Issue 218 – Mantras (Good or bad?)

Mantras (Good or bad?)

By Kristen Howe

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“Hi Kristen, Re today’s gratitude statement … I love “Today I’m grateful for ENERGY” so thanks for that plus “ENTHUSIASM is the gateway to massive, powerful ENERGY and when you choose enthusiasm, you align with positive energy instantly!!!”
It’s simple YES but how many people will remember to add these positive gems of wisdom on a DAILY basis. That said, I certainly will and I’m sure all your fan club will do likewise!!”


Quick Tip

When you do the exercise I give you in the video, you may discover that you have what I call “stacked mantras” and basically what happens with “stacked mantras” is that you will discover a negative mantra that you have and when you go to replace it with a positive mantra, you will discover ANOTHER negative mantra that was stacked underneath the first one.

No problem – when that happens, shift your focus FIRST to the mantra that was hidden and replace that mantra first. The cool part about this is that sometimes when you replace the mantra that was there first, the secondary (or stacked) mantra automatically gets replaced as well because it is no longer valid.

Are you ready to start trading your negative mantras for positive ones? Leave me a comment and let me know you are IN!

20 Responses to “Issue 218 – Mantras (Good or bad?)”

  1. Anjana gandhi says:

    Very nice. I have soo many negative thoughts
    Want ti change myself

    Very inspiring
    Will definately follow
    And thanks again

  2. Dianne verrinder says:

    Looking for positive mantras in regard to losing weight,feeling confident and finding. The perfect love for husband died a year ago, feeling a little off. On dating web sites,getting a lot of good feed back. However hopping for someone from the past. Will these mantras get me to believe that we could have another shot? That’s what I’m interested in. Thanks dianne

  3. Linda J Smith says:

    Can I get personal coaching ? What can I do for the fast way for progress.

  4. Yes! Its your dominant thinking that’s the problem… What you say (over and over) is what you get! Thanks Kristen. Well put.

  5. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Thanks Kristen Howe for pointing out a very relevant Topic as whoesever is in trouble looks for all sort of remedies and in the process may be attach himself to some unwanted energy that pulls him further down ,so this was very important topic to Discuss and you have done it remarkably well.

  6. Ernesto says:

    I’ve sent emails before, I really prefer written articles than videos, there are many places or situations where I can’t watch the videos (no wifi, where there’s noise, if my is sleeping, etc) and I can read the articles all the time. Carrying earplugs is not comfortable either.
    I’m eager to read your great articles, and when there’s a video I can’t watch at the moment I feel disappointed and there’s a big chance I won’t watch it.
    Please post more written articles, your information is great.

  7. marcia menezes says:

    thank you , i never thought of limitting beliefs as mantras , that is amazing

  8. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen! As a seeker of truth and conscious law of attraction practitioner, I believe that self-talk is one of the keys in the process of manifestation. I also realize that our minds are quite filled with mantras that do not serve us.

    Whereas I’m aware that change starts from the individual, I realize the importance of changing negative self talk within each of us. When I started to change this negative self-talk I couldn’t change it so easily. It took awareness, persistence and determination to see results.

    Although there are many ways to change negative mantras, one technique that I learned is especially effective for me. When I catch my self in the negative “chanting”, before I start positive “chanting” I delete the negative mantras with words “Cancel, cancel”. These thoughts help me significantly stop and clean the negative mantras and then it is much easier to replace them. And of course, I must repeat that proces until change took place 🙂

    I appreciate you, Kristen

  9. Virginia says:

    Kristen – so important to replace negative with a positive whether it be mantras, story line, habits, thought patterns, behaviors, etc. If you are going to dump you need to fill it with good stuff.
    As always, you are easily eloquent with your message. Also like the 4 game changing techniques article.

  10. Sue says:

    I love this woman. Explains everything so clearly. I do have conscioius mantras but just realized I also have mantras and really do not want in my life:) Peace. Thank you.

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