Issue 221 – Self-Translation


By Kristen Howe

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“May you be blessed. Thank you for the beautiful video. It was so needed today.”

Quick Tip

Let’s play with what I said in the video…


So, here’s the way we’ll play with it ask yourself this Power Question

“If it’s true that it is never too late, what do I want to focus on NOW?”

And you don’t have to go crazy with this – feel free to pick something small at first – because that’s how you gain positive momentum.

And always remember…

“It’s NEVER too late! It’s NEVER too late! It’s NEVER too late!”

I believe in you!

12 Responses to “Issue 221 – Self-Translation”


    NOW is a moment that never ends ~~~~~~~~~~~
    I AM Ardath, aLOhA Life Coach

  2. hello Kristin
    I am at a point of information overload and am wondering when is enough, enough. there is so much coming at me that I have to say to myself STOP or I will go crazy. I’ve learned a lot about how my habits, beliefs etc. have been holding me back but now I think it is time for me to allow it all to sink in, to let go and let it start working for me. I am 73 yrs. young and have a lifetime of stuff to rummage through.
    Thank you for the constant positive comments and encouragement you send even though you don’t know me from Adam. Keep up the good work.Helga

  3. khaled says:

    Love what you always offer Kristen..Thank you

  4. JUNE says:

    Hello Kristen:

    You must have been addressing this directly to me. I used to be agonizingly shy, my head was always down, and people often asked if I was as terrified as I looked. Now, at 80, I’m not shy, quiet but not shy. I feel quite offended if people don’t realize just how shy I am or was!

    Many years ago I took a course in psychosynthesis. The instructor asked the class to write down how we saw ourselves not how someone else saw us. I wrote that I was extremely high strung, which was very true in those days. When I told a friend about the class and what the instructor had told us to write down, he indignantly told me that I certainly wasn’t high strung. He couldn’t get it that I was to put down how I saw myself not how he saw me. People used to think I was a picture of serenity, but I had PTSD and burnout. Now I really am calm but that might be the medication!

  5. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen!

    This topic reminded me about Olga Kotelko (1919.-2014.), one of the most interesting and “world greatest athletes”.

    She was legendary Canadian athlete, teacher and holder of more than 750 gold medals.
    What makes her special is age at which she achieved all her athletic results. Well, she activly started with athletics later in life – after her retirement, after 65 years of age!

    Up to age 95 when she died, she won more than 750 gold medals and set over 30 world records in athletics in her age category.

    I think it is really extraordinary 🙂

    Of course there are a lots of other examples and inspirations, but we must focus on our life and prove to ourselves that what you are talking about is true.

    So, I want to thank you, Kristen for reminding me (thus strenghtening my belief) that it’s never to late to do, be or have what ever we want and love to do, be or have!

    P.S. The Money Momentum Event was really great! So uplifting and inspiring!

    • Kristen says:

      I love this Dragan – great reminder that it is NEVER too late! And thanks for your comments about the Money Momentum Event – it was awesome to be able to connect with everyone there!

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