Focus in the midst of chaos…

I had a great realization today that I want to share with you…

This is what happened…

I was doing yoga at my house — and I definitely needed to clear my mind…

Normally, all you hear is birds chirping and wind rustling through the trees…

BUT that wasn’t the case today…

Nope, today there were fire sirens and saws buzzing and leaf blowers…

Did I mention I REALLY needed to clear my head?

I started to get really frustrated…

I could literally feel my shoulders knotting up with tension…

I was definitely holding my breath…


This is EXACTLY what I need…

The point of life isn’t to find a place that has no strife and distractions and interruptions…

The point is to be able to maintain your focus and clarity even in the midst of chaos!

So I let go…

I focused on my breath…

I released my frustration…

I relaxed my shoulders…

And after I was done with my yoga, I felt more powerful than before…

How can you use this as a reminder?

Leave me a comment and share your thoughts…

Go Big!


32 Responses to “Focus in the midst of chaos…”

  1. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, this resonates with me a lot.

  2. Ed says:

    Whether doing yoga or meditating or working the very best thing to do is to accept what is.
    Let everything be – without wanting to change any of it.

  3. Tinuke says:

    Woah!!! This is life transforming! I live in a country with so much chaos(NIGERIA), as much as i’ve been trying to convince people around me that they can make it despite the chaos and challenges, they do not seem to understand…this article reinforces my belief and has given me a great way to sharpen my voice…i believe that with this illustration, i’ll begin to get results!!!

  4. ADEM says:


  5. Ken Wilson says:

    Thanks Kristen. I have been dealing with pain in my left arm and hand since an accident in Sept. I find the evenings a challenge as that is when I would like to relax and clear my mind and that is when the pain seems the most noticeable. Thanks for the reminder that if I just focus on brathing and releasing tension I can change from the focus on pain.

  6. priya says:

    Hi i truly accept you thought. Bcoz it requires more courage and persistent to maintain calmness during chaos than during normal times. I can say it is the testing time of our soul. Also it depends how much are we ready to accept what life gives.. Sometimes we expect a small chaos and sometimes its big trauma. As you said, if we learn to keep our focus direct then i am sure we will enjoy life what it gives whether its good or bad…

  7. Margot says:

    Frustrated uptight is totally uneventful. Also being grateful helps change the mindset and releases tension. If you are not a yoga lover like myself walking helps, I live near the water and smelling the salt-air refreshes my self.And when I’m unable to run from work/family like children and husband expecting a super mom, I start singing and dancing, saying…”I’m abundantly blessed with life and love and everything I want happens at the right time , in the right way, and I’m grateful God Makes it so!” Of course the family thinks I’m off my rocker but the end result is I don’t absorb negative energy and for the most part, can solve the majority of conflicts,complaints,and disasters looming over both family and work. When I’m alone, I take the time, to breathe in God’s Unconditional love with my arms spread out in praise,breathing in his breathe and life into me. Breathing his healing love into ever cell of my body both internal and ethereal. Like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings I spread love and peace to the world. I lift every man, woman, and,child on our planet, with love and peace especially those at war,abused,hungry and in slavery.

  8. Joe Johnson says:

    I live in a big city and the sounds distract me all the time.when I’m in therapy sessions they have the speakers on full blast this really distracts my healing concentrations, tomorrow I’ll try your method and write back. thanks for the help! Joe Johnson

  9. Barbara says:

    I always know that I have reached the highest that I can go when I can be relaxed and at ease in any situation. This is not as easy as you think and you were right to value the opportunity to learn this lesson. It will be of considerable value to you from now on. I realized this myself when I was raising my very disruptive son. He is now a dad and having the same problems with his son as I did with him.

    One in Life, Love & Light,
    Babara J

  10. PCU says:

    What a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious). As adults, our lives will always get more complicated. You need a structured way to handle the growing complications, not insist on eliminating them. This is where goal setting and ACTION steps help you focus on what you need to get done.

  11. David ndegwa says:

    This great! I have learnt that I do not need to clear the chaos ,I just need to focus on what I want .Just like a tree growing in dirty soil ,it only pick the good stuff and it orange taste just great.

  12. Susan says:

    I started practicing Falun Dafa years ago next to the BART station in Oakland. Garbage trucks, traffic and high heels clicking past me were huge distractions at first until I learned to tune them out and drift into the silent connection with the universe. Susibee

  13. Mark says:

    Letting go is the start. realizing that everything we have and around us is just material. We have to just let go believe and let the almighty come into our life. There is so much negativity,greed and turmoil in the world today. I just try to find a place that I can go that there is nothing to distract me. Believe in yourself and no matter what is distracting us move forward.

  14. Jodi Traver says:

    Perfect timing for this message! I need to get to the grocery store today. Not an easy feat for me, since I’m using a cane now. I’ll just be glad I’m still walking and get going!

  15. cathy says:

    Kristen, what a wonderful example of how life puts us in the midst of what we neeed to learn the most. Now whether we recognize it as a lesson or see it as another frustration is up to the individual. I’ve always thought that life is not about what’s being thrown at you but rather how you are reacting to what’s thrown at you. Those Aha… moments where you see the lighted path are priceless thanks for sharing it.

