Issue 225 – Eleven Laws That Lift You

Eleven Laws That Lift You to the Next Life Level

By Guy Finley

The only thing that holds us down is what we don’t yet know about ourselves. This insight explains why our ability to learn the truth about ourselves, to increase our level of self-understanding, is the same as being empowered to raise our own life level. If we want to grow inwardly, free ourselves from the ties that bind, we must find new ways to learn the truth about ourselves. These higher discoveries call for higher learning. If it helps, look upon this important part of your inner education as a way to better understand what’s been keeping you from learning.

Think of each of the following eleven laws as individual magic strands of a flying carpet. Make it your aim to weave them together in your mind. Then watch how these lessons combine to effortlessly lift you to the next higher and happier life level.

The First Law: Nothing can stop you from starting over.

The greatest power you possess for succeeding in life is your understanding that life gives you a fresh start any moment you choose to start fresh. Nothing that stood in your way even a heartbeat before stands there now in the same way. It’s all new, even if you can’t as yet see it that way. You’ve only to test the truth of this fact about the newness of life to discover the incredible freedom that waits for you just behind it. And then nothing can stop you. You’ll know the real secret and the perfect power of starting over.

The Second Law: Don’t be afraid to see when something doesn’t work.

Learn to be sensitive and to listen to the inner signals that try and tell you when something isn’t working. You know what they are. Frustration and resentment to name just a few. The presence of these emotional troubles aren’t trying to tell you that you can’t succeed, only that the road you’ve insisted upon taking so far doesn’t lead where you want. Learning to admit when something isn’t working is the same as teaching yourself what will.

The Third Law: If it doesn’t flow, there’s more to know.

Learn to recognize all forms of strain — whether at work, in your creative efforts, or in your relationships — as being unnecessary. The friction you feel mounting when busy at some labor is never caused by the task at hand, but by what you don’t yet know about it. This means the only real reason for your strain is that you’ve got hold of a wrong idea you don’t yet see as wrong. This new insight allows you to release yourself by showing you what you need to know. Flowing follows your new knowing.

The Fourth Law: Don’t take the easy way.

There’s no getting away from what you don’t know, which is why any time you feel compelled to go around a problem by taking the easy way, that problem always comes round again. And isn’t that what makes life seem so hard? Learn to see the “easy way” as a lying thought that keeps you tied up and doing hard time. Getting something over is not the same as having it completed. And as this insight grows, so will your understanding that the whole idea of the “hard way” has always been just a lying thought as well. Now you know: the complete way is the easy way. So volunteer to make the “hard way” your way and learn the real easy way.

The Fifth Law: On the other side of the resistance is the flow.

There are often times when it feels as though you can’t go any farther in your work or studies. But you can learn to go beyond any blockage. Make the following clear to yourself. Those moments — when it feels as though you’re least able to get beyond yourself — are not telling you that you’ve gone as far as you can go, but only reveal that you’ve reached as far as you know — for now. This higher self-knowledge about your true inner position allows you to see the resistance you’re feeling for what it really is: a threshold, and not a closed door. Walk through it. Nothing can stop you. On the other side of the resistance is the flow. Learning to go beyond you is the same as entering into the new.

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The Sixth Law: Watch for the opportunity to learn something new.

Everything is changing all the time. That means life is an endless occasion for learning something new. But this means more than meets the eye. Just as you’re a part of everything, everything is a part of you. The whole of life is connected. And your ability to learn is part of the wonder of this complete, but ever-changing, whole. Learning serves as a window, not only into the complex world you see around you, but through it you may also look into the you that’s busy looking into the world. And when you’ve learned there’s no end to what you can see about the amazing worlds spinning both around and within you, you’ll also know there’s no end to you. So stay awake. Learn something new every day. You’ll love how that makes you feel about yourself.

The Seventh Law: Learn to see conclusions as limitations.

If you approach the possibilities of learning about your life as being limitless, which they are, then it follows that any conclusion you reach about yourself has to be an unseen limitation. Why? Because there’s always more to see. For instance, let yourself see that all conclusions are illusions when it comes to the security they promise. There may be security in a prison, but there are also no choices behind its confining walls. Learn to see all conclusions about yourself as invisible cells. For that’s what they are. The seeming security these conclusions offer are a poor substitute for the real security of knowing that who you really are is always free to be something higher.

The Eighth Law: Have no fear of being afraid.

Fear can’t learn, which is why you must learn about fear if you ever wish to be a fearless learner. So, the first thing you must learn is how to get past your fear of being afraid. Here’s how. The next time a fear of some kind tries to fill one of your moments, try to see the difference between the fact of your situation and your feelings about it. This is the right use of your mind. For instance, it’s a fact that interest rates change. It’s not a fact you have to get scared when they do. That fear is not a fact of life, but only becomes one for you as long as you insist that life perform according to what you think are your best interests. As you learn to see that these fearful feelings don’t belong to you, but only to your wrong thinking, you cease to be afraid, even of your own fears.

