by using methods designed to strengthen the body is the first step. Now, in the second phase of your development, you will be asking yourself to engage in even more rigorous discipline leading to the practice of actions that will help heal yourself and others. As a spiritual light warrior, you may choose to engage your powers and take actions that will allow you to travel effortlessly back and forth between dimensions of reality and existence.

There are two phases to becoming a spiritual light warrior. First, you must decide whether to engage your healing ability. Just because you can understand and heal others (by listening, by giving, by allowing your energy to merge with others), that does not mean you must engage in the act itself. Second, if you do decide to engage the ability, then you must have an understanding that you will be a world traveler. Empowered empaths who act as spiritual warriors understand that we have the ability to interact with other forms of consciousness, and we can ask these energies for assistance in our role as a healer. One of the most important consciousnesses with which we interact are the Shadow energies.

Harnessing the Power of the Shadow Energy

“One day you will fight demons,” my spiritual mentor told me. I thought this notion quite ridiculous at the time, and even now, in times of doubt, I think to myself “what demons have you ever fought?” You may be wondering to yourself, “am I a demon fighter?”

Demon is a loaded word, as is the word “evil.” For the sake of clarity and simplicity, everything in the universe has a vibration that exists between two poles, or polarities. Some energies vibrate high, and we know these energies as “Love.” Some energies vibrate low, and these energies are what we call “fear.”

The definition of an empathic spiritual light warrior is someone who is a “walker between worlds,” and because of this ability to travel, the spiritual warrior routinely experiences both polarities of existence. We have a deep, intimate relationship with the lower vibratory energies as well as the high vibratory energies. In other words, we intimately experience both Light and Dark energies on a daily basis.

Before my first important spiritual ceremony, my shamanic mentor put me through a traditional tribal initiation ritual. He led me out into the woods, placed me in a circle of rocks, and asked me to focus only on the sun and sky. Then he started to cover me in horse manure. I had known this was coming, so I was somewhat prepared. Even when he sprayed me down with water, to make it disgustingly wet, I didn’t flinch. The sun was shining through the trees, and I chose to focus on the sun and the heat that felt so good against my skin. Before long, I didn’t even realize that I was covered in manure.

Native people test their aspiring medicine people and ‘spiritual warrior’ healers in this way because, in the act of creating healing for others, a great deal of shadow energy can be experienced. This is the lower vibratory energy that sensitive people experience in the malls, out in public, and sometimes in the traumatic events of their own childhoods. At some point, the “shadow warriors” may appear to distract you and to try to fulfill their own mission.

What is important to note here is that darkness is an invitation to Create Light. It’s a motivator for change. When we are aware of shadow and darkness, we must do everything in our power to change it with Light energy. All the years of pain, of your chakras being closed, of your heart being tugged at, the hurting in your muscles from other people, it all occurs for one reason only: to move forward with healing into the Light. Period.

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Action Step: Befriending the Shadow

Although your shadow never leaves you; it will lessen its hold on you over time. You may choose to write your worst ‘shadowy’ thoughts on a piece of paper and place this on your sacred space altar, or somewhere where you will see it. Take one minute each day to imagine yourself shooting white light at that piece of paper out of the tip of your pointing finger. Over time, this practice will help dissolve the shadow’s vibration in you.

We as a collective are learning to see fear as an opportunity, not something to ignore. Fear is natural, it is a part of God. Unknown to itself, fear serves God. And the fear right now that we see displayed daily in the world is part of a Higher plan to which we are not privy to the details. Don’t get caught up in the screaming headlines. Don’t get caught up in everyone else’s fears. Darkness and Light go hand in hand. We must experience one polarity in order to experience the other. If we didn’t have darkness, we could not have Light. Once you can accept the ‘garbage’, you can work to heal and truly help people.


“I have chosen to LIVE TO WIN starting today!!! My life has so many negative things happening to me and my family. We have been down and out for years now that I read [your work] I know I can WIN! LIVE TO WIN!! Thank you so much”
– Daphine

Quick Tip

I have a power question for you that helps you instantly see the opportunity for light with EVERY shadow. Obviously to use this power question, you must first become aware when you are feeling “in” some shadow energy (or judging it). Once you are aware of it, ask this simple (and transformative) power question…

“What is the light of this shadow? And what can I give my focus to within that light right now?”

Asking this power question will begin to shift you – remember, darkness is merely the absence of light – it is your job to pop the light switch on and this power question will help you do exactly that!

15 Responses to “Issue 215 – Becoming a Spiritual Light Warrior”

  1. Phylis Bruno says:

    I have been going through losing friends, not earning money, being in debt, how do I bring light into these situations?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Phylis! It sounds like it would be great for you to REALLY use the Quick tip I give in this article – go back, read it again and play around with it – you are so powerful (even if you don’t know it!)

  2. Dear Kristen:

    Thank you so much for this great article. I am a spiritual light warrior in training and I so appreciate your acknowledging the shadow. For years I have focused only on light and the aha that I go while reading your article is that by trying to ignore the shadow, I am really only giving it more power instead of less. Only by lovingly acknowledging the shadow in myself can I truly begin to help others deal with their shadows. This was big and I thank you for sharing.



    • Kristen says:

      Fantastic Sandra! I love that this resonated so clearly with you – I am thrilled to have you here and look forward to hearing more from you along the way!!! 🙂

  3. jane says:

    I have had a year of physical pain, problems that I usually let my sons fix,,and have had to learn how to do them myself, etc. Iwonder if the pain in my neck signifies a “stiff necked” attitude anout something I am unaware of. I have had two blessings recently and can see how they could connect to good I have been doing for others. Sure could use some comments. Thank you

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jane! I love how willing you are to look at this situation honestly – now, the key is as you explore this possibility, don’t judge yourself! I believe in you!!!

  4. Virginia says:

    “What is the light of this shadow? And what can I give my focus to within that light right now?”
    Good question Kristen. Reminds me of the old saying to find the silver lining in a dark cloud. Looking for what can be good in a otherwise dark or shadowy situation helps you focus on what you do want to have happen rather than thinking of the worst case scenario.

  5. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen!

    It is useful to remind ourselves that we are actually beings of light. But in order to experience ourselves as being of light, we have to experience what we are not. Neal Donald Walsh well said: “In the absence of that which You Are Not, That Which You Are, is not”.

    If the Universe was painted only in white color, then we would not be able to recognize it – in fact, it would not exist. Only when we would add to such Universe another color (including black) we could recognize the existence of Universe and the existence of color white as the source of all colors.

    Many say that the we create meaning of life for ourselves. My opinion is that we came to Earth to experience what we choose to experience. And we choose to experinece “the color white”, but in order to experience it, we must experience “the black color”. While many might not agree with it, I do not see a better meaning of life.

    All in all, I love today’s topic 🙂

    As always, thanks for being You!


  6. karen says:

    I love the way you proposed the power question. I have been experiencing a little of this scenario. Guess that’s why I matched up with this email : ) I do appreciate every little morsel I can get to advance me to higher states of mind. So refreshing how it unfolds right before my awareness…I love what you do!

  7. John says:

    lt’s my singular honor hearing such a great inspiration out of the sound of your written voice.
    One thing i believe was, out of darkness comes light and until you understand and appreciate every dark situations in your life as the gateway to your breakthrough, you can’t outwit darkness with your light at all.

  8. Starseed lightwarrior says:

    I am hoping to connect to Michael R Smith. I am seeking a mentor…

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