  16. kitty says:

    Hi Kristen,

    You are absolutely right. Im living in a big financial turmoil right now, but I keep focussing on my goals. I will not let anything distract me from reaching my goal to be financially independent. Love reading your articles…Have a great day…Kitty, Canada

  17. kevin says:

    doing yoga with Kristen would help about anything (:

  18. Lauren says:

    The state of wanting one thing and getting something else and resisting it that causes all the tension. Being frustrated actually caused you to focus on the other “frustrating” things in your environment. When it reached its peak, you recognized and surrendered to it instead of fighting it, letting it work for you. Awesome insight and one I enjoyed being reminded of in my own self growth journey. Thank you. Love and Light

  19. Daveon says:

    This is so helpful!, I sit nxt to a lady at work, I call negative Nancy, she loves doing and saying things to irritate others!! ( she is going on now, as I type) So I know when I am trying to let go of stress and relax my mind, she is the buzzing I hear that makes me more frusterated. Today I will try your approach. I will relax and tune her out… as I type now I am relaxing and hear silence in my head. Thank you!!

  20. Robert says:

    It seems to me you were not in the moment. When you adjusted to what was happing in the now everything shifted and even gave you power.

  21. Steve says:

    I’ve found the same thing when practicing Tai Chi, I think the ultimate goal is to accept all of these “annoyances” are part of us as much as we are part of them. All is One.

  22. Kristen,

    I think you really nailed it–when the chaos is at its most intense, is when we most need to be able to focus. Using those moments of loud noise to practice relaxing in spite of it can make us more focused overall. Great idea!

  23. Peter Chabanowich says:

    First appraised of this ‘technique’ by a psychiatrist (in therapy), I initially began the sessions for a relentless depression. When I had engaged in the first two weeks of the 6 month program, I became increasingly aware of tension building in my shoulders and general gait as I walked. So I brought this up to my therapist as something that this mode of therapy (sessions and tri-cyclics) was causing. The simple question from the psychiatrist rocked me: “Are you so sure that this ‘therapy’ is causing this or is it that at last you are seeing how your anxiety is forming these tesions?”. It was then, your Honor, that the light went on for me. Baby step. I’m still in infancy. But. As you experienced and shared, Princess Manysteps arrives, and somehow we seem to be readier. Bless you for saying it!
    With respect, Peter

  24. saidas says:

    Hi Kristen,

    you realized the essence of yoga! maintaining equanimity in diversity. I believe the world is what it was meant to be, the changes have to occur within ourselves. As we perfect ourselves we find the world getting perfect…that is integral yoga and the essence of Bagvad Gita and all spiritual teachings.

  25. Nicole says:

    U r so very right! Stay focus and kepp your calm is the key! Just to let u know that I truly enjoy reading your uplifting posts, keep it up!

  26. winnie says:

    Thats really a great thought Mr.kirsten!…
    To stay calm, cool and composed amidst chaos around…A wonderful life transforming idea…
    An idea for a lifetime…

  27. Tabitha says:

    Hi Kirsten, Thanks for sharing this insight. It seems to get more and more difficult to tune out the noise and focus on what’s important as the world spirals into greater degrees of chaos. Two weeks ago, I shared this story with my group coaching session:
    A pastor needed time away from the city and his busy schedule and scheduled a retreat in the countryside. As he was walking across the farm where the retreat was hosted, he came to a pond where a huge flock of ducks were making a lot of noise. Irritated at the noise and flapping in the midst of this serene space that was supposed to be quiet and peaceful, he prayed “Lord, what am I supposed to do” Is there nowehere I can go to find peace and quiet so that I can reflect and commune with you?” The Lord told him to turn around and look up at the top of a hill. There he saw an eagle gently circling the hill, perfectly at peace and in control in the midst of the noise and chaos down below. The pastor reealised that this is what we have to do to rise above the noise and chaos: find that place where we can turn away from the world below, look up and become attuned to the peace and centredness that comes from “heavenly” things within. This story took me to a new level in the work I do mentoring and coaching young adults- hope it does the same for you and readers of this blog.

    Love and Light


  28. Lydia says:

    Hi ,
    Thank you for your support . I have subscribed to Dr.Anthony and have download his information and I understooud many things from his ebook about money .Was fanatstic because in 2 days I made a special decision ,to become affiliate with an website ,here online .My mind began to be open to a new vision .I couldn’t do this so quickly without your advice and support .Thank you , you are Fantastic !I want to have here a friend like you .I am grateful .
    I thank you for all information you have send to me ,also about NLP . Steve is my hypnosis guide and teacher ,too .
    I wish you an wonderful day and weather .
    Blessings , Kristen .

  29. Yalemtsega says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thank You for sharing this and other experiences with me. All the tips and reminders you put on the blog are always extraordinary. I hope you will send me the methods that help me reach clearing my mind.
    Thank you again!

  30. PETER MODELY says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Yes I agree,that despite the noise etc you manage to concentrate on what you are doing and did not get distracted.I am an acupuncturist and I work with children and stroke victims.I used to get distracted with cries of pain and suffering.Recently I managed to switch off, and carry on with my work,without distraction.
    Thank you.

  31. walter daniels says:

    I’ve been doing daily prayers for most of my life (I’m 60), and learned this long ago. Yes, peace and quiet makes it easier to pray/meditate, but it isn’t necessary. I’ll take it whenever I can get it. 🙂
    However, chaos can also be a reminder of what we have to be grateful for, if you have a family. I don’t. so I use it to remind me of those things I don’t have, and for those who do.

  32. Nigel says:

    This is what I have learned with regards to the Law of Attraction, not to focus on what is happening in the present but to focus on what you want to happen in the future.
    Sounds easy but actually takes quite a bit of practice.
    How many of us have wanted more prosperity and focused on this but as soon as the next bill comes in we are pulled right back to the present and focusing on how we are going to pay it.
    The secret is to acknowledge you need to pay the bill then focus again on having plenty of money to pay it with.

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