The Ninth Law: Never accept defeat.

As long as it’s possible to learn, you need never feel tied down by any past defeat in your life. Here’s the real fact: nothing can prevent the inwardly self-educating man or woman from succeeding in life. And here’s why: wisdom always triumphs over adversity. But to win real wisdom calls you to join in a special kind of struggle. And if this battle had a banner under which to rally, here’s what would be written upon that higher call to arms: “But I can find out!” Yes, you can learn the facts. You may not know the real reasons why you feel so lonely or worried at times, but you can find out. And you may not understand how you could have been so blind to that evil person’s real intentions, but you can find out.Take these four words that are freedom’s battle cry. Use them to defeat what’s defeating you.

The Tenth Law: Learn to let go of painful pretense.

Most people approach their troubles with one of these two non-solutions: they either pretend their problem isn’t a problem, or they pretend they’ve solved their troubles with temporary cover-ups. But their pain remains. It doesn’t have to be this way for you. You can learn to let go of painful pretense. Here’s how. When facing an old problem, what you don’t want is another “new way” to deal with it. What you really want is to learn something new about the true nature of what has a hold on you. To go far, start near. When faced with any pain, let go of what you think you know. Act towards your trouble as if you don’t know anything about it. This new solution is the only true one because the truth is you don’t know what the real problem is. Otherwise you wouldn’t still have it. Letting go of what you think you know puts you in the right place for learning what you need to know.

The Eleventh Law: Persistence always prevails.

If you’ll persist with your sincere wish for higher learning, you can’t help but succeed. Persistence always prevails because part of its power is to hold you in place until either the world lines up with your wish or you see that your wish is out of line. But, for whichever way it turns in that moment, you’ve won something that only persistence can pay. See the following: if you get what you think you have to have to be happy and you’re still not satisfied, then you’ve learned what you don’t want. Now you can go on to higher things. And should you learn you’ve been wearing yourself out with useless wishes, then this discovery allows you to turn your energies in a new direction: self-liberation.

“Dear Kristen ,Thank you so much for the beautiful video you sent me, it was coinciding to the celebration of my birthday. Amazing and feeling so blessed. Indeed very grateful to you and your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
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Quick Tip

Let’s talk about taking your life to the next level. To gain massive momentum, you want to work one level at a time. So, what does that mean? It means that instead of trying to reach your entire life vision overnight you allow yourself to move one level at a time.

Remember, one of my favorite questions…

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Believe me, when you allow yourself to move one level at a time, you actually become unstoppable. So, what’s your next level on the way to your higher vision? All you have to do now is take the first INSPIRED step!

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  1. Dallas says:

    This was great breakfast for me this morning …. I am full ….. thank you !

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you! Kirsten for this epoch making piece.

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    thanks and God bless you

  4. Wentworth says:

    This is great stuff. Send me more!

  5. Susan says:

    I loved the 12 Laws. They each seem simple but following them I have found very hard in life. I achieved a greatly self actualised higher self twenty years ago which , since allowing major gut surgery in 2010 and repair in 2013, I seem to have disconnected. My God My God why hast thou forsaken me?

    I would greatly appreciate yr help if you have an expanded version of how to practice each of the 12 laws. Step by step for the mind to follow so I can recover my former spiritual health.

    Many thanks and God Bless.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Susan! I appreciate you being here and participating – I suggest going to Guy Finley’s site and reaching out to him to see if there is the guide you are looking for. 🙂

  6. Virginia says:

    My 2 favorites: If it doesn’t flow, there’s more to know and I can find out.
    Thanks Kristen for sharing Guy’s 11 ‘laws’. They are sensible, thought-provoking, and implementable. Good way to start the new year – and good reminders all the time.

  7. wayne says:

    wow thats inspiration my goal this year is to own my home homes are expensive here but i will win
    the day

  8. Larry Van Dyke says:

    Great insights and a lot to digest. Thanks for this e-mail.

  9. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen!

    This article from Guy Finley is full of wisdom. It is worthwhile to reflect and apply the concepts which are discussed.

    I would say that the final purpose of those Eleven Laws is in Guy’s last sentencen and that is self-liberation.

    When we talk about self-liberation, then it includes awareness, common sense and clarity – the things that I find in your work – this time in system Ready, Aim, Success, which I got hold of yesterday.

    I finished first module wich nicely fits in a quick tip from this 225th issue and happily found out that today is my personal New Year 🙂

    I love when someone is clarifying complicated things in simply and straightforward way, and besides express 3D connection with others.

    So, I want to thank you on everything you do and everything you are!

  10. Kirsten says:

    How do you move forward when depression holds you back.? My thoughts are almost always dark. How can I get out of it?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Kirsten – in every moment – even when your thoughts are dark – start using this question, “What is a SLIGHTLY better thought than the one I am thinking now?” – in asking that question, you begin to shift away from the dark and into your light.


    Good, very good

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