Issue 214 – Change Your Circumstances

Change Your Outside Circumstances
(But Do This FIRST)

By Kristen Howe

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Quick Tip

What is an area of your life that you have been feeling like you need an external change?

Now, answer these questions:

1. Why do you want to make this change?
2. What do you think this change will make you feel?
3. How do you think your life experience will be different because of this change?

Look again your answers to the question #2 above and ask yourself “how can I begin to create that feeling in my life NOW?” And then do it!

This is the key – the secret door to your desires – begin to create the feelings you want NOW and more opportunities that encourage those feelings will show up in your awareness.

18 Responses to “Issue 214 – Change Your Circumstances”

  1. Alicia Malka says:

    I needed to hear your re enforcement of what is going on in my life now. Awareness of the thing following me every where I go. Feeling unloved and of no value, till iit blew up on my face on Sunday with the person you brought me to this Planet, it is very real, she has not loved, cared, regard or protected me when she is with her son, in her culture men are superior than women, therefore I represent who she wanted to be and was told she could not, her choice. I been in deep pain, anguish and sadness as well as feeling more Free to be me. My Divine purpose is to be ME 100% in all aspects of life. Thank you for caring
    With LOVE

    Alica Malka

  2. Elizabeth Tafesse Bekele says:

    Dear Kristen :

    Greetings to you !

    It is really great to see you. You don’t know how much I have learned from your coaching.
    You are very amazing and I greatly appreciate you.

    You are awesome, and keep it up !

    Warmest Regards,
    Elizabeth T.

  3. Raffaele says:

    Hi kristen,I’ve been following your stuff for a while now,it’s great!…it really helps a lot.THANKYOU,THANKYOU,THANKYOU.
    My question is:which one of your Programmes would you reccomend as the one likely to bring the most success to your students?
    All the very best

  4. lisa says:

    Thank You! I needed to hear this today. I need to look inside Myself, to understand what changes I really need and want to make! A Blessed day to you!

  5. rosy says:

    Hi im rosy its good what you are talking to change our internal worldb but what about if im living in a country there is no justice for human . Im living in Lebanon everything upside down in this country they stole you your housr and everything and you cant do anything. And every time i say ok i will change my vision to life something unjustice happens how can in this circumstance i can change things around me. Thank you

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rosy!

      Remember that true freedom is the freedom in your mind and thoughts and spirit – no one can take that from you – that is yours to cultivate – that is the most important freedom, because without it – even all the external freedoms would leave you feeling caged. Of course, having external freedom is ideal, is what you deserve, however in some situations, this most basic of freedoms is where you must start.

      I believe in you!

  6. Dragan says:

    If we want to be happy as a world nation, then we must make a shift in the perception that the creation and happiness come from within, not from outside (whatever it is). Just as Copernicus made a paradigm shift from a geocentric to a heliocentric system.

    I also believed for a long time that I will be happy if I change relationships, work, places and so on without questioning what I carry within. But, after a while things were becoming the same as they were. However, when I realized this fact and when I truly began to change my thoughts, emotions and habits, things began to unfold for the better. The catch is to find the right people who will help us in this endeavor 🙂 If we believe that such people exist, and if we do not give up the quest, success will be ours!

    Kristen, You are Awesome!

  7. Melanie says:

    Hi Kristen…..Thank you so very much for this message today. I really needed this gentle reminder. I am in a transition period and the timing could not have been better. I am considering changing both my career and my home. I live in the Northeast US and have been looking for a change in scenery and climate for many years. I have *finally* decided to do something about it. I’ve made some minor adjustments but I still need to take a major step forward. My goal is to live in a tropical climate and to grow organic food. I hope that you have a wonderful day! Melanie 🙂

  8. daniel says:

    Thanks Kristen. Your content and presentation of this topic was amazing. I needed to heard this too. I have a ton of life circumstances that I am dealing with and this video was very supportive.
    You are truly one in a million !!!

  9. David says:


    i know im in a bad place right now but i know i have to change the inside before the outside will improve
    this video gives me some hope

    • Kristen says:

      Great David! Remember, you don’t have to completely raise your vibration over night – you simply want to focus on raising it higher than it is now and then continue that cycle – for example, you said you were in a bad place and now you have hope – that is raising your vibration – good for you and keep your focus on that! I believe in you!

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