My Video Gift For You – What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Happy Holidays!

This time of year for me is always about gratitude and giving, so I created this video as a way of saying both, thank you and more importantly, I believe in you…

I know you can have the life you desire – because You Are Extraordinary!

Enjoy this video gift and please share it with those you care about,


22 Responses to “My Video Gift For You – What Makes Your Heart Sing?”

  1. Larry Van Dyke says:

    Kristen excellent questions to ponder before setting new goals for 2016. Merry Christmas

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks so much Kristen…merry XMas to you!

  3. Virginia says:

    Simple questions that force you to really look more deeply at how you are going through life. As always, Kristen, you provide provoking points to ponder (that was fun!). I’ve recently spent several play dates with my 5 year old neighbor girl which was as good for me as for her (maybe even more for me since I got to be silly too). It is so important to treat ourselves well, it’s good to give yourself #1 attention. Thanks for the reminders on how to make my heart sing. Happy Holidays.

  4. francisco says:

    Thank you for the video that was food for thought

  5. Hi Christin
    I really love you from core of my heart. You care so much for human being.God bless you and you continue the service you are rendering to man kind.

    I being a life coach here in New Delhi India, always learn from you and give it to people here around me.
    I am visualising our working together and visiting Auckland in 2016.
    With Love

  6. Margie says:

    Thank you Kristen, those words are so true and meaningful.We get caught up in the day to day pressures and forget about the things that make your heart sing. We get caught up with all the negativity and forget to laugh and play. Release your inner child and sing out loud.

  7. Robert Bogana says:

    Hi Kristen,




  8. Dragan says:

    These are simple but very powerful questions to ask ourselves. The catch is to answer them and apply some inspired action 🙂

    Thank you Kristen for being my EXTRAORDINARY inspiration in 2015!

    Till the next time, be as WONDERFUL as YOU ARE!

  9. Kari says:

    Thanks so much for this, Kristen!
    Really thought-provoking!

    Is there a way to download an audio of this? Would love to be able to play this in the background on my ipod/mp3 when walking or going to sleep away from the computer

    Thank you for all you do and all you share with the world!!! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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